Nemesis Elite: NE NEws: 4.9.11 - Fishing Trip - Cachuma Lake

4.9.11 - Fishing Trip - Cachuma Lake

Nemesis Elite - Gone Fishing!!!

The Nemesis Elite 3rd Annual fishing trip to Lake Cachuma is on Saturday 4/9/11.

Lake Cachuma is about 2 1/2 hours North/West of LA and about 17 minutes East of Solvang.  Lake Cachuma is well known for its beautiful setting and outstanding fishing.

For detailed info on Lake here--->

PhotobucketCoach Manny will be teaching those interested in learning how to fish for trout from the bank and also setting up hourly boat "trolling" sessions.  Anyone can join this group or if you have your gear and have the "know how" your own thing. 

If you are an experienced fisherman or woman, please contact Manny as we need help with teaching how to tie knots, operate reels, cast rigs, etc.  Also bring spare rods/reels if you have them.

The Plan

6:30am - Meet at the Lake Cachuma Marina area (Yes, that means leaving home at 4:00am or drive up the day/night before and camp out.  The Chumash Hotel/Casino is about 12-min away from the Lake).

7:00am - Start fishing off the bank.Photobucket

8:00am - First group of "trollers" get picked up at Marina. (Hourly rotations of about 4-6 Nemesis players)

4:00pm - Off the Lake, clean the trout and let's see which team catches the biggest and most trout.

5:30pm - Head Home.

What Each Angler Needs

1. If older than 16, a "one day" fishing license. Buy it ahead of time to avoid standing in line at the Marina.  You can pick your license and  up at Big 5, Sports Chalet or Wal-Mart.  This is key.

2. A 6-ft fresh water fishing rod and spinning reel, 10lb monofilament line, 2lb and 4lb monofilament leaders, assorted swivels, hooks and "egg" sinkers.  Also bring "Power Bait" or "Nightcrawler". Don't forget a net if you have one. Big 5, Sports Chalet and/or Wal-Mart carry the fishing gear needed.

3. We are up in the mountains so the day will start cold...bring back pack to store ur jacket/gloves once it gets warmer.  Also bring water, sun screen, hat, food, etc.  You will be moving around so sturdy shoes are a must.

Let's have some fun!!!





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