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Friday, September 5
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Welcome to the Nemesis Elite 18u Hernandez. 

This team is guided by the General Managers of the organization, Sandy Grana and Manuel Garcia and also assisted by the HS Age Group Coordinator, Marney Wright.


Nemesis Elite is happy to announce that Tina Hernandez will return to lead the 18u Hernandez squad (moving up from 16u) and Chris Hernandez will be the Head Coach.  Together, they add greatly to the coaching horsepower of the organization.

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Nemesis Elite practice facilities are centrally located in Downey CA.  Teams normally practice on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  The main facilities are:
A. Discovery Sports Complex,
B. Triple Play Batting Cages, and
C. Indepencence Park.


The Staff:   

Manager - Tina Hernandez
* Second year as NE team manager.
*2 years Downey Ponytail President
* 20 years of youth Team Management, Athletic Director and Head Commissioner experience.

Head Coach - Chris Hernandez
* 20 years coaching experience
* 2nd year as NE Head Coach
* 9 years coaching at Downey Ponytail
* 3 years as Division Commissioner

Asst. Coach - Chris Forseen
* 12 years coaching experience
* 2nd year as NE Head Coach
* Selected as All-Star Coach and Division Commissioner

Members of this team have an active 2014/15 schedule exposure and tournament schedule.  Additionally, members are eligible to participate in major showcase events such as the Zoom into June, CO Fireworks, Champions Cup, etc. with the 18u Gold team as determined by the organization's Operations Manager and 18u Gold Head Coach.


If you have any questions or are interested in joining this team please contact Tina Hernandez at 562-843-3485 or

 Roster Openings

Interest in Pitchers and Outfielders
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