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Nemesis Elite
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Saturday, July 12
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Sunday, June 15
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Thursday, January 23
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 PhotobucketWelcome to the NE 16u Blue.       

This team is guided by the General Managers of the organization, Sandy Grana and Manuel Garcia and also assisted by the HS Age Group Coordinator, Marney Wright.


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Manager - Kathy Yoshioka
* 3 year NE Manager
* NE age group coordinator

Head Coach - Don Fields
*10 years coaching experience
*2nd year as an NE Head Coach

Lead Assistant Coach - Jordan Learn
Jordan attends Whittier College, Junior Standing and plays short stop for the WC Poets.  Last year and after completing her NE internship under Coach Manny with the NE 18u Gold, Jordan assisted the NE 14u Gold squad.  Now, with one year under her belt, Jordan will bring the young-female college player "will-do can-do" attitude to this squad.  She is an amazing positive role model.

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Assistant Coaches - Emil Apacible and Vince Petruzzelli
Entering their third year in the NE program, Emil and Vince add the horsepower to make this team move.

According to Coach Manny, "I just don't know if I can put a stronger group of adults together to lead one of my teams.  Intelligent and capable people leading motivated young ladies".  

Members of this team have an active 2013/14 schedule.  Members are eligible to participate in major showcase events such as the Zoom into June,  Champions Cup, PGF Qualifiers, TCS Nationals/Georgia, Atlanta Legacy Showcase, PGF Nationals, and the D9 to the extent that their academic and softball performance is ready to be presented to college coaches as determined by the organization's Operations Manager and 18u Gold Head Coach.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining this team please contact Kathy at 310-999-9804.    

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Revised 11/12/13

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