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Sunday, August 3

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   Nemesis Elite 14u/16u C. Garcia

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Friday, September 12
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Sunday, August 3
Calling All 9th Graders - This is the Softball Team for You!!!

PhotobucketWelcome to the Nemesis Elite 14u/16u coached by Cecily Garcia.  In 2014/15,  Adam Jette will manage the team under the organizational guidance of Operations Manager Manuel Garcia and Business Manager Sandy Grana.

 Head Coach Cecily Garcia will lead this 9th grade team and will be assisted by Coach Manny and the extended NE 18u Gold staff.

According to Coach Manny..."the 9th grade year is a critical year for the development of softball players in preparation for college softball.  My plan is to have Coach Cecily establish herself as the premier Head Coach in this age group.  I have previously (since 2010) charged Cecily with the development of players like Taylor Glover (HS Class 2013 CSUN & 2014 NCAA top-25 finalist for NCAA DI freshman of the year) and Kamryn Watts (Class 2014 - Attending University of South Carolina SEC) as 9th and 8th graders respectively prior to the their promotion to my 18u Gold squad and I was very pleased with their development.  Cecily's job is to get them ready and ship them out and up to the 18u Gold level."  

The team will participate in a mixture of 14u/16u events with the goal of winning the PGF 14u title.  Players will periodically practice/play with the NE 18u Gold squad.  The intent is to fill this squad with primarily 9th graders.  In 2013/14 this team (as 8th graders) participated in major exposure events like Zoom-Into-June, Champions Cup & Atlanta Legacy.  Similarly, main competative and exposure events are planned for 2014/15.

~See Try-Out Section for Details~

If you are interested in joining this team please contact:
 Adam Jette at 323-793-7333.



Revised 10/1/14



Calling all 9th graders...if you plan on playing college softball...this is the 9th grade team for you.

In 2014, the Nemesis Elite organization helped every senior on its 18u rosters find a college fit.  On to college...

not just words...deeds!!!

Its What You Know...

  Did you know?...the Nemesis Elite organization is a true softball program as all teams apply the same system, training practices, techniques, signs, etc...the definition of a program.  Not just in name.

Did you know?...continuing education of coaches is a big part of Nemesis Elite.  NE coaches are active in the National Fastpitch Coaches Association and numberous in-house training and integration activities are performed annually.

Did you know?...parent education is a big part of Nemesis Elite.  NE conducts three college workshops annually to 1) motivate players and 2) educate parents regarding the college recruting process.  Indeed, NE has the best parent education program...period!!!

Did you know?...NE offers in-house academic tutoring and assesment testing preparation for HS students.

Did you know?...NE offers in-house skill videos.  Click here for a sample video.

Did you know?...Coach Cecily was an All-Conference player in Basketball & Softball?

  Did you know?...National Professional Fastpitch player, Samie Garcia, played her entire travel ball years with Nemesis Elite, 12u thru 18u Gold.  Samie went on to play at the University of South Carolina (SEC) and currently plays for the Pennsylvania Rebellion.
  NE alumni at all levels...
JC, NAIA, NCAA (I, II & III) and the NPF.



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Tuesday, September 16
Team Roster ~ Player Profiles (click here)

Friday, April 11
Major NE 14u Summer 2014 Events (click here)

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