AAU North East Blizzard All Star Cheer: Welcome




                                                     2016/2017 SIGN UP & EVAULATIONS

                             TUESDAY March 22 @ POCONO MT. WJHS ALL PURPOSE ROOM 6:00PM -8:00PM

                               TUESDAY  MARCH 28TH AND THURSDAY MARCH 31 6 TO 8PM 

                                                       SATURDAY APRIL 2, 2016 11 TO 2PM



                            2ND WAVE OF SIGN UPS: @POCONO MT. WJHS ALL PURPOSE ROOM

                             TUESDAY APRIL 12TH AND THURSDAY APRIL 14TH                             

                                   SATURDAY APRIL 16, 2015 11-2PM                                    

  IF YOU MISSED THESE DATES   Email For more information: neblizzardcheer@gmail.com    OR


We are the first to bring AAU Cheer-leading to the Pocono's . We are an All Star team without the All Star price. Our current seaseon is the home of over 30 athlete's

Most people have no idea how hard Cheer-leaders work to become strong and fit enough to compete at today's levels. The skills these athletes learn while involved in the club are skills they take with them when they venture out into the wider world. They learn self confidence , team work , cordination social skills as well as coping with the sucess and failures that life will throw at them.

 We have made sponsership opportunites available to local business by purchasing ad space on our site along with the gaining of exposure among particpants , parents and spectators.