New Diana Outlaws: Welcome

I hope everyone is having a nice Spring Break!! With all the rain we've been getting the last few days, it has the ball fields saturated. Hopefully, we can get back on track with our practices by Friday (16th), we still have a lot to cover before our first game. The league has finally issued our game schedules for the season. I will hand these out at the next practice. Our game nights will be on Mondays and Thursdays.

The first tournament scheduled is in Jefferson on March, 24th. (More details to come when the date gets closer)

I have been intending to ask you parents for some Sponsor help. My company will be contributing, but I still need additional help. I have already ordered our uniforms. The cost of the uniforms are $25 per shirt and $12.50 per hat. Another cost will be our tournament entry fees. For each tournament we participate in (except Diana) the entry fee will be $125. If any of you are able to get a Sponsor, I have a form with Diana Baseball Association Tax ID#. The Sponsor can make check payable to "Diana Baseball Association". It will then be allocated to our team.

Our team colors are red shirts, black letters with white outline. Each player will be responsible for their own baseball pants (white), baseball socks (red), and baseball belt (red).

Thank you for all of your support so far!!! Looking forward to a great season!!!