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03-29-14 07:04 AM
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North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball
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North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball Welcomes You

Welcome to the North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball web site. This site will be updated often, so please visit it often. Thank you for visiting the site and write me if you have questions at my email address:

Please be sure to read the Handouts and News by clicking on "Handout" or "News" to the left of this message. You will also want to visit the calender.

You are welcome to post news items from your league or make comments in the guestbook. However, the guestbook is not to be used for making negative comments towards DYB officials or anyone else. It is not for opinions.

If anyone has a complaint or concern about your league or DYB, please call your District Director. The District Director's information is under the District Information link on the left side of the website. If you have a concern about your District Director, you may call me (Carey Wrenn, the State Director). If the complaint is about me, please call me or Wes Skelton, the Commissioner of DYB.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Carey Wrenn
State Director

"Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it".
          Proverbs 22:6

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Tuesday, March 25
Scholarship Games Schedule Posted (Charles Lennon Memorial Games)- Revised on 3/25

The schedules for the Charles Lennon Memorial Scholarship games in Clarkton and Elizabethtown on March 28-30 are posted under the "Handouts" link. This schedule was revised on 3/25 and should be the final version. There is a $3 charge for ages 13 and over. Ages 12 and under are admitted free. The net proceeds go to the Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarship Fund. DYB is awarding 75 scholarships valued at $2,0000 each to seniors in high school in 2014. NC has 8 students that will be receiving a scholarship in 2014.

Thursday, February 20
Commissioner's Rulings

I have set up a new section under "Handouts" for rulings the Commissioner has made since the printing of the rulebook. Please print these rulings and keep them with your rulebook.

Saturday, March 29
District Information Link

The District Information Link on the left side of the page shows the District Directors. Please click on their name to see the counties included in their district.

Saturday, February 22
State Board Rulings

The NCDYB State Board of Directors, composed of the 4 National Board members from NC, the Assistant State Director, and the 10 District Directors are given authority by the National Board of Directors to make certain rulings. The Handout link on the left of this page has a section (State Board Rulings) for these rulings.

Thursday, February 13
District Workshops Schedule

The ten district workshops in NC are being held during the month of February. The schedule is posted under the Handouts link to the left portion of this page.

League leaders are urged to attend. Coaches and parents are welcome to attend.  

Thursday, February 13
Scholarship Games Invitation and Registration - Stanley to host new set of games

The Scholarship Games invitations and registrations are posted under Handouts on the left portion of this page.

In addition to the usual games held each year, Stanley will host games for AA all-star teams on June 13-15.

The Charles Lennon Scholarship games for regular season teams will be held in Elizabethtown and Clarkton on March 28-30.  The deadline for registering for the games is March 17.

The Buddy Burney Scholarship games for AA tournament teams will be held in Clarkton on June 13-15. Stanley will host AA games at the same time.

The Majors/AAA Scholarship games for Majors/AAA tournament teams will be held in Evergreen and Cerro Gordo on June 20-22.  



Friday, February 14
State Tournament Brackets Posted

The AA, AAA, and Majors state tournament brackets are posted under "Handouts" on the left side of the page. Theh Ozone bracket will be posted by April 15.

Friday, January 3
NC Dixie Baseball/Softball State Meeting Information

The 2014 NC Dixie Baseball/Softball State Meeting will be held on January 25, 2014 at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Aberdeen/Southern Pines. Additional information and the registration form can be found under the "Handouts" link.

The meeting will begin at 9am and will adjourn around 2pm.  The deadline for preregistration is January 22.

Saturday, September 28
2014 State Tournament Hosts Named

The four 2014 NCDYB state tournament hosts have been selected.


Stanley will host the AA state tournament beginning on July 11.

Eden Parks & Recreation will host the AAA state tournament beginning on July 18.

Dunn will host the Majors state tournament beginning on July 25.

North Stanly will host the Ozone state tournament in Richfield beginning on July 25. 

Friday, August 9
North Carolina (Dallas DYB) Wins 2013 Ozone World Series

North Carolina (Dallas DYB) defeated Laurel-Jones County DYB 7-3 to win the 2013 Dixie Youth Baseball Ozone World Series. This is the second consecutive year that NC has won the Ozone World Series.

Preston Conner from NC won the batting championship in the Ozone Series.

North Carolina's Majors (West Robeson) and AAA (Stanley) teams both finished in the top six teams in their Series by going 2 and 2 each.  


Tuesday, July 30
West Robeson Wins Region 1 AA Championship

Despite losing their first game of the tournament, West Robeson DYB won the Dixie Youth Region 1 AA by defeating Crockett, TN 5-4. This is the second consecutive year West Robeson has won the Region 1 tournament. A picture of the team will be posted tonight.

Southport-Oak Island DYB won the Sportsmanship Award.

Wednesday, July 10
Southport-Oak Island Wins NCDYB AA State Championship

Southport-Oak Island went undefeated to win the 2013 North Carolina Dixie Youth AA State Tournament in Hope Mills, NC. They defeated Stanley 10-4 in the championship game on Wednesday. Southport-OI will advance as the #1 seed from North Carolina in the Dixie Youth Baseball Region 1 AA tournament in Rockwood, TN starting on July 26.

The other NC representatives in the Region 1 tournament will be: Stanley as #2, Boger City as #3 and West Robeson National as #4.

A bracket will be posted under "Handouts".

Reidsville won the Buddy Burney Sportsmanship Award.  

We want to thank Hope Mills DYB for hosting the tournament and for doing a good job.



Southport-OI 2013 AA State Champions

Saturday, July 20
Stanley Wins AAA State Championship

Stanley won the AAA State Championship by defeating East Duplin 6-3 in Game 3 of the Championship Series. East Duplin won Game 2 by  score of 6-5 earlier on Saturday,. Stanley defeated East Duplin on Friday.

Stanley will represent NC in the AAA World Series in Laurel, Mississippi starting on August 2.

Southport-Oak Island won the Kenneth Britt Sportsmanship Award.  

Stanley served as the host for the AAA tournament. They did a spectacular job. David Thompson, the great basketball player that led NC State to the 1974 National Championship, who also was the NCAA player of the year in 1975, and then became an MVP in the NBA, gave the keynote speech during the Opening Ceremony. His speech was followed by a 20-minute fireworks show.  


Stanley- 2013 AAA Champions

Wednesday, July 24
Dallas DYB wins Ozone State Tournament

Dallas Dixie Youth went undefeated to win the 2013 North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball Ozone state tournament held at Freedom Park in Eden, NC. Dallas will represent North Carolina in the Dixie Youth Ozone World Series in Laurel, Mississippi starting on August 2.

Eden YMCA won the sportsmanship award.

We want to thank the City of Eden and the Eden Recreation Department for hosting the tournament and being a good host.

Dallas DYB- 2013 Ozone Champions

Saturday, July 27
West Robeson American Wins Majors Championship

West Robeson American DYB won the 2013 North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball Majors State Tournament by defeating Columbus County 4-3 in the second game of the best-of-three Championship Series in Lumberton, NC  West Robeson American DYB will represent North Carolina in the 2013 Dixie Youth Majors World Series in Laurel, Mississippi beginning on August 2.

South Park DYB (Charlotte) won the Charles Lennon Sportsmanship Award.

We want to thank Lumberton DYB for being a wonderful host. 

West Robeson American DYB- 2013 Majors Champions

Thursday, July 18
State Tournament Information

 State Tournament information, including letters to team managers and motel information is listed under the "Handouts" section.

Southport-Oak Island won the AA state tournament. Stanley was the runner-up. Reidsville won the Buddy Burney Sportsmanship Award.

Stanley won the AAA state tournament. East Duplin was the runner-up. Southport-Oak Island won the Kenneth Britt Sportsmanship Award.  


Saturday, July 13
2013 State Tournament Brackets Posted under Handouts

The 2013 AA, AAA, Ozone and Majors State Tournament brackets are posted under the Handouts link to the left. 

 The AA tournament final results are posted.

The AAA final results are posted.   

The Ozone bracket showing all team names with updated scores is posted.

The Majors bracket showing all team names with updated scores is posted.



Monday, June 17
District Tournament Sites 2013

Please see the "Handouts" link for the sites of the 2013 District Tournaments.

Sunday, May 5
2013 North Carolina DYB State Tournaments

The sites for the 2013 North Carolina state tournaments are:

AA( Coach Pitch)-- Hope Mills starting on July 6.

AAA - Stanley starting July 13.

OZone- Eden starting on July 20.

Majors - Lumberton starting on July 20.

An Opening Ceremony will be on the night before the tournament starts.

Information packets will be delivered to each team advancing to a state tournament. Copies of letters to be given to the managers are posted under "Handouts". The managers will receive additional information in the packets given to them by their District Director.  

Monday, April 22
Umpire Applications for World Series and State Tournaments

The deadline for applications to umpire in the 2013 Dixie Youth World Series was May 1. 

The deadline for applications to call in a 2013 state tournament was June 1. Applications can be downloaded from this website under the Handouts link (Umpires Section).  

North Carolina has five (5) umpires approved to call in the AAA/Majors/Ozone World Series.  


Monday, April 22
Invitations to Host 2014 State Tournaments mailed May 1

The invitations to bid on the 2014 NC Dixie Youth State Tournaments were sent to all leagues on (or about) May 1. The deadline for responding to the invitation will be June 30. The minimum requirements to host a tournament is located under Handouts.

As of June 15, one bid has been received and another league has made an inquiry about hosting.  


Saturday, March 23
Seven Former NCDYB Players win Scholarships

Seven former North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball players that are now seniors in high school won a Dixie Youth scholarship valued at $2,000 each in 2013. A total of 70 scholarships was awarded in the eleven Dixie Youth states.

The number of winners from NC is down from the number of winners in previous years (14 last year and 12 in 2012). However, NC students have won 165 schlorships since the program started, which is the more than any other state.

The 2013 winners were from: Atkinson, Wallace, Shallotte, Biscoe, Red Springs (2), and Fayetteville. 

The DEADLINE for 2014 scholarships is February 1, 2014. Applications can be downloaded from

We will issue reminders on this site in September 2013 to start applying for a 2014 scholarship. The number of winners is usually proportional to the number of applications submitted.  


Friday, February 1
Umpire Manual and Umpire Online Registration Form

Wayne Casteen, Assistant State Director and Umpire in Chief for NCDYB, has announced a new online registration and publication of the NCDYB Umpire Manual.

Please see Handouts section for the Umpire Manual and to access the online registration.  

Sunday, January 13
AA (Coach Pitch) Rules for 2013- State Board decides to use National Rules

The NCDYB State Board has voted to use the National AA (Coach Pitch) rules in the Dixie Youth Baseball rule book in 2013 tournaments. In previous years, NC has used it own rules in tournament play.

Under "Handouts" I have listed the NC DYB rules for anyone who wants to use them in regular season and I have listed the Differences in the two sets of rules.  

Note: the four (4) teams advancing to the Region 1 AA tournament in Kingston, VA on July 27 will play by the National rules that are published in the 2013 Dixie Youth rule book.

The National Board has approved two AA World Series (coach pitch and machine pitch) starting in 2014. National rules we be used in World Series play.

The deadline for submitting a bid to host the 2014 and 2015 AA World Series is April 1, 2013.

The deadline for sending in suggested rule changes for the 2014 season is June 1, 2013.  

Sunday, January 13
District Workshops to be Held in February

Each District will hold a district workshop during the month of February. Please see "handouts" for the schedule.

Every League should have one or more representative(s) at the workshop in their district. League leaders and coaches are encouraged to attend.  

Thursday, July 12
Danny Jones Club--Reward Your Local League Leaders

The Danny Jones Club, named after the first Commissioner of Dixie Youth Baseball, is an excellent way to recognize and reward leaders of your local league.

Please send "handouts" for the application and other information about this great program.

Current members of the Danny Jones Club from North Carolina are:

Jiggs Powers- Whiteville and Columbus County--Sportswriter

J.B. Hickman- Whiteville Optimists--Longtime Financial Supporter

Paul Graham- Fairmont- League President, Coach, Financial Supporter

Tom Little- Charlotte South Park- League Incorporator and Supporter

Charlie Cole- Hope Mills-Coach, League Leader and Supporter

James Harper- Southport- Newspaper Publisher and Financial Supporter

Michael Mobley- Columbus County- League President, Coach, Scholarship Games Supporter

Steve Pitt- Indian Trail- League Leader

Thurman Ward- Nakina (Columbus Co)- League Leader, Coach, Supporter

Pat Lucas- Hope Mills- Coach and League Leader

Bill Messimer- Kannapolis- League Leader, Coach, Supporter

George Barber- Reidsville- League Leader, Caoch, Supporter

Larry Slater- Whiteville Optimist- Coach, League Leader, Umpire, Supporter

Cecil Curlee- Norwood- League Leader, Coach, Supporter

Bobby Child- Leland- League Leader, Coach, Supporter

Bill Johnson- Columbus County- League Leader, Coach, Supporter

Mike McDuffy- North Stanly- League Incorporator and Leader, Coach, Supporter

Don Harritan- Whiteville Optimists - League Leader

Terry Bell- Tabor City (South Columbus)- League Leader

Dean Ward- Tabor City (South Columbus)- League Leader  

Lois Mobley- Rose Hill- League Leader

Larry Brown- South Park- League Leader

Jerry Legge- Hope Mills- League Leader

Jay Astoske- Southport-Oak Island- League Leader

Marsha Burney- Clarkton (Bladen County) - League Leader

Applications should be mailed to:

Carey Wrenn, State Director, 190 Sage Lane, Madison Heights, VA  24572

Sunday, January 30
Umpire Information and Application

Wayne Casteen is the Umpire-in -Chief for North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball. He is responsible for scheduling umpire clinics throughout the state and for registering umpires eligible call in DYB tournaments.

His phone number is 910-285-7694 (h) and 910-289-8348 (c). His email address is

For 2013 we will use an "Application" for those who wish to call in State Tournaments. Please see the "Handouts" section under Umpire Information to download and application.

All applications should be sent to: Wayne Casteen  404 E. Southerland St. Wallace, NC  28466  or to Carey Wrenn at 190 Sage Lane, Madison Heights, VA 24572 by May 1, 2011.

Saturday, March 23
2013 Charles Lennon Scholarship Practice Games- Letters and Registration Forms

As of March 23 at 9:30am, we have 49 teams registered for the Charles Lennon Scholarship Practice Games scheduled for April 5-7 in Elizabethtown and Clarkton. These games are for regular season teams.

Registrations will be accepted through 9pm on 3/24. The schedule will hopefully be prepared by 3/27.  Information and registration forms can be accessed under "Handouts".

A list the teams registered can be found under "Handouts".  

                -----------------------------------------------                             ----------------------------------------

The Buddy Burney Scholarship Practice Games have been scheduled for June 14-16 in Clarkton. These games are for AA (coach pitch) tournament teams.

The letters and registration forms for both sets of the above mentioned games can be found under "handouts".

The Majors/AAA tournament team Practice Games have been scheduled for June 21-23. The letter and registration form for these games will be posted later.  

Friday, February 1
NC Dixie Baseball/Softball State Meeting held on January 26, 2013

The 2013 NC Dixie Baseball/Softball State Meeting was held on January 26, 2013 at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Aberdeen as scheduled despite the icy weather.

About 205 attended the meeting, including 12 official suppliers. The adverse weather kept about 45 people from attending.

Information distributed will be available at the District Workshops that begin on Saturday, February 2. Please refer to the News section and Handout section to learn more about the District Workshops.  

Sunday, January 29
District Alignment

Each league is assigned to a District. Please "Handouts" for the Districts Alignment for 2012.  The 2013 alignment will be listed at a later date.

Sunday, January 13
Scholarship Deadline is FEBRUARY 1, 2013

The deadline for mailing the 2013 Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarship application is FEBRUARY 1 this year. In past years the deadline was March 1.

There are only 18 DAYS left to get them postmarked (as of the date this item is posted).   

Saturday, September 1
SCHOLARSHIP deadline is February 1, 2013

The deadline for the applying for a Dixie Youth Baseball college scholarship is February 1, 2013. High School seniors who played at least one season of Dixie Youth Baseball can apply for a $2000 scholarship.

Scholarship applications can be downloaded from the Dixie Youth website at and then clicking on the Dixie Youth emblem and then clicking on the scholarship link.

Fourteen former North Carolina DYB players won one of the 70 national DYB scholarships awarded in 2012. North Carolina has now been awarded 158 scholarships since 1976. The 2012 winners are named under the Scholarship link on the Dixie Youth website at You can access the Dixie Youth website by clicking on Links on the left side of this page.

Friday, August 10
NC Ozone Champions (Hope Mills) to Represent DYB in National Youth Championships

The Ozone World Champions from North Carolina (Hope Mills) will represent Dixie Youth Baseball in the 2012 National Youth Baseball Championships in Memphis, Tennessee beginning on August 24.

The NYBC is comprised of representatives from eight youth national baseball programs and four at-large teams from around the nation.

North Carolina (8th seed) will play the Germantown Giants from Germantown, Tennessee (9th seed) at 10:30am (CDT) on Friday, August 24 and USSSA-Team Phenom from Moreno, California (1st seed) at 3:30pm (CDT) in Pool Play. If NC finishes in the top two of these teams, it will advance to the quarterfinals on Saturday. If they finish in 3rd place of the Pool Play, they will advance to the Memphis Cup Series comprised of the other three 3rd place teams in a single elimination series.

The games are played at the First Tennessee Fields located in Germantown, TN (adjoining Memphis, TN).  

Thursday, August 9
World Series Update

SATURDAY: North Carolina (Dunn) AAA won its first game, defeating Virginia 11-2 in its opening game of the 2012 AAA World Series in Bartow Florida.

South Park (NC) dropped its opening game by a 2-0 score to Tennessee.

SUNDAY: North Carolina AAA (Dunn) defeated Georgia 10-4 to remain undfeated. The will play Bartow (Host) on Monday at 8pm.

North Carolina (South Park) Majors defeated Texas 2-1 by scoring two runs in the bottom of the 6th inning, including a lead off home run by Jake Peter.  They will play Bartow at 6pm on Monday.

MONDAY: North Carolina AAA (Dunn) lost 9-2 to Bartow (Host). They will play Louisiana at 6pm on Tuesday.

North Carolina Majors  (South Park) defeated Bartow (Host) 5-0. They will play Virginia at 6pm on Tuesday.

TUESDAY: North Carolina AAA (Dunn) lost 8-7 in 7 innings to Louisiana, which eliminated NC. The team represented NC extremely well. We are proud of them.

North Carolina Majors (South Park) advanced to the final four with a 9-2 over Virginia. They will play Florida at 8pm on Wednesday for a chance to advance to the championship game.  

WEDNESDAY: Grayson Hickert pitched a one-hitter shut-out game to lead North Carolina to a 1-0 victory over previously undefeated Florida. The win left three teams with one loss each. Florida drew the bye into the Championship Game. North Carolina and South Carolina will play on Thursday morning at 11am in the semi-final. Florida had out-scored its previous 4 opponents by 40-3, go its only hit on a bunt and did not hit a fair ball out of the infield against Hickert.

THURSDAY: North Carolina lost to South Carolina by a score of 4-3 to finish as a runner-up in the 2012 Dixie Youth Baseball Majors World Series.  

Sunday, July 29
NC Wins Ozone World Series Championship

North Carolina (Hope Mills American DYB) won the 2012 Dixie Youth Baseball Ozone World Series with a 1-0 victory over Florida on Thursday. Hope Mills went undefeated in the tournament with the 1-0 victory in the Championship Game being the only close game for them. (See the team picture under the Ozone State Tournament Section below). 

North Carolina remained undefeated and advanced to the Championship Game with a 13-3 win over Texas on Wednesday. NC will face Florida on Thursday at 10am. NC needs to win once to claim the championship, while Florida must beat NC twice to win the championship.  

NC became the only undefeated team with an 12-1 win over Florida in the 2012 Dixie Youth Baseball World Series in Cleveland, Mississippi on Tuesday.  

Earlier, North Carolina defeated the Host Team (Cleveland, Mississippi) 13-1 in their first game of the 2012 Dixie Youth Ozone World Series on Saturday. On Sunday, NC defeated the Mississippi state champions 15-0. The defeated Texas on Monday.

See the bracket under "Handouts".

Wednesday, July 11
Hope Mills American wins third straight NCDYB OZone State Championship

Hope Mills American won the 2012 NCDYB OZone state tournament with a 2-1 win over Dallas. It is the 3rd straight state championship for Hope Mills.

More details of the game will be posted as they become available. 

Hope Mills will represent North Carolina in the 2012 Dixie Youth OZone World Series in Cleveland, Mississippi starting on July 27.  

NC Ozone Champions and Ozone World Series Champions

Wednesday, August 1
West Robeson wins Region 1 AA Tournament Championship

West Robeson DYB won the Dixie Youth Baseball AA Region 1 tournament in Powhatan, Virginia with a 16-9 win over Maple Park, SC.

Reidsville (NC) finished in third place while Kannapolis finished in 5th place out of the 18 teams in the tournament.  

Please see the Handouts for a letter on the Region 1 AA Tournament in Powhatan, VA and the tournamament bracket.  

DYB Region 1 AA Champions- West Robeson National

Saturday, July 28
Dunn wins AAA State Tournmament

Dunn Dixie Youth won the North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball AAA state tournament with a 22-11 victory over Stanley in the third game of the Championship Series in Elizabethtown. Dunn won the first game of the Championship Series on Friday by a score of 5-2. Stanley won Game 2 on Saturday morning by a score of 6-5.

Dunn will represent North Carolina in the 2012 Dixie Youth Baseball AAA World Series in Bartow, Florida starting on August 4.

Whiteville Optimists DYB won the Sportsmanship Award.

Dunn- 2012 AAA Champions

Saturday, July 21
South Park (Charlotte) Wins NC Dixie Youth State Tournament

South Park DYB (Charlotte, NC) defeated Montgomery County in the rubber game of the three-game series by a score of 8-3 to win the 2012 NC Dixie Youth Baseball State Tournament held in Leland. South Park will represent North Carolina in the Dixie Youth World Series in Bartow, Florida beginning on August 4.

Earlier in the day, Montgomery County downed South Park be a score of 2-1 with Jake Allen pitching a complete game and hitting the game winning 2 run home run to force a third and deciding game between the bracket winners.

In the Championship game, pitcher Grayson Hickert picked up the win as well as hitting the game winning 2-run home run to break a 2-2 tie.

Leland was awarded the sportsmanship award.  

South Park- 2012 NCDYB Champions

Wednesday, July 11
Dallas Wins 2012 NCDYB AA State Tournament

Dallas completed a come from behind win by scoring in the bottom of the 7th inning to defeat Kannapolis 5-4 to win the 2012 North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball AA state tournament in Lockwood Folly.

Kannapolis defeated Dallas 4-1 earlier to force a final Championship Game that involved the champions and runners-up from District 4.

In the championship game, Dallas scored a run in the bottom of the sixth inning to tie the score 4-4. With one out in the top of the 7th inning, a heavy rain fell and threatened a suspension of the game. However, when the rain stopped the Lockwood Folly DYB volunteers and the staff of the Brunswick Parks & Recreation Department did an excellent job in restoring the field to a playable status.  

When play resumed, Kannapolis's Gabe Blackwelder reached first base safely. The next batter, Tripp Beaver, hit a hard line drive down the first base line that looked like it was going for extra bases. However, Blake Walls made a spectacular stab to retire Beaver and double up Blackwelder at first to end the top half of the inning.

In the bottom of the 7th, Dallas loaded the bases with none out. Ashton Law hit a sharp grounder to the second baseman, Seth Brigman who threw to home for the force out on a close play. Collin Robinson followed with a groudner to left side to Aden Shenck who threw to home to get the force out. Riley Hawkins then hit a grounder to the left side that was fielded by the third baseman who threw to second for the apparent third out, but the throw sailed into the outfield and Josh Lemley was able to score the winning run to give Dallas the State Championship.

Dallas, Kannapolis, West Robeson Nationals, and Reidsville will advance to play in the Dixie Youth Region 1 tournament in Powhatan, VA on July 27-31.

In a close decision between several well-behaved teams, East Duplin won the coveted Buddy Burney sportsmanship award.  

NC Dixie Youth AA State Champions

Sunday, April 22
Marsha Burney Inducted into Danny Jones Club

Marsha Burney of Clarkton was inducted into the Danny Jones Club during a ceremony in Clarkton on April 21. She was presented the award by State Director Carey Wrenn who told those in attendance of Burney's many contributions to Clarkton DYB and Bladen County DYB. These included helping build the outstanding baseball complex in Clarkton, along with coaching, serving as the league president, and helping several former players with winning Dixie Youth scholarships.

Marsha becomes the 24th inductee from North Carolina in the 42 years of DYB participation.

The Danny Jones Club is named after the first commissioner and one of the incorporators of Dixie Youth. The award is the highest honor recognized by Dixie Youth Baseball and is given to those who have provided outstanding service and dedication to a local DYB league. The award requires a nomination by the local league and must be approved by the State DYB Board of Directors and ratification by the National Board of Directors.

Thursday, December 22
Tom Little, Danny Jones Club Member and Former District Director, Passes on 12-19-2011

Tom Little, former District 4 Director and a Danny Jones Club Member, passed away on December 19 at the age of 81. He was survived by his wife of 59 years, Donna and two children.

Tom was instrumental in having South Park Youth Association join Dixie Youth Baseball. One of the fields at the SPYA complex is named in honor of Tom. Tom was a dedicated Christian.

Tom will be missed by many.  

Thursday, December 22
NC Dixie Baseball/Softball Meeting Held on January 28, 2012

The 2012 NC Dixie Baseball/Softball State Meeting was held on January 28, 2012 at the Hampton Inn & Suites Southern Pines-Pinehurst in Aberdeen.

 The meeting was quite a success with over 235 in attendance, with an outstanding lunch, 12 approved suppliers on hand, and nice door prizes.

The Dallas, Dunn, and Youngsville DYB leagues received National Directors awards for doing outstanding service within their communities. 

Billy Ransom was awarded the State Director's Award for his service and support of NC Dixie Youth Baseball, particularly in leading Moore County as an outstanding host for the 2011 Dixie Youth World Series. State Director Carey Wrenn also gave a State Directors Award to Moore County since it not only takes a great leader like Billy Ransom to host a successful World Series, but it takes a lot of support from many others. The citizens and other leaders in Moore County did just that as the host for perhaps the best DYB World Series ever held.    

Tuesday, February 1
State Tournament Umpire Applications

The State Tournament Umpire Applications have been added to the Handouts section.

Thursday, August 18
2011 World Series- NC (Dunn) takes 3rd place

The NC Majors DYB team (Dunn) lost 8-6 to Georgia on Wednesday night to finish in 3rd place in the 2011 Dixie Youth World Series. We congratulate Dunn on having a great year and representing NC in the Series such a successful manner.   

The NC AAA DYB team (West Robeson) lost 7-6 against Arkansas on Wednesday night to finish in 3rd place in the 2011 Dixie Youth AAA World Series. We also congratulate West Robeson in having a great year and representing NC in such a successful manner.

All games can be seen on under the archive section.   

Friday, May 6
Lois Mobley Inducted into Danny Jones Club

Lois Mobley of Rose Hill has been inducted into the Danny Jones Club by Dixie Youth Baseball. She was given the award in a surprise presentation on April 17 during the Opening Day ceremonies of the Rose Hill league.

Lois has been the dedicated leader of the Rose Hill league for over 20 years. She was nominated by her local league and approved by the NC Dixie Youth State Board.

We congratulate Lois on the deserved inclusion into the Club that is named after the first Commissioner and co-founder of Dixie Youth Baseball.

Thursday, August 12
NC (Lumberton) Sweeps Georgia to win 2010 Dixie Youth World Series

Lumberton (NC) DYB defeated Georgia 8-5 and 11-8 to win the 2010 Dixie Youth Majors World Series. They will move on to represent Dixie Youth Baseball in the Baseball Alliance Series in Memphis, TN at the end of August.

This is the 3rd DYB championship for North Carolina. Columbus County won in 1993 and Hope Mills won in 2006. Leland finished runner up in 2009.

Lumberton had to come back through the loser's bracket after dropping a game to Louisiana on Monday in extra innings.

Tuesday, July 27
West Robeson National wins 2010 DYB Region 1 AA (Coach Pitch) Tournament

West Robeson National (NC) defeated Lexington (SC) 12-5 to win the 2010 Dixie Youth Baseball Region 1 AA (coach pitch) tournament. Lexington defeated Dallas (NC) 7-6 in 9 innings earlier in the day to advance to the championship game.

Powhatan (VA) won the sportsmanship award. 

Please see the "Handouts" link for the brackets with scores, team letters, motel information and a map.





Saturday, June 26
Jay Astoske Inducted into Danny Jones Club

John "Jay" Astoske of Southport-Oak Island DYB has been inducted into the Danny Jones Club. Jay has served in various capacities with the S-OI league, including president. The local league nominated Jay for induction into the club. The selection was approved by the NC Dixie Youth Board. Jay was presented a Danny Jones Club plaque at a AA tournament in Southport on June 18 by State Director Carey Wrenn, National Directors Ken Britt and Larry Rudisill and District Director Terry Lanning.

Tuesday, August 11
Moore County (North Carolina) to Host 2011 Dixie Youth Majors/AAA World Series

The National Board of Dixie Youth Baseball has selected Moore County Dixie Youth Baseball as the host league for the 2011 Dixie Youth Baseball Majors/AAA World Series. The tournament will be played at Hillcrest Park beginning on August 13, 2011.

This will be the third World Series held in North Carolina. Leland hosted the 1979 Series and Cumberland County hosted the 1985 Series.

Billy Ransom, Moore County Parks and Recreation Director, and Beverly Stewart, with the Moore County Visitors Bureau, made an excellent presentation to the National Board of Directors in Laurel, Mississippi (site of the 2009 World Series) on Monday. The vote to award the Series was unanimous.

Carey Wrenn, NCDYB State Director, indicates he wants to involve all of the North Carolina Dixie Youth leagues in this event.

More information will follow throughout 2009 and 2010.







Saturday, January 10
National Director Buddy Burney Passes Away---Funeral Arrangements Announced

Buddy Burney, NC Dixie Youth Baseball National Director, passed away today, January 10, 2009 after a short battle with cancer.

Funeral arrangments:   There will be a vistitation from 4pm-7pm on Sunday, January 11 at the Bladen-Gaskins Funeral Home located on the corner of NC 242 and Martin L. King Drive about 2 miles south of Elizabethtown. From NC 87 turn south onto ML King Drive and go about a half a mile. From US 701 turn west onto NC 242 and go about one mile.

The funeral will be at 2pm on Monday January 12 at the White Plains Presbyterian Church about 6 miles east of Clarkton. From the west, north and south, go to the intersection of US 701 and NC 211 in Clarkton. Travel east 5.9 miles until you get to the Emerson sign and turn north onto White Plains Church Road. Go 1.7 miles and the church will be on your right. From the east, traveling on NC 211, turn right onto White Plains Chruch road and then go 1.7 miles to the church.

The family has requested that in lieu of flowers a contribution to the Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarship Fund be sent to Carey Wrenn, NC State Director at 190 Sage Lane, Madison Heights, VA  24572.

Cards can be sent to the home at PO Box 668 Clarkton, NC  28433.

The Buddy Burney Day (see below) will be held as planned on January 17, 2009. 

Buddy has served many capacities in Dixie Youth since the 1970s. He has been a District Director, Assistant State Director and National Director (since 1999). Buddy will me missed very much by NCDYB. As listed in other articles on this website, he was instrumental in establishing the Scholarship games. He helped schedule the games, he worked the gate, he helped line up umpires and did much more in the various sets of games held each year in Elizabethtown, Hallsboro and Clarkton (his home town).

Buddy and I (Carey Wrenn) had a conversation in December. Buddy told me that he knew that Jesus Christ was his Saviour and that he knew that Jesus had died on the cross for him and that Jesus did arise from the grave and ascended into Heaven, where he (Buddy) will be with Him at the throne of the Father. While it is very sad news that we will not get to be with Buddy physically (we will be with him spiritually as we work and play this year), we can have joy that Buddy is in Heaven.

Buddy was beloved by almost everyone he met. He loved helping others, particularly children of all ages.

We ask that you pray for his family. He is survived by his wife, Leesa; a son, Frankie, who is a DYB District Director (wife Christie); two daughters, Corey and Casey; a sister, Geraldine; four brothers, Jim, Walt, Ronald, and Marvin; 3 grandchildren and many, many friends.    


Sunday, July 30
Ken Britt Honored by NC Dixie Youth Baseball

The North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball AAA state tournament championship trophy, won by Dallas this week, was named for named the Kenneth Britt Trophy, in honor of the long-time national director from North Carolina.

Britt has served Dixie Youth for over 30 years in various capcities, including the last 24 as a National Director. He also holds the position of Vice President of the National Board of Directors of Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc.

The surprise award was announced by State Director Carey Wrenn at the conclusion of the 2006 AAA state tournament in Clinton on July 29.

Friday, January 2
AA Practice (Scholarship) Games Named for Buddy Burney

The North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball AA (coach pitch) Practice (Scholarship) Games have been named the "Buddy Burney Practice-Scholarship Games". These games are held in June of each year and feature AA (coach pitch) All-Star teams from around the state. The games are designed to allow tournament teams to have practice games against teams from other districts as they prepare to enter Dixie Youth tournament play. They also serve as a fundraiser for the Dixie Youth Scholarship Fund. Over $80,000 has been raised for the Scholarship Fund in the almost 20 years that NC Dixie Youth has been holding the games (including other sets of practice games). Buddy Burney was one of the originators of the various sets of practice games. Buddy has always had a particular fondness for the coach pitch division. His home league, Clarkton Dixie Youth, has hosted the AA games since their inception a few years ago.

The Practice Games for regular season teams, which is held in April of each year in Elizabethtown and Clarkton, are named the Charles L. Lennon Games--after the former National Director (Mr. Lennon). NCDYB also holds practice games for the Majors and AAA divisions tournament teams in Hallsboro, Clarkton and other locations each June. All of the games serve as fundraisers for the Scholarship Fund.

The Sportsmanship Award given at the NCDYB AA State Tournament is also named for National Director, Charles "Buddy" Burney. The first named award was presented in honor of Burney to Oxford DYB at the 2008 NCDYB AA State Tournament at the Cape Fear Optimists Club complex in Wilmington on July 8, 2008.

Burney, from Clarkton, has been involved as a Dixie Youth official since the mid-1970s. He served as a District Director for many years and was elected to the National Board in 1999. He was instrumental in the inception of the Scholarship Practice Games in Elizabethtown and Hallsboro in the early 1990s and was the key person in starting the AA (Coach Pitch) Scholarship Practice Games in Clarkton several years ago.

Please join the NCDYB family in congratulating Buddy on this well-deserved honor. (Please see earlier News story about Buddy's illness.   



North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball
North Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball
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