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NAVYU - North Andover Volunteer & Youth Umpires

NAVYU - North Andover Volunteer & Youth Umpires  
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NAVYU - North Andover Volunteer & Youth Umpires
Jeff Buxton
(978) 886-1801
Fax: (978) 635-3492
119 Old Farm Road
North Andover, Massachusetts

 North Andover Volunteer & Youth Umpires   
(Umpiring is) the only occupation where you have to be perfect the first day on the job, and then improve over the years.” -- Ed Runge MLB Umpire   Click here to visit the NABCLL Site

Wednesday, February 25
2015 Training Schedule

FOR 2015: Enrollment for NEW umpires will be strictly limited to the first 20 Umpire Candidates to sign up

If you will be 13 by April 30, 2015, we're looking for you to join NAVYU: the North Andover Volunteer and Youth Umpires: one of the largest youth umpiring programs in the United States.

Sign up now for the NAVYU crew by sending an email to Mr. Buxton at immediately. Include any contact information (phone #'s, etc.).

Training classes are tentatively scheduled to start Saturday, February 28th, 2015 and continue for 3 weeks in a classroom setting, and will be followed by an exam. After that there will be more training clinics held outdoors, weather permitting.

Once the first training class starts, no more applications from new umpires will be accepted. It's not fair to those who have to come to all the classes to allow late signups. There will not be any exceptions.

If you umpired for us last year, but your contact information like email, address, or phone numbers have changed, please email Mr. Buxton with the new information as well.

Emails will be coming out in early February with confirmed dates and times for training classes.

We are now limiting the number of umpire candidates to 20, and we will have to be much stricter about attendance at training classes to become eligible to umpire games. It's only fair to the kids who come to all the training classes.

There is NO cost for the training or materials.

Very Important: This year, as last year, there will also be a short rules test given after the last training class. Because of the large number of umpires, the passing grade on the test has been raised to 75% and attendance at the required clinics is mandatory to be assigned games.

You must pass the test with a 75% grade to be assigned to umpire games. This applies to both new umpires AND returning umpires.

Before you panic, it will not be a very hard test, but it won't be very easy either.

If you attend the all the classes and read your rulebook you will certainly pass. Just come to class, take it seriously, listen, and learn. I guarantee if you don’t pay attention in class or take this seriously, you will fail the test, however !

If for some reason you don't pass, you will have to attend another training class where we will go over the items you got wrong. At the end of that class there will be another test you must pass with a 75% grade.

Time permitting, I'll keep working with you until you do pass the test and show me you know the rules well enough to work a game, or you decide this isn't for you after all. I'm not here to stop anyone from umpiring, but I do want all of you to take it seriously.

More Information
Youth umpires will be paid and umpire games primarily in A Minors and AA Minors divisions. Umpiring looks good on college applications, and it's a great way to earn spending money. Players in our program can also be Youth Umpires. Parents of Youth Umpires must share the commitment to assist in transportation to games.

Requirements – you must:

  • Be at least 13 years old as of April 30, 2014.

  • Attend the free umpiring clinics in March/April 2014.

  • Be willing to umpire at least 1 game a week during the spring season (April to mid-June)

Training and Support  
All Youth Umpires will get
free training from MBUA-certified umpires from the Merrimack Valley Umpires Association before they take the field. Each Youth Umpire will receive completely free:

·         Free Major League quality umpire shirt, NAVYU hat, indicator, plate brush, and ball bag

·         Free instruction by MBUA-certified umpires

·         Free use of league-owned umpire equipment: chest protector, shin guards, mask w/throat protector

·         Free copy of the official Little League Baseball 2013 rulebook, and NAVYU training manuals

·         Free website & email list of all umpires to keep you up-to-date on schedules, situations, and advice, and to help you reschedule games as necessary

You will look like real umpires out there: you must supply your own gray dress pants with a black belt. These are the standard uniform - you will be supplied with everything else at no cost to you.

For new umpires, don't go out and buy them now; I'll give you some purchasing tips at class (for one, get them 1" or 2" bigger than usual so you can get the gear under them, and don't buy cuffed pants because they collect dirt).

All Youth umpires will be fully supported by NABCLL to ensure their involvement is a positive experience. Whether it is questions about rules or game situations, timely feedback and evaluation, or dealing with coaches and parents, youth umpires are supported in several ways:

·         Youth umpires have the full support of the NABCLL Board of Directors – there is zero tolerance for bad behavior on the field, and all issues are taken seriously.

·         The Umpire-in-Chief is also on the NABCLL Board of Directors, so any issues will be dealt with in a timely manner

·         Certified MVUA umpires run the clinics are also available for consultation on game issues


2015 Training Schedule (subject to change, but please mark these on your calendar)

NOTE: Returning umpires are required to take the exam and come to field training sessions unless they've received written permission from Mr. Buxton to miss them.

  1. Saturday February 28 10:00a-noon - Thomson School Cafeteria NEW UMPIRES MUST ATTEND - Introduction, quiz (just to see what you know), basic rules, where to go and what to do on the field, signals, ball-and-strike calling practice, etc.

  2. Saturday March 7 10:00am-noon - Thomson School CafeteriaNEW UMPIRES MUST ATTEND – more rules, field mechanics (where to go, what to do, signals), review of signals, ball-and-strike calling practice and evaluation, etc.

  3. Saturday March 14 10:00am-noon - Thomson School Cafeteria NEW UMPIRES MUST ATTEND – rules review, basic umpiring mechanics review, ball-and-strike calling practice and evaluation, placement exam review

  4. *** SATURDAY March 21 10am-noon - Thomson School Cafeteria - Placement EXAM, followed by indoor clinic - ALL UMPIRES MUST ATTEND IF POSSIBLE, OR ARRANGE WITH Mr. Buxton TO TAKE THE EXAM BY EMAIL ***

  5. Saturday March 28 - 1-3 PM: OUTSIDE if possible, where TBD – NEW AND SECOND-YEAR UMPIRES MUST ATTEND – Field Training I - calling balls&strikes, safe/out, positioning

  6. Saturday April 4 - 100 to 300 pm: – NEW AND SECOND-YEAR UMPIRES MUST ATTEND - Field Training II – plate and field umpiring in simulated games

  7. Saturday April 11 - TIME TBD: – ALL UMPIRES MUST ATTEND - Field Training III – advanced plate and field mechanics, handling situations

  8. Saturday April 18 - TIME TBD:NEW UMPIRES MUST ATTEND - plate and field mechanics evaluation and training during live scrimmage games

Pay Rate

The pay rate is the same as 2014: all games will have 2 umpires assigned at $20 each.

How To Apply

To apply to be a please fill out a NAVYU application or contact NABCLL Umpire-in-Chief Jeff Buxton by email (preferred) at or by phone at (978) 886-1801. You will be contacted by email or telephone with the schedule for training. All of this information is  available online at

Wednesday, October 28
NAVYU Policy On Game Assignments

Umpires: I got this from a commissioner yesterday. Let’s just say I am extremely disappointed, and there will have to be consequences. It’s unfortunate I didn’t know about this earlier, or I would have taken action immediately. When you are assigned a game, it was made clear to you: YOU SHOW UP, or YOU are responsible for finding a replacement. You have all the tools necessary – an email list and a phone list. You have an assignor, Luke Maus, to help you if you can’t find a replacement.

For whatever reason, that’s not happening, games aren’t being covered, or half-covered, and it will no longer be tolerated.

I gave you guys the freedom to handle your own schedule, and frankly, I find out now that this season has been a disaster. I wish I knew the magnitude of the disaster before now. I know it’s late in the season, but had I known what was going on beforehand, I would have done this sooner.

I know many of you have been very responsible about doing your games and getting replacements in time. For that, I thank you. However, it is unfortunate the responsible must be punished along with the irresponsible, but I see no alternative to the following policy from now on:

1)       FROM NOW ON – ALL REPLACEMENTS GO THROUGH THE ASSIGNOR, LUKE MAUS. Clearly you guys can’t handle the reassignments on your own, and from now on we WILL know who has what game. People are not showing up when they take a game from someone else, and we can no longer tolerate that.


2)       NO informal agreements to take a game from someone else. Turn the game back in to Luke, or do the game.

3)       NO trading games. Do the game you are assigned, or turn it back in to Luke.

4)       If you aren’t sure you can do the game, DON’T TAKE IT, and then cause everyone a lot of work when you have to turn it back in later. Only take games you are sure you can do.

5)       Things happen, we know. So, if you take a game and then find out later you can’t do a game, you MUST turn it back into Luke 48 hours before the game if at all possible to give Luke time to find a replacement. I understand sometimes reschedulings of your own games you are playing in will cause issues – if it does, turn the game back into Luke AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

6)       If you miss a game you are assigned to, you will have all your remaining games pulled from you, unless there are mitigating circumstances. Going to the hospital is a mitigating circumstance. Going over your friend’s house is not a mitigating circumstance. Giving the game to a friend and he forgets to go is not a mitigating circumstance.

7)       Not only that, if you miss a second assignment, I will be asking for your uniform and equipment back. I have had enough. Umpiring for NABCLL is a privilege not a right. You will lose that privilege if you prove you can’t handle it.

I’m sorry if you or your parents find this rather harsh, but I don’t see an alternative.

-------------------------------------- FROM A COMMISSIONER ------------------------------------ Jeff,  As you know, I have the distinct privilege of being the commissioner for our Rookie league. I would like to bring some thing to yours and Luke's attention. I may have had 4 games all year with 2 umpires. In fact I'll poll the managers if you'd like to get some stats for you. I have called Rick G. the VP numerous times because I get the phone call from the managers. There wasn't a week went by, seven weeks, where we either had to pull umpires from one game to cover for another, no phone call to Rick or Luke. That's just me getting the games squared away or just a plain no show and if we were lucky Luke found some one last minute. I have in my last three games, ask Luke cause he was there at the field , no umpires.That's me in my last three games never mind the other managers whose phone calls I get. The games following me last Saturday at Ct there was one umpire for three fields. The umpire was Luke. This is last Saturday never mind the rest of the season. DO NOT  MISTAKE WHAT I'M GETTING AT HERE. I'm thankful for all you and Luke do. I'm not looking to insult anyone, especially not you or Luke. There were two umpires at CT last night, not my games, for three playoff games. If Luke wasn't there for me to speak with, one game of the finals doesn't have an umpire, never mind the two that every game is suppose to have. Luke, as usual, stepped up and got some one to the game after the first inning. It's not the first time I've spoke to Luke about it and I don't hold him or you responsible. I do believe that there's a huge lack of communication from the umpires to Luke. If the umpires not being able to get to a game, a ride fell through, or they have a conflict is very understandable. Pick up the Phone and call some one. This is pathetic. I get the phone calls and in turn call some one or I rectify the problem by pulling an umpire. I'll try a different word other than pathetic. It's inexcusable in this day and age that even a 14, 15 year old kid can't pick up the phone. I realize that it's just Rookie Ball and no one dies here but we all look bad, the entire league, when the communication breaks down. I've got managers and parents shaking their heads and asking me for answers as to what's going on. Maybe we can have an intelligent discussion at some point about this. Let me end by apologizing if I've come across rather abrupt. Again, I appreciate all that you and Luke do.

Tuesday, May 13
Emails to all umpires: use ONLY


All your emails are entered into the yahoo email group

So: instead of maintaining your own email list, all you have to do is send email to and it will go to all NAVYU umpires. I get a copy, and so will Luke Maus. 

SO: please use only now to reach everyone by email. That way you will be sure to reach everyone at their most current email address. If you change or add an email address, let me know at and I'll get that added to the list at

Use only for umpire-related stuff, and do remember that parents are also on the list, like your parents. So, if you wouldn't want it printed on a billboard or seen on TV, don't send it in an email to

Friday, June 15
Luke Maus' contact information

email: cell: 978-809-8011 (NEW!) home: (978) 687-4498
Contact Luke for any assignment issues, and then Mr. Buxton 978-886-1801.

Tuesday, March 24
Mr. Buxton's contact information

Mr. Buxton
Cell: 978-886-1801 (call this 1st)
Home: 978-683-7055 (call this 2nd)

Wednesday, May 11
NAVYU Rule of the Week Vol 1 No 1 - Bounced Pitches
Here's a couple of questions on bounced pitches that come up all the time:

Q: ...

Monday, May 23
NAVYU Rule of the Week Vol 1 No 2 - The Infield Fly
The Infield Fly Rule...