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Sunday, February 12
2017 Training Schedule Announced

Classes are now scheduled for new youth umpires. You must be 13 years of age or older to umpire.

Once you take the mandatory classes, pass the tests, and go to the mandatory clinics, you will be scheduled to work games in the AA and AAA divisions on the small diamond. You will be paid $20 per game, and you will be placed with a partner who is also a youth umpire.

There is no cost for this training, the training materials like rulebooks, etc., and there is no cost for the equipment you will get (Major-league quality navy-blue official umpire shirt, NAVYU hat, ball bag, indicator, and plate brush), but you have to give everything back if you leave the program.

If you haven't told me you are coming to the class for new umpires, I need to know now...I have to print up books in the next couple of days.

I'm waiting for school dept to confirm, but they usually do, so I'm announcing this schedule for new umpires. You really need to come to all 3 sessions before taking the exam. There's a lot of material to cover. 

  1. Saturday March 4 10:00am - noon - Thomson School Cafeteria - umpiring fundamentals, 10 most misunderstood rules, basics of calling safes and outs
  2. Saturday March 11 10:00am - noon - Thomson School Cafeteria - more of the 10 most misunderstood rules, basics of calling balls and strikes
  3. Saturday March 18 10:00am - noon - Thomson School Cafeteria - more rules, rules review, question and answer session The umpire exam for ALL umpires will be the next Saturday, followed by some practical umpiring work in the gym.

You need a 80% score to pass, but if you come to class and take it seriously, you will pass. If you don't, we'll have to sit down together and go over what you missed until I'm sure you have a practical working knowledge of the rules.

  1. Saturday March 25 10:00am - noon - Thomson School Cafeteria - Exam - all umpires must take the exam

There will also be outdoor clinics to make sure you know what to do before you step on the field, and you've even practiced it some during a controlled scrimmage. You will get training as rigorous and thorough as adult umpires get, if not more, so you can take the field confident you can make the calls.

Please note I START class at 10am. Be ready to go on time, it's umpiring 101.

Bring a pencil and a readiness to learn. Wear sneakers and athletic clothing; for part of the class we use the gym for some practical umpiring work, time permitting.

Any questions, ask away.

Jeff Buxton, NALL Umpire-in-Chief (, 978-886-1801 - please text before calling).

Thursday, April 16
NAVYU Policy On Game Assignments

When you are assigned a game, it was made clear to you: YOU SHOW UP, or YOU are responsible for finding a replacement. You have all the tools necessary – an email list and a phone list. You have an assignor, Luke Maus, to help you if you can’t find a replacement.


2)       NO informal agreements to take a game from someone else. Turn the game back in to Luke, or do the game.

3)       NO trading games. Do the game you are assigned, or turn it back in to Luke.

4)       If you aren’t sure you can do the game, DON’T TAKE IT, and then cause everyone a lot of work when you have to turn it back in later. Only take games you are sure you can do.

5)       Things happen, we know. So, if you take a game and then find out later you can’t do a game, you MUST turn it back into Luke 48 hours before the game if at all possible to give Luke time to find a replacement. I understand sometimes reschedulings of your own games you are playing in will cause issues – if it does, turn the game back into Luke AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

6)       If you miss a game you are assigned to, you will have all your remaining games pulled from you, unless there are mitigating circumstances. Going to the hospital is a mitigating circumstance. Going over your friend’s house is not a mitigating circumstance. Giving the game to a friend and he forgets to go is not a mitigating circumstance.

7)       Not only that, if you miss a second assignment, I will be asking for your uniform and equipment back. Umpiring for NABCLL is a privilege not a right. You will lose that privilege if you prove you can’t handle it.

I’m sorry if you or your parents find this rather harsh, but I don’t see an alternative.

Thursday, February 18
Sending emails to all umpires


All your emails are entered into the yahoo email group

So: instead of maintaining your own email list, all you have to do is send email to and it will go to all NAVYU umpires.

I get a copy, and so will Luke Maus. SO: please use only now to reach everyone by email. That way you will be sure to reach everyone at their most current email address.

If you change or add an email address, let Mr. Buxton know at and I'll get that added to the list at

Use only for umpire-related stuff, and do remember that parents are also on the list, like yourparents. So, if you wouldn't want it printed on a billboard or seen on TV, don't send it in an email to

Friday, June 15
Luke Maus' contact information

Luke Maus is the assignor, his email: cell: 978-809-8011
(Contact Luke for any assignment issues, and then Mr. Buxton 978-886-1801.

Thursday, February 18
Mr. Buxton's contact information

Mr. Buxton
Cell: 978-886-1801 (call this 1st)
Home: 978-683-7055 (call this 2nd)

Wednesday, May 11
NAVYU Rule of the Week Vol 1 No 1 - Bounced Pitches
Here's a couple of questions on bounced pitches that come up all the time:

Q: ...

Monday, May 23
NAVYU Rule of the Week Vol 1 No 2 - The Infield Fly
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