HD $ Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat Li™ve Online NBA Playoffs : Welcome

The big game between the Pacers and Heat will start at 8.30 p.m. ET and will be aired on the ESPN network. The game will also be available to watch online through live stream – free for subscribers to the ESPN network – via the link provided below.

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They are going for a third straight NBA Championship this year, but to get through to the championship game they will need to navigate their way past the No. 1 seeded team in the East this season – the Pacers.

The NBA Eastern Conference Finals move to Miami for Game 3 between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat on Saturday.

Indiana struggled and stumbled their way towards the end of the regular season, and their inconsistent displays spilled over into the Playoffs. However, they managed to win through to the Conference Finals despite some poor performances, and it seems they are hitting their stride again just in time.

Here is a look at the game 3 matchup and NBA playoff predictions.??The Indiana Pacers worked really hard to get the home court advantage in the Eastern Conference Finals, but now it is gone now since they lost Game 2. Not only did the team lose to the Miami Heat, they also may have lost guard Paul George.

"If I don't play and we win, I'm just as happy. I know they brought me here to be a big body, another big opponent to help stop Roy, but U.D., C.B. and Bird have been doing a good job," he said, according to Fox Sports.

He added, "I'm all about the team. I want to get in there and I want to help, but if they don't need my help and we win, I'm perfectly happy."