Nashua West Cal Ripken Baseball: Welcome

Sunday, May 20

Nashua Central Baseball(formerly Nashua West) will be holding tryouts for the 2012 Spring season Saturday March 24th at the PENNICHUCK MIDDLE SCHOOL GYMNASIUM. Every child will be placed at their skill level.
All players age 10,11 and 12 NOT already on a Major League Division roster MUST tryout.
Times are as follows:
League age 10,11,&12 9:00 A.M.
League age 9 --------11:00 A.M.
League age 7&8 ------1:00 P.M.


Monday, February 6
Re-Direct to our new Website

In moving forward with the merge of Nashua West and Nashua Northwest we will have a new website, the new website will be 

Wednesday, May 2
*** 2012 CALENDAR WINNERS ****

DATE      WINNER            AMOUNT      SOLD BY
5/01/12   Josh Coutoirier   $25.00      Jafet Rodriguez(Major Diamondbacks)
5/02/12   Peg Wenzel       $25.00      Garrett Sullivan (AA Royals)
5/03/12   David Towle       $25.00      Jacob Towle (T-Ball Angels)
5/04/12   Steve Salvi       $25.00      Dante Young (Major Orioles)
5/05/12   Ann St. Peter    $50.00      Trenton Brown (Athletics)
5/06/12   Louise Rochette   $50.00      Zachary Rioux (AAA Dodgers)

Monday, February 6
Letter from The President

Nashua West Parents and Players,

I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year and provide you with some information on important changes to our program for the upcoming 2012 season.

You may have heard rumors over the past several weeks of talks of mergers within the Cal Ripken programs in the City of Nashua.  I'd like to inform you that there is truth to these rumors.  Several discussions have taken place over the last few weeks in regards to taking our program to the next level and positioning our children for future success and development.

As you are aware, baseball was one of just a couple of sports available to the youth of Nashua several years back.  As a result of the limited choices and the size of our City, five Cal Ripken Leagues were created: Northwest, West, East, North and South.  A few years back, East and West merged and retained the name of Nashua West, bringing us down to four Cal Ripken programs.

However, with the growing popularity of single soccer, lacrosse and football leagues in the City, we have recognized the need to begin eliminating the split in the Cal Ripken program in an effort to move toward a larger united organization.  Many of the surrounding towns in the State of New Hampshire have only one youth baseball program and we have recognized the need to move in this direction to provide the best opportunity for growth of our program in Nashua.

As a result, I am pleased to announce that after several meetings and tireless efforts by our Board of Directors, we have agreed to merge our program with Nashua Northwest. This will double the size of our existing player and coach base, allow for a more robust schedule, strengthen our post-season teams, and most importantly solidify our program for many years to come. The new organization will be called Nashua Central Cal Ripken Baseball, or Nashua Central for short, and we will begin to rebrand the program in the coming weeks beginning with our websites.

It is my pleasure to announce Frank McNally, former President of Nashua Northwest as the first President of Nashua Central. I will now serve as Frank's advisor as we move forward toward a seamless transition in creating a strong youth baseball program that your children will continue to be proud to be part of.

I imagine that there will be several questions and we are working through the answers to be sure that we cover all aspects of the merge. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions that you may have. I will answer your questions in the order that I receive them.

How will this affect the current programs as they are today? Let me touch on a few key points to help eliminate some of your questions. For example, to name a few:

    .     The Major League and AAA programs of Nashua Northwest and Nashua West will remain as they are for the 2012 season. Players from Nashua West's current territory that are draft eligible for a Major or AAA team will be drafted to an existing West team only. The full merging of Majors & AAA Division teams will take place in 2013.

    .     Rookie and T-Ball players that are returning or are new to the League will be matched up with their friends and schoolmates as we have done in the years past.

     .    Our calendar programs will exist as two seperate fundraisers for 2012 and will be combined for the 2013 season and beyond. 

I urge you to reply with any questions or concerns to Frank McNally at or Mark Frost at

It's time to get exicited and prepare for an off the charts 2012 season! Our Board of Directors in working around the clock to make this the best season and the best program that your children will be part of and registration for the Spring has begun.

I am excited to welcome you to Nashua Central Baseball and I look forward to your support and to seeing all of you on the fields soon! GO CENTRAL!


Mark Frost

Former President, Nashua West Baseball

Asst. State Commissioner