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NAISA LLC was created to provide a more personal and comprehensive study abroad experience for International Students. NAISA LLC has the experience and dedication to integrate International students in such a way so as to help them obtain a great education, become proficient in English, understand American culture and leave with a greater sense of belonging, confidence and appreciation for their international experience. 

NAISA LLC is directed by Robert Horn and headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah. Robert has extensive hands on experience with youth and International Student placement and activity coordination. His 15 year experience extends the globe over as he has worked with International Students from France, Spain, Japan, China, Taiwan and the US. More recently Robert has focused on China and Taiwan. He speaks and reads Mandarin Chinese fluently and previously lived in Taiwan for 4 years. He understands and relates to the Chinese and their cultural needs.  Robert has BA from the University of Utah with a degree in Chinese.  

Robert has run both short and long term stay International programs throughout the country from coast to coast including Boston, New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Utah, and Washington State. He is proficient at organizing student stay programs and has extensive knowledge in organizing comprehensive tours to some of the most prominent places in the United States. Great care is taken to place students in the highest quality host family homes or student housing. Students will also be assured that their stay will be filled with fun and exciting activities, meals and social experiences. In addition NAISA LLC focuses a great deal of attention on helping students gain greater English proficiency and maintaining their academic integrity that will afford them the skills they will need to attend college in the US.      

NAISA LLC has teamed up with Mount Vernon Academy which is an accredited private school in Salt Lake City designed specifically to cater to the International student. The school provides small classes and an almost one on one learning environment. Mount Vernon is a K-12 school and can accept all eligible students into their program. International students can graduate from Mount Vernon Academy and their diplomas are recognized at any college or University throughout the US. Both NAISA LLC and Mount Vernon can assist students in preparing to attend college in the US as well. NAISA LLC has other private schools at their disposal that students have the option to attend both in and out of the State of Utah. Robert has spent his adult life working with youth and the Chinese. In addition to youth/foreign exchange programs Robert runs large youth soccer tournaments in the US and Taiwan. He also runs youth soccer camps, SLS Soccer league and has coached thousand of youth soccer player both at the high school and competitive level in the US and Taiwan.

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