NAISA: Home Stay (Ten Month)

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US Family Home Stay
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Long term home stay students (K-12 and college students) will be placed in good accredited schools that will help students reach their full academic potential. Students will be placed in a fun and safe home during their stay and will be monitored frequently.

NAISA Year program includes- One week prior to 1st day of class – one week after final day of the school year. (Approx end of Aug- First of June)  


NAISA Year program includes- One week prior to 1st day of class – one week after final day of the school year. (Approx end of Aug- First of June)  

1-1 year (9 month) School Tuition- does not include summer school or private tutoring, these may be added for an additional fee
2-School Books-Includes all text and reading books required by the institution
3-School Uniform Mount Vernon requires school uniforms to be worn while attending) Students should come prepared to purchase any additional clothing needed. Students should consider that Utah has a wide range of weather. Hot and dry during the summer months and cold and snowy during the winter months, students should come prepared with clothing for all types of weather.  
4-School activity/sport fees- Mount Vernon offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and music activities. Fees for these activities are included in NAISA 9 month fee
5-Food-3 meals per day + snack food-Students will receive adequate food and nutrition during their stay. This fee does include occasional eating out however students desiring to eat out more than a usual allowance or requiring a special diet may be required pay an additional amount to cover these expenses.
6-Yearly transportation-Students will be transported by their host family and or may receive an unlimited bus/train pass to use public transportation throughout their stay in the United States.
7-**Monthly Cultural Group activity NAISA will provide monthly trips to national parks, ski lessons, dinners, activities, movies, holidays, museums and more to allow students the opportunity to experience the fun, recreation and cultural experience.
8-Other necessary living expenses such as laundry, toiletries; any additional or out of the ordinary items must be purchased by the student. 
9-Host family room and board-Each host family will provide comfortable accommodations for each student including their own bed and room (some students may be required to share a room with another student).
10-Host family activities- Fees paid will cover normal household activities and outings, students desiring to do more than the household may be required to cover their own expenses.
 11-Health Insurance/Travel, Accident Insurance-NAISA provides a health insurance policy in addition to any other health insurance a student may already have. This insurance is not optional and provides peace of mind to students, their families as well as the host family providing care for students during their stay in the United States. (Note: Health insurance does not cover 1-Dental Treatment 2-Sport Physical exams 3-Intentionaly self-inflicted injuries 4-Eye exams or eye glasses 5-Pregnancy 6-Cosmetic surgery
12- All required paper work and verification for student visa will be done by NAISA and the host school to guarantee entrance into the United States. 

Program C: 9 month Basic $35,000 USD
**Program D: 9 month Premier $48,000 USD includes extended travel and excurions in the US


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