Antelope Valley Volleyball Club Nai'a: 9th graders

Welcome Freshman!

Welcome FRESHMAN!!  If you are playing club this year it is likely because you want to make your high school teams.  Some of you may have already decided you want to play volleyball in college and are ready to take this wonderful game of volleyball seriously.  Either way, this link will have information that is specific to FROSH.  If you are college bound, make frequent visits to our “college tips and websites” link also.  Have a great year!

Great article to get you in competition mode

Freshman (9th grade)

Settle into the high school environment. Get to work developing good classroom and home study habits. Learn to manage your time.

Work hard on the junior high and high school team. Try to stay after with the coach to learn new skills or perfect basics.

Play spring/summer club volleyball available to you (that's what this is). Play to learn; Play to improve; play to develop leadership and responsibility

Attend a comprehensive college summer camp

Thank you to Rich Kern for his recruting tips