Antelope Valley Volleyball Club Nai'a: What's News?

AVVC-Nai'a Newsletters
2007-2008 NEWSLETTERS are sent during season to players with great info and tips
Sample of our monthly Newsletter 


The 4 staples of our program are:
Integrity –personally and as a team; taking pride in your own performance and in that of your team; to always represent
yourself, your team, your coaches, and your community in a positive way.
Hard Work –personally and as a team; attending all training sessions so that you don’t fall behind your team in knowledge
and development; giving 100% every time you touch the court and/or a volleyball; focusing on academic success
and getting it done in the classroom too; working on your weaknesses away from scheduled practice times.
Competitive Spirit –personally and as a team; learning how to fight hard to win without being a "poor sport," win or lose;
pushing your mind and your body beyond it’s comfort zone in the heat of competition
Communication –personally and as a team; recognizing that team sports require communication for success, both on
and off the court; players and parents should communicate their questions and criticisms to the coach directly and privately;
players should focus on being the best communicator with their teammates that they can be!

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