NAC BobcaTS: Welcome

Friday, November 15

"She'll never be better than she was tonight."

Sunday, March 9
Wow,....I Mean WOW!!!

Great Show Last Night,  Let's make this one our BEST!!!!


You'll never be better than you are CURTAINS!!!! 


Thanks for a wonderful effort!!



Friday, March 7

The big day is finally here!!  Go out and break a leg!  Have fun....but hit your cues!!!!

Sunday, March 2

Well, here we are .  Need a big push from everyone to finish the job.  Pit Band today, then off we go.  Friday will be here sooner than you can imagine.  Let us all get mentally prepared for what is ahead..... a week of hard work, with immeasurable reward!!! 

Monday, February 17
Review your lines/songs

We will start, and go through, all of Act II at 10---


We will go over cast choreography after that---

Sunday, February 16
Big Week!!!!

Here we go with our big week of rehearsals.  It starts today, "That-A-Way" coming in to work at 11 today.  Need to finish Act II and start "running" the show.


Remember...  We're in the same boat---All of us!

Sunday, February 9
'Cause we're...SHOW PEOPLE....

Big rehearsal today... 

*That-a-Way people meeting Mr. Blondo at 11:00.* 

We will start Act II today, as well.  We will also polish some of the dances and fix W-O-S!!!!  See you later today!

Sunday, February 2
The woman's ............

Be ready to tighten up all of Act I.  The show is really starting to take shape.  It is getting really exciting!!!

We should be starting "That-a-Way" this week in school.  The set is coming along nicely. 

----Looking forward to today's rehearsal!!!!----

Sunday, January 12

Big day today!!!!  Come ready to work, we have a lot to get done.

Come in the side door.  Make sure you leave it "open" for those behind you!  See you in an hour.

 Yahoooooooooooooo! I am sooooo excited!!!

Saturday, January 4
Rehearsal Set for Sunday

Be sure to come ready...We have a ton to cover from noon to four.  Lines, blocking, singing and dancing!!!!

Sunday, January 5
I hope everyone is as excited as we are!  Be sure to come a bit before noon, so we can start on time.  Come to the side doors.  Sports are leaving by these doors.   See you in a!