NABF Classics World Series: Welcome

2013 NABF Classic Registration
NABF Classics World Series

2014 Classic World Series Registration

   Online registration for 2014 is now available


 Teams will now have to register with the NABF first, before they can register for a Classic Tournament or Classic World Series.

 Qualifier Tournaments will be held in Mississippi in 2014.


Call Derek Topik at 601 940-5720 or email Derek Topik for more info.

Tuesday, October 1
2014 Classic World Series Dates

Age                                           Site                                       Dates

7U Coach Pitch                       Flowood, MS                 July 3-6

8U Coach Pitch                       Flowood, MS                 July 3-6

9U Classic World Series             Flowood, MS                 July 3-6                      

10U Freshman World Series        Flowood, MS                 July 3-6

14U Classic World Series           Flowood, MS                 July 3-6



**Teams Must Register with NABF Classics Before They Can Sign Up For a WorldSeries**