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Wednesday, April 18
2012 Season

Eligibility for the boys: Flags - Must turn 5 in the current season) as the starting point and Can’t turn 8 before Sept 1st of the current year. If the boy has played flags before and is ready for tackle – it is acceptable to move onto the 80 lb team. Size and ability are the factors…..                                              

80 lbs. - Can’t turn 9 before Sept 1st of the current year.                                             
95 lbs. – Can’t turn 10 before Sept 1st of the current year.                                              
110 lbs – Can’t turn 11 before June 1st of the current year.                  
*** Any boy who turns 11 after June 1st and is UNDER the weight of 80lbs is still eligible to play 110 lb. team                                             
125 lbs – Can’t turn 13 before Sept 1st of the current year.                                               
  • All teams get 5 lbs additions to the weight limits – except flag.           
  • Basic equipment provided – Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Rib Pads, Girdles, Knee and Thigh Pads and practice pants.Parents are RESPONSIBLE for the Orange mesh shirts which can be obtained at Coplay Sporting  - 2nd Street in Coplay, Pa. Players names can also be placed on the back of the shirt – (Identify for the coach) Directions: (9th Street and Main to the Coplay Bridge – to 2nd Street. Turn left and the business is on the left next to the Leg Cabin.            
  • Shoes – parents provide – Football molded style shoes or the Screw-in with plastic tops  - DEFINITELY NO METAL TIPS ALLOWED           
  • Mouth pieces are provided to the player – however if the player has braces a special one is needed from the orthodontist.            
  • Opening practice nite – Parents, please plan on being present for your groups introduction by the head coach.            
  • Practices are held at the Naa for the Flag team on Field # 3 (18th Street)           
  • Practices for the 80, 95, 110 and 125 are held at the Canal Street ( along/next to the Lehigh River and is located in the area of the Hungarian Hall.
  • Practice time is 6 -8 pm for all practices and parents can figure on the month of August 4-5 nites a week in preparation for the early pre-season games which are scheduled. (APPROXIMATE)           
  • Preseason Games will be mentioned as they become known – Usually the 3rd and 4th week of August. Then onto the SYFL league schedule.
  • SYFL League games are played at the Atlas Sports Complex - Clear Springs Road (by the Northampton Water Co. and by the Northampton Rec Center.)            
  • Uniforms are to be WASHED after each use in the game (prefer that day or the Day after!!!)             No Uniform is to be WORN by anyone other than the PLAYER and the coach will allow the players on SELECTED Fridays                                                            
  • No EXCEPTIONS – If found wearing, the player will be asked to turn in the shirts (2) immediately.            
  • Parents are responsible to work the SNACK stand – day of the game when scheduled (only 1 time per player).           
  • Parents at sign-up will pay the stand fee of $20.00 and it will be returned when you do your stand time.           
  • Always looking for volunteers who want to do/help set –up day of the game… well chain crews (Best seat in the house)
  • Sign-up sheets will be around and helpers greatly appreciated. This would be in place of the Coaches having to do this… Or one to guide the troop.