Baseball: Biddy Rules (In-House)

In House Biddy Rules 2015


In House Biddy Rules 2015
In-House Biddy Rules 2015


a)        Any child that reaches the age of 8 years before MAY 1st of the new season will be eligible to play IN-HOUSE BIDDIES.
b)        Any parent that wants to move up a 7 year old to play IN-HOUSE BIDDIES that player will have a special try out and be looked at by the commissioner and his assistant and it will be their decision either to let that player move or not. This decision will be final.
c)        Any child that becomes 11 years old before May 1st of the given baseball season will not be eligible to play In-house Biddy baseball. If they turn 11 before August 1st they will be eligible to play In-house Biddy but will not be able to pitch. Coaches please be sure that you inform your players and parents of this rule at the end of the baseball season.

a)        Both teams are responsible for the actions of their players and fans that are in attendance during a regular season game and any playoff games that teams are involved in.
c)        Catchers will not be permitted to heckle a batter while behind the plate. Any player caught doing so will be given one warning and then will not be permitted to play for the rest of the game.

a)        The goal of this league is to teach baseball’s basic skills and team play, and sportsmanship and fair play to the youths involved. Remember we have children that are between the ages of 8 and 10 that are competing in this league. THIS IS AN IN-HOUSE LEAGUE. Work with them to prepare them to move forward to the next level of baseball.


a)        Regular length of game (6 innings)—Exception: In the event a team holds a 10 run lead after the completion of 4 innings, home team must have a final at bat to.
b)        In the event a game is halted by rain before the (4) inning rule, both teams shall wait fifteen (15) minutes before either continuing or halting the game. In the event the game is halted it is up to the coaches to contact the commissioner and check to see when the next available date is to resume play at the point of which the game is halted.
c)        A team will consist of at least nine (9) players in order to play a game.

2)        PLAYERS
a)        All players on the team roster must play at least 3 innings in the field.
b)        There is free substitution of players in any position EXCEPT PITCHING.
c)        No players from another team shall be able to play on another team in order to fill their roster to play a game. This can be done so the kids can play a game but the official score turned in will be a forfeit by the team short players.

3)        BASE RUNNERS
a)        Base runners may not advance unless
i)        The batter hits the ball.
ii)        The batter is hit by a pitch.
iii)        The batter receives a base on balls.
b)        If a pinch runner is needed for an injured player, the first available player in the lineup preceding the runner will be used.
c)        Any play at home plate THE RUNNER MUST SLIDE! Any attempt of running the catcher over or knocking him down, will result in an out. A catcher that goes down the line for the ball shall be considered trying to make a play on the runner the result will be that the runner has the right to the base line and he shall try to get to home however he can.
d)        Any player that is playing the infield and is in the base line path shall be considered interfering with the base runner, and that runner shall be given the base he is running to.
e)        The ball is considered live until it is back in the pitchers hand. If an infielder or outfielder is holding the ball and does not get it in to the pitcher, the runner / runners can advance as many bases as they want. The umpire has the right to call a runner back to any base if the runner tries to advance to the next base after the ball is thrown back to the pitcher.

a)        Stealing is not allowed until the ball CROSSES the plate. If the runner leaves early he must return to the base he occupied before the pitch.
b)        Each team is allowed two successful steals per inning.
c)        Players can steal second or third base, but may not score a run on a steal. In the event the catcher throws the ball to a base and the fielder misses the ball and it rolls into the outfield YOU MAY NOT ADVANCE the base runner. Coaches are strongly urged to let their catchers throw the ball to second or third base.
d)        The ball shall remain in front of the catcher or in fair territory, between the foul lines in order to attempt to steal.
e)        A passed ball that goes behind the catcher, the runner(s) must return to their base.

a)        Any play made by an infielder or an outfielder throwing the ball to either first or third and the result is the ball thrown goes over first or third and goes past the fence, over the fence, or becomes lodged in the fence shall be an automatic base for the runner.
b)        Any ball that is thrown to first or third and the result is the ball goes in the dugout or in the area of the teams equipment shall be an automatic base for the runner.
c)        If a runner is more than half way to a base he will be granted the base he is running to.
d)        If the result is a ball thrown out of play, the result will be one base to all the runners that the play was made on.

6)        BATTING
a)        All bats used in the in house league shall not exceed a diameter of 2 5/8” inches. Anyone using a larger diameter bat will result in the forfeit of the ball game.
b)        All bats must not exceed a minus 10 oz rating. (NO -11,-12, -12.5 etc)
c)        All players must bat through the line up made up before each game.
d)        If a player comes after the first inning of play is completed he shall be inserted at the end of the batting line up.
e)        Any ball hit over the fence or hit on top of the batting cages shall be considered a home run. Any ball that bounces over the fence or rolls under the fence or that gets stuck in the batting cages or goes behind the shed on field 4 shall be a ground rule double.
f)        BUNTING WILL be allowed
i)        There will be NO fake bunt and pull back and swing for safety reasons
i)        There will be NO suicide squeeze allowed you may only bunt to move a runner from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, or 1st and 2nd to 2nd and 3rd NO EXCEPTIONS
g)        Any batter that continuously backs out of the batter’s box when pitches are being made shall have strikes called on him if the pitch is anywhere close to the strike zone. The strike zone shall be from the letters to the knees.

7)        PITCHING
a)        All players that are on the team roster shall be eligible to pitch with the exception of any player who has a birthday that falls before the end of the season and will turn 11 during the baseball season WILL NOT be permitted to pitch in the In House league.
b)        Pitching distance is 44 feet. Base distance is 60 feet.
c)        There will be no balks called.
d)        A player shall not be able to pitch more than 60 pitches in one game. Once you reach 60 you can still finish batter
e)        A pitcher can only make one appearance per game (may not leave the mound and return to pitch in the same game.
f)        A calendar week is from 12:01 a.m. Monday to midnight the following Sunday. If there are three games played in one week, a player can pitch eight (8) innings. If there are four games played in one week, a player can pitch ten (10) innings etc.
g)        31 or more pitches requires 40 hours rest
h)        If a pitcher hits two (2) batters in one (1) inning (excluding a ball that bounces in front of home plate and then hits the batter) the pitcher shall be taken out for the game, but he can play in any other position in the field EXCEPT PITCHING.
i)        A batter hit with a bounced ball shall be awarded first base but the pitcher will NOT be charged with a hit by pitch.
j)        All pitch counts will be (4) balls and (3) strikes. After 4  walks the batter must hit the ball or strike out. The strike zone will be larger if the batter will not swing.

a)        The home team is responsible for the lining of the field and getting the bases and pitcher’s mound installed.
b)        The home team is also responsible for providing an umpire to call balls and strikes. The umpire can get protective gear in the snack stand and will go behind the plate.
c)        The away team is responsible for providing an umpire for the bases.
d)        All players must wear a batting helmet when on base or when they are warming up on the side, there will be only one batter allowed in the batters warm up circle at all times.
e)        Each team will be allowed ONE (1) timeout per inning unless it is for an injury or the umpire calls for a timeout. If a second time out is called in the same inning by the team on the field, the pitcher must be replaced. Coaches can coach their batters from the 1st or 3rd base but will only be permitted to stop the game for a timeout once per inning. This rule is in effect to keep the games moving along.

a)        All teams shall make either a single or double elimination tournament at the end of the regular season. The standings for the playoffs will be determined by the standings at the end of the regular season. The top seeded team will be the HOME TEAM during play-offs and at the CHAMPIONSHIP game.
b)        Umpires for the playoffs (WILL BE THE COACHES OF THE OTHER TEAMS NOT PLAYING)

a)        See handout for coaches’ responsibilities