Northampton Athletic Association: Stand Information

Baseball/Softball Stand Information


Each family wishing to sign up a child, or children for any tee ball, baseball or softball NAA program, are responsible to work a shift in the food stand. You must sign up for one shift per child. There will be a family maximum of two dates to be filled for families with more than one child. Each shift typically requires three hours of your time, and is to be manned by three people.   

Each family will be required to submit a $40.00 stand fee. This check will be returned to you uncashed when you have completed working all your shift(s) in the stand. Should you choose not to show up for your shift, you will not have your fee returned to you. Obviously there has been a great problem with this area of responsibility, or we would not need to resort to this action. We believe that neither the childrens teams, nor an individual child should suffer for adults failing to fulfill their responsibilities, which is why this has become necessary.

Should there become a need to switch your scheduled shift, you will be required to call the scheduler (listed below) and notify them of said change. There will be no schedule hanging in the stand to check for replacements. If you do not have a computer simply call the scheduler for any changes. If your shift is changed through the proper steps you will receive your check when you do work your shift.

Should your shift be rained out, it is YOUR responsibility to call the scheduler to report that you were unable to work, and you will then be asked to pick a new date or be placed on a call list if all dates are full. You will be notified when there is coverage needed on a new date, and given a new shift. If you fail to call, or fail to work your new shift, you will not receive your check.

You are required to show up 5 minutes before your shift is scheduled to begin, and stay until you have been replaced by the next shift or the current games are all completed.

There are guidelines hanging in the stand to let you know what you need to do if you have never worked before.

Please be aware that if you choose not to report for one or both of your scheduled dates, not only will you not receive your check back, but you will also be charged twice the amount the following year for stand duty. And each consecutive year will continue to double until such a time as you DO show up for your shifts.

For those who have completed the required stand tour, this is not meant for you. I want to thank you for your time and help.
This is meant for those who don't fulfill the required times.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

NAA Officers


Scheduler:   Melissa Hughes