McAllen Youth Soccer Association/Dynamo South Texas Academy: Parks and Rec Field Usage


The Parks and Recreation Department is permitting McAllen Youth Soccer Association teams access to the De Leon Soccer Complex for a limited amount of soccer practice time.  The Parks Department has worked in recent months to bring back the fields to excellent playing condition.  The issue is how to balance game play and practice time to maintain the fields to the highest level possible.    

A bi-weekly schedule has been developed that will allow MYSA teams interested in practicing on the De Leon Fields one time slot per week over a two week period.  Time slots are limited and will be assigned on a first-come basis.  If any team wishing to practice is excluded due to lack of available times, they will be given first priority on the next bi- weekly schedule. 

Sign-up for these slots will be available Saturday morning of game days beginning this Saturday, September 27 at the MYSA tent located near the restrooms at the De Leon complex.   To assure scheduled fields are available, the following conditions will apply:

a)    Access to the complex will be permitted through one central gate.  Team coaches must wear and present their league issued ID badges to gain entry for their scheduled practice times. MYSA will monitor the entrance.     

b)    Teams will not be permitted to reassign time slots to other teams.     

c)    Field space will be marked and assigned to each team.  Please use your assigned area.     

d)    Practice team is limited to one hour and fifteen minutes blocks.  If your practice time falls in the early time slots, please do not exceed your allotted time.     

e)    Nights will be assigned by age groups.  Sign up for a slot by calling the MYSA office.    

f)     All teams are responsible for policing their practice area to dispose of their water bottles and trash.       

g)    Teams may sign up for the next bi-weekly time slots the Friday before the Monday the schedule goes into effect. Reservations may be made by calling the MYSA office.


    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
              U5-6          U7-8           U9-10           U11-12           CLOSED  
Field A 5:45pm-7:00          CLOSED  
Field B 5:45pm-7:00          CLOSED  
Field C 5:45pm-7:00          CLOSED  
Field D 5:45pm-7:00          CLOSED  
Field E 5:45pm-7:00          CLOSED  
Field F 5:45pm-7:00          CLOSED  
Field A 7:00pm-8:15          CLOSED  
Field B 7:00pm-8:15          CLOSED  
Field C 7:00pm-8:15          CLOSED  
Field D 7:00pm-8:15          CLOSED  
Field E 7:00pm-8:15          CLOSED  
Field F 7:00pm-8:15          CLOSED