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Last updated
08-18-14 12:49 PM
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Mentor Youth Football Association
P.O. Box 716
Mentor, Ohio
Tuesday, August 6
Mentor Youth Football Association Flag Football

Registration for the MYFA Spring Flag Football League will commence on Monday, February 3, 2014.  On-line registration is being accepted at  Cost for the league is $65 and will be divided into a Five (5) Year Old Division and 6/7 Year Old Division.  All games will be played at Mentor Osborne Stadium.  Season starts in April, 2014.  Please direct any questions to



Wednesday, March 13
USA Football Head's Up Football Program

In conjunction with USA Football and the NFL, the Cleveland Browns has chosen the Mentor Youth Football Association (MYFA) as their pilot team to participate in the "Head's Up Football (HUF)" program.  This program is being introduced on a nation-wide basis to educate coaches, players and parents in the areas of Concussion Awareness, Equipment Fitting, Heads Up Tackling and Coaching Education.

This program has a four (4) step Game Plan and will be implemented in the 2013 season:

Step 1- Train the MYFA Player Safety Coach (PSC)

  • Trained by region Master Trainer Chuck Kyle, St. Ignatius Head Coach.
  • PSC will take on the role of coaching mentor and parent liason for Heads Up Tackling and other player safety concerns.

Step 2- Educate Association Head Coach and Assistant Coaches of each team.

  • Association coaches complete USA Football Coach Certification.
  • PSC conduct Heads Up Coaches Clinic.
  • PSC verify coaches are prepared.

Step 3- Educate Parents and Players

  • Demonstrate coach preparedness.
  • Install confidence in all.
  • Engage and inform parents to be part of the solution.
  • Heads Up Football SAfety Course (Optional).

Step 4- PSC Guides & Monitors Coaches

  • Reinforce training and mentors coaches throughout the season.

The responsibilities of the PSC includes the following: 

  • Ensure all coaches have completed the USA Football Level 1 Coach Certification
  • Conduct a preseason Heads Up Coaches clinic for all HUF coaches.
  • Conduct a Player Safety clinic for all HUF parents and players.
  • Responsible for checking that coaches are using practice plans, teaching Heads Up Tackling and using Levels of Contact approach to reduct helmet contacts in practice.
  • Provide guidance to coaches and support the teachings from Heads Up Coaches clinic.
  • Act as on-field expert, spot-checker and parent liason for HUF safety and other player safety issues at games.
  • Serve as HUF association point of contact for player health and safety recommendations from USA Football, NFL and CDC.
  • Communicate HUF concerns, questions and success to MYFA President and USA Football.

MYFA Champions

Congratulations to our 2013 MYFA Champions
RED      Division               Falcons defeated  Gators

GRAY   Division               Ohio State defeated  Gators

Friday, July 8
Dick's Sporting Goods - MYFA Shopping Event

Dick's Sporting Goods is offering an exclusive invitation to a One-Day team shopping event at the Mentor Dick's Sporting Goods store, located at the Great Lakes Mall, on Saturday, August 2nd.

Each member of the MYFA will receive a Football Team Packet with discount coupons.  In addition to the Team Packet, you will receive an additional 15% off your entire purchase.

Please click on link to print coupon and present to the cashier at check-out.

Any questions, please contact:

 Bill Burton- 440.354.6107

David Baranski- 440.257.8125

MYFA Jake Cowdrick Scholarship Award

Each year the Mentor Youth Football Association awards a fomer MYFA athlete with the "Jake Cowdrick Scholarship Award".  This award is in the amount of $1,000 and is used towards the recipients continuing college education.  Application forms for this award can be found in the "League Forms" section.

Congratulations to our 2013 recipient:  

  • Christopher Cimperman- University of Dayton

2013 Youth Football Camp- Registration Form

2013 Youth Football Camp

Presented by the MHS Football Coaches and Players

Monday, June 24th through Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Click on Link for Registration Form



Player Registration (Mentor School District Residents and Neighboring Communities)

2014 registration begins Jan 1st.    All registrations must be submitted online.

Registration Fee (Up to 7/27/14)$95
     Additional family members deduct $10 each.

Late-Registration Fee (From 7/28/14- 8/22/14)$110     No deductions for additional family members.

Registration is open to elementary school children residing in the Mentor School District and neighboring communities.  Fees are non-refundable.  You must be registered by 12:00 PM, 7/20/14 to participate in Week 1 practices .   

All returning players registering after 7/20/14 will be subjected to Late-Registration fees as well as being placed on their previous team if a spot is available.  Late registrant first year players will be placed on a team in need in players.  However, every effort will be made to have them placed on their area team.

 ALL 1st year players MUST submit a copy of their Birth Certificate at the League weigh-in. 


Does the MYFA issue refunds?
There will be NO registration refunds if your child decides not to play after he/she is registered.  Our league is a self-funded organization that relies on the registration fees for insurance, equipment and operating cost which is pertinent for our existence in the Mentor Community.

We would like our son to play but we don't live in Mentor?
The Mentor Youth Football Association is currently accepting registrations from Mentor residents and neighboring communities.

 Our son is a big kid.  What are the weight restrictions?
All players will be weighed before be allowed to participate in any contact practices.
Players age 7 thru 9 and weighing up to 120 lbs (Minimum 50 lbs.) play in the Red Division*.  Players age 7 to 9 weighing over 120 lbs may play up in the Gray Division

* Red Division players must weigh between, as a minimum, 50 lbs. and 120 lbs. before August contact begins.  No player will be permitted to participate if weighing less than 50 lbs.  All players weighing within five (5) lbs. of any weight limit will be re-weighed the Monday after the 4th game.  Any Red Division player who exceeds the 120 lbs. limit will be assigned to their respective Gray Division team.  Skill players cannot weigh more than 100 lb at any time.

Players age 10 thru Grade 6 (but not 13 as of September 30th) will participate in the Gray Division**. 

** Gray Division players weighing more than 160 lbs will be restricted to the offensive line ONLY.  All players weighing within five (5) lbs. of any weight limit will be re-weighed the Monday after the 4th game. Skill players cannot weigh more than 130 lb at any time..

How does the MYFA monitor weight restrictions?
All players weighing within five (5) lbs of a restricted limit for their division will be re-weighed the Monday after 4th seasonal game.

After I register are there any other fees I should be aware of? .
We structure our fees so that football can be more affordable to families without compromising equipment or safety. As an instructional yet competitive organization we do not condone gala banquet festivities. We would prefer that teams promote the league and its fundraising activities for the benefit all of our families and not just a few.

We registered our son in March.  It's the end of July.  When will we be contacted for practice?
Rosters are not set until the third (3rd) Sunday of July.  Coaches need time to organize equipment and to get in touch with families who may be on vacation or finishing soccer and baseball.  You will be contacted sometime during the 3rd week of July before the first practice.  
Please be patient
If you have email confirmation of your credit card transaction for your registration fee then you will be called as soon as possible.

What are we expected to do during the year?  Do we sell candy?
No.  We do not force families to sell candy or magazines.  We would like to see you attend any number of fundraising activities we offer and support our fantastic sponsors when you can.  You are expected to participate in a team concession stand during one game day for the purpose of raising money towards your year-end team banquet. No family should be solicited to donate items or cash in excess of $10. Teams cannot ask for more money from parents unless approved by the MYFA Executive Board. Even in instances of Board approval parents may opt out of the activity.

When do the kids practice?
The first day of practice commences on Monday, 07/28/14 where the players will practice 5 days, Monday thru Friday for 3 weeks to allow for conditioning and teaching. Beginning the 4th week players will practice 3 days per week with games on Saturday or Sunday. Practices are no longer than 2 hrs in duration.

Where do the kids practice?
Teams practice at Mentor school fields. Players are teamed by territory. If a team is full then the player will be placed on the closest team of need to where they live. Returning players have limited rights to a team over a first year player.

Do I need to buy any equipment?
No. The MYFA provides all equipment, practice jerseys, uniforms, and belts. The only items you must provide are t-shirts, shorts, shoes and athletic supporter. All shoes must be molded soft-spikes only.

What if my son isn't sure he wants to play. 
In situations where a child isn't sure if they wish to play we recommend going to the Mentor High School Elememntary Football Camp.  There children are taught football fundamentals for both offense and defense and participate in a Punt, Pass, and Kick competition at camps' end.  You can download an entry form at the link above.  

Can my daughter(s) cheer for the same team that my son plays?

Yes. You must register with the Mentor Youth Cheerleading Association. The MYCA is a seperate organization.   Once a player has been assigned to an MYFA team the registered sibling will be assigned to the corresponding cheerleading unit. The MYCA can be reached at or call them at 440-975-5845.  Visit their website at

Does the MYFA organize and run the cheerleaders  too?
No.  The MYFA is a football organization. The Mentor Youth Football Association, MYFA, will not be responsible, maintain any assumed liabilities, or be held accountable for any activities, events or organization directly relating to or associated with cheerleading within or independent of the Mentor Youth Cheerleading Association, MYCA, to include but not be limited to insurance, registration and associated fees, participation guidelines, uniforms, permits, background checks, etc... 


MYFA Premium Sponsors


Mentor Youth Football Association
Mentor Youth Football Association
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