My Dugout Buddy: Welcome

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The Greatest Sports Equipment
Organizer On The Market

My Dugout Buddy is ready for purchase. Above is the most innovative way to store most of your Softball and Baseball equipment while hanging in the dugout, out of the way and always ready.

My Dugout Buddy is constructed of high impact ABS composite materials, light-weight and very easy to transport in any equipment bag. My Dugout Buddy is designed to hold a bat in the lower opening. On the left and right you can store your Softball or Baseball glove and batting helmet. Along the lower right side you'll see a 3/8" hole where a carabiner clip is supplied with My Dugout Buddy to hold your keys or clip your cell phone to it. Also included is the now popular My Dugout Buddy

My Dugout Buddy is even ready to hold your favorite thirst quencher in the cup / bottle holder in the center of My Dugout Buddy. Yes we've come up with a very compact, durable organizer to store your battle equipment. No more clutter in the dugout, no more wondering where you left your glove, bat or batting helmet. And the drink you need after hitting that homerun, you'll know right where it is.

My Dugout Buddy hangs on the inside fence area of the dugout. With our unique wedge design My Dugout Buddy hangs strong and sturdy on the fence with your equipment ready for you when it's needed. So don't be without My Dugout Buddy
, your best friend in the dugout just hanging around holding your gear and ready for battle when you are.