Monroe-Woodbury Little League: Board Call for Candidates

Call for Candidates


Monroe-Woodbury Little League 2014-15 Board of Directors 
Call for Candidates


PROCESS & TIMELINE• Board term runs October 2014 through September 2015



1) Candidates must submit a (BRIEF) letter to the Nomination Committee prior to the August board meeting indicating his/her intention to hold office if elected. ***see attached

2) Candidates must reside in the jurisdiction (MWLL school district) of the MWLL unless a waiver is approved by the Executive Committee

3) Candidates shall be reviewed, vetted and approved by the nomination committee prior to being added to the ballot. Vetting shall include review of prior volunteer record with the league, any prior disciplinary action and verification of residency

4) Candidates for Executive Board positions are eligible based on the following criteria… a) must be a current member of the board of directors for a full termAND b) must have served on the board for at least one other term in the prior four year

5) The term of an officer shall be for a one-year period (October 1 – September 30). A person may serve in as many terms as he/she is elected to




Full Name:

Residential Address:

Profile Photograph: ***please attach if available

Current MWLL position:

Candidate for position:


BACKGROUND (Please provide a synopsis of your past and current experience with MWLL or other recreational baseball/softball program(s). Pleaseinclude all previous and current experience working with and supporting the development of children in an educational or sports programenvironment. Any specific vision for MWLL or accomplishments in a current/previous role are also of interest.

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