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Baseball Bats-Approved Composite Bats (2-1/4 inch barrels)
Licensed composite-barreled bats (2 1/4 inch barrels) that meet the bat performance factor (bpf) standard, and the accelerated break in (abi) procedure, are listed below.

Baseball Bats-LICENSED non-wood, non-composite;2-1/4" barrel
THIS IS A PDF (IMPORTANT!!! --This is NOT a list of all usable 2 1/4 inch bats, which would include thousands of bats and would be impossible to compile. This is only a list of LICENSED bats. To be used in games and practices, a baseball bat only needs to: 1. Meet the specifications of Rule 1.10 for the division involved, and; 2. Not currently be subject to the moratorium on composite-barreled baseball bats.)

Test Your Knowledge of Baseball Rules
Great tool for umpires.

Pitching A to Z
The Pitching A to Z Mission: To educate the youth baseball community on injury prevention, pitching mechanics (bio mechanics), strength development, and the art of pitching through instruction, media, training products, and research. We help youth baseball pitchers and fielders throw harder, with better control, while reducing their risk to injuries through teaching arm care and proper mechanics with clinics, private/group/team instruction, and video analysis.

ETeamz Baseball Tips

Barton's Youth Baseball
A site where coaches, players and parents can get information, tips and drills about playing the great game of baseball.

Competitive Youth Baseball
Great site for hitting and pitching information.

Little League Coach

Basic skills and drills for younger players
This site provides simple skills and drills for players in T-ball, Pee Wee, Minors, Little Lass, and Major leagues.
WebBall offers hundreds of pages, diagrams, animations, and tips. Features include motion-enhanced instruction, coaching strategy, pitcher mechanics, batspeed training, team drills, and much more.

Baseball Tips Newsletter