Monroe-Woodbury Little League: Welcome

Fall Ball Registration is Closed - 


Cancellations are announced through a FREE rain out service - Instant messages will be sent via text or email directly to your cell phone for changes /cancellations, know if its cancelled before you travel to the field

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This web site is the "official" source of all available information.

Parents should NOT rely on Facebook for the most up to date league information.

The fall season runs from September thru October. Opening day, field access, rain outs & cancellations are ultimately determined by each town, municipality, parks commission and our school district. The decision is based on overall field / safety conditions & mother natures cooperation. 


Permits for MWLL have been secured and we are grateful for their use.

Please note that MWLL does NOT own any of the fields we use for play.

We share their use with other locally permitted leagues (Soccer, Orange County Football, Lacrosse, Pop Warner football, Cross Country, School and Travel teams)

If a field is closed, then it is NOT to be used at all. Everyone is to stay completely off the field. DO NOT attempt to alter the field in any way to try to remove water or improve the playability. Simply stated, keep off. Not doing so violates the terms of our permit.

All must understand that using a field outside of our permitted time or that has been closed for any reason is a violation of our agreement with the parks commission, each municipality and the school district. Any unauthorized use may result in our field permits being suspended or revoked.

The Monroe woodbury school fields are to be used only when the Field Status Flag is green. This flag policy applies to any outside group that has received field use approval from the District.  Please note that our school teams may use the fields while the red flag is up.

The flag is located above the concession stand on the Athletic Field Complex.  The field status is also displayed on our District website.  Go to:    

As always, thank you for your patience and support as we look forward to another great season!


  In order to create the best over all experience, avoid forfeits and maximize play time for our children, the league needs its members (parents & players) to be committed to our programs.

When players are over committed to other activities, it negatively impacts the rest of our membership.

Please MAKE EVERY EFFORT to participatE in games AND practices.


Please sign up for our free rain out service to receive text and email alerts for changes /cancellations, know before you go:

Monroe Woodbury Little League Boys and girls baseball and softball

Please click the link below to recieve up to date rain outs for you child's game.

Instant messages will be sent via text or email directly to your cell phone..... 

Rainout announcements can also be found on our Facebook page. 

The league reserves the right to place players based upon roster availability,
division structure, player skills evaluation and overall program enrollment. 
Please use this link to determine your childs little league age: