Mockingbird Girls '92: Rankings

Thursday, July 17
Rankings Report
Below is a listing of all the sites I know about and the team's ranking in Region II, and nationally where available, as of April 26, 2010.

  Reg II Ntl
Got Soccer (See Note) 15 104
Soccer in College (See Note)  8
National Soccer Ranking 17 n/a
Soccer Girls 92 25 n/a

The first two services are numerically driven based on reported games (Soccer in College) or tournament results (Got Soccer).  For some reason Soccer in College has lost track of our team this past season and shows only limited results.  The girls strong weekend in Carmel earned a total of 2,757 points and led to a major move up the rankings.   National Soccer Ranking and Soccer Girls are opinion based. My personal view remains that they are either about 10th or 100th depending on the day.

Soccer - Region II

National Soccer


Soccer in College Team Ranking Site

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