Mockingbird Girls '92: College

Tuesday, November 9
Simmermaker - First Team All Conference

Cate was named to the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference first team all conference team.  She also was a key contributor helping Earlham College to their first HCAC conference title.

Click here for link to the article.


Sunday, November 7
Kaitlin Updates

Recent update from Judy, "Kaitlin is still doing well, they finally put her up front. She scored 2 goals in her first game back as a forward (but we lost 3-2). We are still struggling but managed to win our first round conference game.    Here is a  link an article the Evansville paper did on Kaitlin.

Also Kaitlin has earned All Conference Honorable Mention and was named to the All Freshman team for the Missouri Valley Conference.   Here is the article.

Thursday, October 7
Injury Update - Shelly and Chloe

Message from Dean Holland on October 5:

"Shelly will be redshirting this season. She attempted to come back last week, but her foot simply was not up to the strain. She concluded it was too painful to carry on and not enough time left in the season to let it fully heal. She and the coach met yesterday and came to this mutual agreement." 

Also for those who don't know, Chloe injured her knee in the second game of the season and has not been able to play since.   After  several different diagnoses by various trainers and two team doctors she finally got an MRI last Wednesday which showed a bone bruise and some fluid on the knee.   They let her return to practice this past Monday (October 4) but sat her back down again on Tuesday.  So we're back to rest, ice, electrical stimulation hoping to salvage a few games at the end of the season.

Thursday, October 7
Cate Simmermaker - HCAC Player of the Week

Cate was recognized as "Player of the week" in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference in a news release dated October 4.

"Earlham College sophomore Cate Simmermaker (Louisville, Ky./DuPont Manual) scored a pair of goals as the Quakers defeated Wilmington and Anderson during the week and has been named the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Women’s Soccer Player of the Week. The sophomore scored the game-winner from 35-yards out as the Quakers defeated Wilmington 2-0 and added a second goal in a 5-1 victory over Anderson. Earlham (6-3-1, 1-0 HCAC) has not lost since September 12 and will face Bluffton and Mount St. Joseph this week. Standings October 5,2010 HCAC "

Congratulations Cate!

Friday, September 3
D3 Opening Day - September 1
All of our D3 players opened their seasons on Wednesday, September 1.

In alpahbetical order:

  • Centre bullied Asbury Colleg 8-1.      Box Score
  • Earlham lost to Thomas More College 1-0.   Box Score   Cate started and played all 90 minutes.
  • Hanover dropped one to Capital University 2-0.  Box Score    Chloe started at Right Back and played all but 7 or 8 minutes of each half.  She also filled in at Center Back for a while.
  • Olgelthorpe defeated Agnes Scott 3-0. Box Score   Spenser got solid minutes in both halves.  She's listed as a Defender on the roster but subbed in for a girl listed as Midfield / Forward.

Later in the season, Hanover will play Centre on September 18 and Earlham on October 16 while Centre and Olgelthorpe meet Septebmer 26 in Danville.   Hanover and Earlham will be a Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) contest while the Centre / Olgelthorpe match will be part of Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) league play.

Thursday, July 15
College Season Updates

A couple of you have asked if I would keep updates on everyone's college soccer seasons and compile them here.  I will post updates here for a couple of weeks.  If there are enough page views, I will keep updating throughout the fall.

August 29, 2010 Update.   I hadn't seen Shelly's name in any of the box scores at Richmond so I suspected she was injured.   Dean sent me this note earlier today unfortunately confirming.

" Shelly suffered an injury in the very first pre-season training session as a result of an overzealous freshman teammate who tackled her from behind and injured her fragile right foot. Initial diagnosis was a fracture and bone chip, but it could be calcium deposit chip, as well. She was placed in a boot for a few weeks and continues to train at the trainer’s direction (when the team is practicing, she is riding a stationary bike and juggling a ball). She is keeping her fitness up and getting stronger daily. The foot continues to give her a lot of pain and they said it always will, but expect to tape and support it once she is ready to get back on the field. Post-season, she may need surgery to remove the bone chip. She is day-to-day, but realistically may not see the field again until mid-September, and then she has to start all over again to compete for a spot. This is the same injury she suffered last December in Memphis with Mock that took 6 – 8 weeks to get over before she was back on the field, so I suspect this will be a similar recovery period. On the bright side, the University of Richmond Spiders have started out 1-1-1 through Aug. 27 and have two shutouts, and she is absolutely thrilled with her school choice and loving life as a college freshman so far."

August 26, 2010 Update.   I obviously haven't gotten around to posting updates as I promised.   Click here for a very rough start.  This is simply a Google app that pull's RSS feeds from the various collegiate athletic websites.  Sometimes I get soccer only, sometimes there's no filter and all athletic news comes through.  I will try to clean up at some point.

The D1's already have a game or two under their belts.  The D2 girls at Bellarmine finished their preseason last weekend with Lauren, Christina and Chelsea all contributing in major ways to a 4-0 win over Georgetown College.  Our D3's (Cate, Chloe, Maddie, Spenser) are in preseason with scrimmages coming up this weekend.  All will have their first official collegiate match on Wednesday, September 1.


August 4, 2010 Update.   By now most of the D1 ladies have / are heading off to college and begun practice.  Kaitlin has started a blog about her experiences at Evansville.


Thursday, February 18
College Press Releases
If you would like to see the press releases on the recruiting classes from the various colleges, click on the players name in the article below the "Signing Day" picture.

Thursday, August 12
Battle of the (mini) titans!

Evansville faced off against Lipscomb Wednesday, August 11 and featured a one on one battle between Kaitlin (on defense!) and Jenna in her usual attack position.

Here's Judy's report from the front:

"Well, Kaitlin made it to her first college game last night. She started out optimistic because she started at Offensive Mid but was soon put on left back. While our offense looked good on the score board last night, I was not overly impressed with the play. I know I am completely unbiased when I say Kaitlin could have done as well or better up front. But she said when the coaches put some of the other forwards in midfield or defense, they pretty much just stood there and didn't play. You know that is just not Kaitlin. I hope she doesn't stay back there but she started and she played the entire game so she must be doing something right! She played a great game. All but a couple of passes were exactly where they needed to be. She was tackled a couple times but held her own and had a few tackles herself. Evansville won 5-1. Jenna had a pretty good game herself. She played forward for Lipscomb. She had the assist on their one goal. Kaitlin defended Jenna and it didn't go so well for Jenna after that. Lol. Apparently they have several injuries and only rostered 13 for the game. I included a few pictures if you want to use them for the web. Somehow I got more pictures of Jenna than Kaitlin! I haven't checked Lipscomb's website but I know Evansville has the story up."

Here's Evansville's game report.   As of late Thursday night, no report from the Lipscomb side but here's a preseason report from the Lipscomb coach. Jenna gets a shout out.

Wednesday, February 3
Signing Day!
College Signing

Bottom row l-r: Alex, Sophie, Maggie, Christina
Middle row l-r: Shelby, Jenna, Lizzy, Sydney, Kaitlin, Chloe
Top row l-r: Jordan, Maddie, Spenser, Michelle, Chelsea, Lauren, Kayla, Larry

Members of the four time state champion Mockingbird ’92 girls' soccer team gathered before a recent practice in the spirit wear of their college choices.

Over the last four years this team has travelled nearly 30,000 miles to play matches against teams from twenty-six states and three Canadian provinces.  They have been as far north as Green Bay, WI; west to Sioux Falls, SD, south to Orlando, FL and east to Raleigh, NC.  This week, ten of the ladies plan to sign National Letters of Intent to play collegiate soccer at the Division 1 or Division 2 level while most of the others plan to continue on the pitch at their chosen schools next fall. 

The team members, along with their college plans, include:

 Lauren Boyd  Bellarmine University  Nursing
 Maggie Cohen  Campbellsville University  Nursing
 Sophie Cummins  St. Louis University  Pre Med/Athletic Training
 Sydney Golden  Radford University  Education
 Alex Hoar  University of Cincinnati  Criminal Psychology
 Jordan Hodge  Gardner-Webb University  Sports Administration
 Michelle Holland  University of Richmond  Pre Med
 Chloe Hutchinson  Hanover College  Exercise Science/Physical Therapy     
 Christina Kapsalis              Bellarmine University  Pre Med
 Kayla King  University of Kentucky  Agricultural Bio./Pre med
 Spenser Knauss  Oglethorpe University
 International Affairs
 Lizzy Lemons  Marshall University  Nursing
 Chelsea McCarty  Bellarmine University  Psychology
 Maddie Pitt  Centre College  History
 Jenna Price  Lipscomb University  Pre Med
 Kaitlin Robinett  University of Evansville  Exercise Science/Physical Therapy
 Shelby Thompson  Eastern Kentucky University        Physical Therapy

Rounding out this year’s squad, but not pictured, is Cate Simmermaker currently a freshman who is majoring in Biochemistry and continuing her soccer career at Earlham College.  The core of this team has played together for seven years since being formed in the fall of 2002.

Larry Raible has coached this team for six of these years.  During his coaching career, Coach Raible has been named Kentucky High School Soccer Association Coach of the Year and also Kentucky Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year.   During their U17 season, the girls were coached by Ben Schneweis while he also was General Manager of the Mockingbird Valley Soccer Club.   Ben left to begin graduate school at the University of North Dakota.

Saturday, February 7
Recruiting Update

 Here's the latest recruiting update as of February 28, 2010

 Heather Stilwell  University of Evansville
  NLI Signed
 Kaitlin Robinett
 University of Evansville
  NLI Signed
 Alex Hoar
 University of Cincinnati
  NLI Signed
 Sydney Golden
 Radford University
  NLI Signed
 Lauren Boyd
 Bellarmine University
  NLI Signed
 Chelsea McCarty
 Bellarmine University
  NLI Signed
 Christina Kapsalis
 Bellarmine University
  NLI Signed
 Cate Simmermaker
 Earlham College
 Lizzy Lemons
 Marshall University
  NLI Signed
 Shelby Kincaid  U.S. Military Academy
  Not Playing
 Jordan Hodge  Gardner-Webb University
  NLI Signed
 Kayla King  University of Kentucky
  NLI Signed
 Jenna Price  Lipscomb University
  NLI Signed
 Chloe Hutchinson
 Hanover College

Wednesday, March 12
New York Times Series on College Scholarships

I recently ran across a series of articles from the New York Times about college recruiting that I found very interesting. I have posted them out on the webiste under the "Colleges" section. Look for the New York Times section heading. Some of this you have probably heard from other sources but I found this set of articles to be very informative, comprehensive and well organized. I think you will find it worth your time to at least scan through this material.

You will need to register on the site to have access but it's free and easy to do.

The table "Average Scholarship Amounts by Sport" is particularly interesting. I am on my way out to buy Chloe ice skates!

Monday, March 10

Expectations Lose to Reality of Sports Scholarships
Average Scholarship Amounts by Sport (Scroll down to see the Girls' data)

Tuesday, March 11

Recruits Clamor for More From Coaches With Less.

Number of Scholarships by Sport

Wednesday, March 12

It’s Not an Adventure, It’s a Job.


Sunday, November 23
General College Information

I am going to try to pull together resources that might be useful to all of us as the girls begin their college search and recruting process.

If you have any other links or sites that you think would be helpful to others just let me know and I will add them here. Disclaimer: I have not personally studied all this information so if you see a link that has questionable information please let me know.

College Search:

Here's some sites, in no particular order, that might be helpful in finding colleges that find your specifications:

  1. Peterson's
  2. Princeton Review
  4. Go Higher Kentucky
  5. College Confidential
  6. U.S. Department of Education

Soccer Recruiting:

As best I can determine here's a recap of the number of colleges currently offering women's soccer and the number of scholarships potentially available (not all schools are fully funded).

College Soccer Opportunities
  Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 NAIA
Women's Teams
  2. Season ending Division I RPI
  3. Soccer Buzz recruiting magazine
  4. John Grimm's soccer guide

Other Resources:

Interesting Articles:

I will post articles of interest as I run across them or as others forward them to me.

Check back and revisit this section from time to time. I expect it could grow into a pretty useful resource.

Wednesday, December 10
College Coaches - Games Attended

Click here for a list of all the schools that attended one or more of the matches in Raleigh and / or Orlando in 2208. Schools that were at two or more games are in bold type. There's a total of 138 schools on the list; 33 schools were at more two or more of the games.



The following schools have had representatives at games our girls have played as U16's:

Germantown Invitational - 2007

Central Baptist College - Arkansas Saturday
Centre College Saturday and Sunday
Gardiner-Webb University Saturday
Iowa State Saturday
Jackson State Saturday
Missouri State Saturday
Univeristy of Memphis. Sunday
U. of S. Carolina - Spartanburg Saturday
University of Toledo Saturday and Sunday
Washington & Lee University Saturday
Western Kentucky University Saturday (both games)

Complete list of coaches attending.


Disney Showcase - 2007

Auburn University
Binghamton University
Butler University
Carleton College
Clemson University
Colgate University
Davidson College
Florida State University
Francis Marion Indiana University
Monmouth University
Morehead State University
North Carolina State University
Purdue University
United States Naval Academy
University of Alabama - Birmingham
University of Dayton
University of Georgia
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
University of Memphis
University of Michigan
University of North Carolina
University of Notre Dame
University of South Carolina
University of Tampa
West Virginia University
Western Carolina University

Complete list of coaches attending.

Region II Championships (Game 1)

Germantown Invitational - 2007

Eastern Illinois
Illinois State University
Indiana State University
Lees-McRea College
Northern Illinois University
University of Cincinnati
University of Evansville
University of Illinois
University of Louisville
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri
University of South Carolina
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Valporaiso University

Saturday, January 19
College Soccer – What You Thought You Knew Was Wrong

Sunday, June 6
Logo Test