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Team History

History of the Mockingbird 92 Girls Team

The current Mockingbird U-17 (1992) Girls team has its roots in a U-10 developmental team that was formed in 2001-02 and coached by Marty Minogue. Michelle Holland, Kayla King, and Spenser Knauss were on that original team, while Margaret Baumann and Emma Scott played up for the Mockingbird U-11s.

In 2002-03, the Mockingbird U-11 (92) Girls merged with U-11s from the disbanded Louisville Alliance Futbol Club (LAFC). Larry Raible, who had coached the LAFC team, took over the reins of the newly-combined team and Don Cook was the team manager. Joining the team from LAFC were Meredith Cook, Lizzie Lemmons, Chelsea McCarty, Alex Redman, Katie Skarvan, Melissa Stephen, Katie Taylor, and Ericka Vance. Jordan Hodge came from Javanon and Heather Stillwell and Tory Watson came from Louisville Soccer Alliance (LSA). Chloe Hutchinson joined after playing the previous year in the Mockingbird Indoor program. Meredith Cook left the team after the fall season and Jay Knauss took over as team manager.

Joining the team in 2003-04 were Shelby Kincaid from United and Javanon and Lindsey Shepherd from LSA. The Mockingbird U-12 Girls finished one point behind Lexington to take second place for the fall 2003 KSSL season.

Alex Hoar joined the team in the spring after playing up for the Mockingbird U-13 Girls in the fall. The 92 Girls captured first-place for the spring 2004 KSSL season.

The 2004-05 year brought more changes for the U-13s as Tory moved to Atlanta, Katie Taylor left the team, and Melissa joined the Oldham County Thoroughbreds. Kaitlin Robinette came on board from the Southern Indiana NetSurfers and Cate Simmermaker from Javanon. The U-13 Girls also won first-place for the fall 2004 KSSL season.

Rick Kincaid - April, 2005

The spring season was a bit of a mixed bag as injuries to Alex and Chelsea along with Shelly's bout with mono slowed progress somewhat. However the season ended with a strong showing in the highly competitive Mead Cup over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The U-14 2005-06 year started with Katie Skarvan departing for Holland. Brianna Rowe joined the team after previously playing in Southern Indiana. In the fall we were a little shorthanded on occasion, particularly with Brianna's injury in the first half of her very first game with the team. Starting with sixteen players, and Brianna out for the season with a high ankle sprain and four girls (Cate, Emma, Shelby and Heather) all playing high school soccer left us with a short bench most games.

Spring 2006 was a more successful season as the high school girls were now available all season and we avoided injuries for the most part. Kayla couldn't play goalie for the first two days of the Javanon Cup; Shellie missed a couple of MRL games; and Chloe unfortunately missed playing in the Regionals because of a broken collar bone. In any case after three years of near misses in the State Cup the girls finally broke through for their first, of hopefully many, state championship!

The U-15 season brought more changes as Maddie Pitt and Christina Kapsalis joined from Javanon and Lauren Boyd from the Oldham Thoroughbreds. Brianna's departure left us with a full complement of eighteen players for the upcoming club season after the girls finish their high school play where all the girls were integral parts of their teams' success.

Jim Hutchinson - November 2006

The U-15 season turned out to be the girls most successful season so far.   They continued to progress and became more competitive against the top teams in Region II.

The post high school season was a bit of a mixed bag with a good showing at the Germantown Invitational followed by a somewhat disappointing trip to Raleigh.   The spring season opened with good results at the Vulcan Cup in Birmingham, AL which provided momentum leading to a 4-4-1 record and a very respectable 5th place finish out of ten teams in the MRL Premier League.

The ladies used the experience gained against top level MRL competition to make another run through the Kentucky Open Cup to a repeat State Championship.   This resulted in a berth in the Region 2 Championships in Des Moines where they competed very well in a tough draw that included Ela Elite, the eventual Region 2 champion.

Jim Hutchinson – June 2007

The U-16 year was another extremely successful season as the girls continued to improve relative to their competition and move up in the rankings.   Soccer Girls now has them as 17th in Region II continuing an upward trend over the years.

Frustratingly for the girls, their coaches and their parents this team still can be quite inconsistent.   They opened the fall showcase season going 0-2-1 at Germantown but they were missing Alex, Shelly and Chloe.   They followed with a very successful trip to Orlando over New Year's where they went 2-1-0 against three top 50 teams!   Of course that meant the Region III Showcase was going to be a disappointment, which naturally it was.   However, the girls ended on a high note with their third consecutive State Championship and a great 2-0-1 Regionals where they just missed advancing.

The U-17 season brought more change as Ben Schneweis took over from Larry Raible as coach and Sydney Golden has joined the team replacing Emma Scott who has "retired" from club soccer.  The fall showcase season did not start well as it took some time for the girls to adapt to their new coach and vice versa.   However they slowly began to come together during the MRL season and closed strong with their fourth consecutive state championship and another solid showing at Regionals.   Their 1-1-1 record at Regionals was all the more impressive given that only 14 girls travelled to Sioux Falls and several girls were "playing hurt".   Their loss was to Regional finalist Internationals and the girls were in that game until a very late score by Internationals sealed the defeat.

Jim Hutchinson - June 2009

The U-18 year brings more changes to the roster as Cate, Heather and Shelby graduate and head off to college and Margaret retires to a life of leisure.   Taking their spots on the team are Maggie Cohen, Sophie Cummins, Jenna Price and Shelby Thompson.   Maggie, Jenna and Shelby come from Javanon while Sophie sat out last year.   The year before she played up on the Mockingbird 91 team.   And, a change in leadership again with Larry Raible back as coach replacing Ben Schneweis who returned to North Dakota to go back to graduate school.

Coach Larry U11 (Fall 2002) thru U16 (Spring 2008); U18 (Fall 2009 / Spring 2010)
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Val King, after much cajoling, managed to pin down Larry and write this article. Check it out!

Larry Raible was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the oldest of four children being older brother to three younger sisters. He began playing soccer when he was six years old and graduated St. Xavier High School with a Varsity Letter for his work as midfielder and defender.

His love for soccer continued in college where, after a brief hiatus, he began coaching women’s soccer as assistant coach to his mentor Bob Rodosky. Two years later, he fielded his own team and has been head coach for many different girls’ soccer teams the past 13 years.

Coach Raible was the Head Coach for Atherton Women’s soccer program from 1994 – 1996. In 1997 he began coaching and developing the Eastern High School Women’s soccer program through 1999.

During these years he received the following distinguished awards.
In 1995; Coach Raible was selected as Kentucky High School Soccer Association Coach of the Year. In 1999; Coach Raible was selected Kentucky Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year. Over the past 15 years, Coach Raible has added six State Cup Championships to his resume.

Currently, Coach Raible is at Mockingbird Soccer Club doing what he loves to do, developing women soccer players. He coaches two girl’s competitive teams for the club; U17 and U13. Coach Raible will tell you his love for the game and the kids keeps him motivated. His goal as a coach is to teach the athletes to comprehend the game.

Coach Larry Raible is married. He and his wife Tirzah have a son named Spencer and his younger sister Olive. They currently live in Louisville. Here's a blog Tirzah keeps about their children.

Val King - April, 2005

Sunday, June 29
Coach Ben U17 (Fall 2008 / Spring 2009)

Ben Schneweis transitioned as the new coach of the Mockingbird 92's starting with tryouts for the U17 season. Ben, along with Jonathon, also joined Larry and the girls at Regionals in Rockford. Starting with the fall / winter season Ben will be leading the girls to another successful season hopefully concluding with their fourth consecutive State Championship and first time to advance past group play in Regionals ... no pressure Ben!

Until we subject Ben to a Val Quinkert interrogation, I mean interview, here's a link to Ben's Bio on the Mockingbird club website.



Some highlights from previous seasons ....

Game Data Base

This file contains game by game record of every game the team has played since September 2002. It is in Excel format Summaries are at the bottom of the spreadsheet. If you know Excel you can use filters to do your own analysis.

Handout: Game Data Base - Updated through the 2010 Season (U18)