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Thursday, July 15
General Reference Information

Three pieces of information for those who might be interested or have way too much time on their hands:

  1.  Here's the link to the book if you want to purchase another copy:
  2. Game data base.   Results of all 297 games played
  3. Game reports.  Copies of all the "game reports" published on this site over the years

Thursday, June 17
Jessie Russo Update Article - June 17

Link to Jessie Russo CaringBridge website.


Here's a link to a recent article (June 17, 2010) on Jessie Russo's status and recovery.

Friday, April 16
Alabama crash kills Northern Kentucky teen, five others injured

Link to Jessie Russo CaringBridge website.

Megan Berberich plays for Classics Hammer and also Notre Dame Academy.  Katie Russo used to play for Kings (formerly NKU Cobras).   The articles say seven girls were in the vehicle but only name five so one or both of the other two may play for Hammer also. 

 Cinncinatti Enquirer article.

Thursday, March 18
Sacred Heart Top Five Girls Athletic Program in U.S.

I realize this is the Mockingbird 92 Girls soccer site and not SHA's but five of the 92's played soccer for SHA also:   Chloe, Jenna, Maddie, Spenser and Margaret.   And keeping this in the Mockingbird family, eight of the '93 girls also play for SHA.   Besides the webmaster can put anything he wants on here

Highschoolsports.Net recently named Sacred Heart Academy as one of the nation's top five girls' atheletics programs.

"It is Sacred Heart Academies’ record setting athletic department, coupled with its strong academics and ability to send 99% of it’s graduates to college, that make it a standout on our list. With the class of 2009 being offered over 361 academic and athletic scholarships, Sacred Heart Academy has earned its spot as one of’s top 5 girls athletics schools."

Link to the article and an interview with Donna Moir, Athletic Director.


Wednesday, February 3

Saturday, October 31
Fall Season Message from Coach Larry

Hello Everyone,

I have just a couple of things to cover with you as well as laying out the schedule for the next 6 weeks.

First if you need to contact me you can email me at  Many of you have the old email address but to keep things all in the same place let's try to keep it through the club email.  If you need to call me my cell number is 807-6542.  I will not be texting anyone.  I can read texts but am not quite cool enough to make that a primary means of communication.  If you need to email call or talk to me I am willing to discuss any issue that you may have.   For the majority of you we will start practice this Sunday from 2-3:30 @ Kennedy.   We will practice weekly on Tues Wed and Thurs from 7:15-8:45 at Assumptions field.   Good Luck to our SHA girls next week.

We have scrimmages set for Nov 14 and 15th (2 games each day Carmel on Sat and Cincy on Sunday) and then Raleigh the week following.  The next week is Thanksgiving after which we will have 2 weeks of practice and then Memphis on Dec 12-13.  The only additional practices that may be added are weekend practices next weekend and the weekend of Dec. 6-7. 

I am looking forward to this year of soccer upcoming.  I am excited that I have the opportunity to coach such a talented group of young ladies.  We are a premier level team that will play a schedule that is fitting to our abilities.  We will play this schedule to represent our team and our club and to improve ourselves.  We have 11 girls who have committed to a school, another that is finishing up her freshman year, and a few others who are still finalizing their choice of where to play.  We need to play against the highest level of competition that we can find so we can make sure the girls are ready for their college soccer careers.  As I said in the meeting I do not know of any other way to do it other than all the way.  Any conflicts that do arise please let me know as soon as possible.  Again I am really looking forward to the season.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

See you soon,


Monday, September 28
Ben Schneweis Leaving MVSC (and Mock '92's)

Note below from Ben:


For many professional and personal reasons, I have resigned from my position as General Manager at Mockingbird Valley Soccer Club and will no longer be with the club after Thursday, October 1st. I will be leaving Louisville in the coming weeks to go back to North Dakota and will begin graduate school at the University of North Dakota in January.

I would like to thank all of you for improving my life during my time here in Louisville. Whether you were a team manager at MVSC, a parent in the club, a vendor of the club, or a personal friend of mine, you've all played an important role in my professional and personal life and it's important that I let you know how thankful I am for everything all of you have done for the club and for me.

There will be an official announcement from the club about the new and expanded roles of our full-time staff when the time is right, which will be very soon.

Again, thank you all for everything. Starting on October 1, I can be reached at and 701-740-7332. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything in regards to the club, I'd be happy to help.

All the Best,


Side note from Webmaster:

 Average January High/Low Temperatures:

Louisville, Kentucky                    41 / 21
Grand Forks, North Dakota         15 / -4   (as in minus, negative, below zero!)

Do we need to take up a collection for a heavy winter coat? 

Sunday, September 6
"Alumni" Report

Cate Simmermaker has started off her collegiate career spectacularly.   She has started every game and led the Earlham Quakers to a 3-0 start.   Cate is averaging a goal a game with a score in her first collegiate game and two more in her third game, a 6-2 victory over Lawrence University.   At this rate she will obliterate the Earlham all time scoring record! :)  Also, not confirmed, but I was told she's doing this while playing Left Back!


Wednesday, August 19
2009-2010 Season Plans from Ben Schneweis

Dear 92 Girls and Parents,

I hope that this email finds you all doing well. I'm sure you're all very busy as high school season seems to be in full swing at this point. I just wanted to take a minute to fill you in on our plans for the team this season so you can start to look into travel arrangements and mark events down on your calendar.

We'll start to practice in late October/early November when High School starts to wind down. We'll play it by ear and start to put practices together as more kids become available. Also, we'll have a new assistant coach this year....his name is Matt Cannady, he's a senior at the Bellarmine Men's team. He's been coaching in the club the last two years our 94 boys teams and he's going to help us out as well. Matt is a great young coach and currently holds a USSF D License. You'll get to meet him as we move into the late fall season. I hope to have some sort of meeting/dinner/get together as we kick things off in a couple months.

We are planning on going back Raleigh, which is November 20-22. We feel it's the best showcase for us to go to in terms of competition as well as exposure for the players on the team who are still not committed. We will play against the 93s at least once before we go and I plan on playing at least one more friendly game before we head to NC to help us prepare.

The second Late Fall event we plan on attending is in Memphis (Germantown Invitational, December 12-13). We have sent teams there in the past and we feel like it's a great event for us in terms of distance, competition and distance to travel.

Jay is submitting the applications now and we'll start to have hotel info in late September/early October.

We will have winter training in January and February, at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. That schedule will be released in December.

Since we're playing at Ohio Elite in February again, we'll see more indoor time than most teams, and hopefully be able to get outside for a few sessions and a scrimmage on the Assumption field before we go. Ohio Elite Showcase is the last weekend in February again. For the competition and distance, it's a great event for us.

We'll be playing MRL again, and we'll look to schedule at least one game here in Louisville (hopefully at Assumption), and potentially even two. We'll look to play MRL games at the Crossroads event in Indianapolis, which is in late April. Blue Chip does not have U18, so we won't be attending that again. Indy Dynamo hosts a round robin with some typically quality teams in the third week of March, and we'll look into playing at that as well. That gives us one event per month in the spring season, and we'll fill in MRL games around those events. Obviously we'll be playing at State Cup in May and plan on going to Regionals in June, which are in Dayton, Ohio (great news).

That's the basic plan....we will look to train at Assumption as much as we can again, but though it may require each family to pay a bit extra. I think it's the right thing to do; it's clear to me that training on a high quality surface helped our team tremendously. I certainly wish our fields were up to standard, but as they get used more and more, it gets harder and harder to get a proper training session in out at Kennedy. If you have a problem with this, I'm happy to discuss it privately. It won't be a tremendous amount of money, as the Club will help pay for some as well....probably around $50-75 per family for the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Feel free to call or email.


Sunday, August 2
Welcome Jenna, Maggie and Shelby!

Welcome to our new players Jenna Price, Maggie Cohen and Shelby Thompson.

Jenna, daughter of Dave and Lori Price, is a senior at Sacred Heart along with Maddie, Spenser, Marge and Chloe.   Jenna has verbally committed to Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.   Jenna played for Javanon her last two club seasons.

If anyone has similar information on Maggie and Shelby please pass it on.


Saturday, January 12

Date: February 4, 2008 at 7 PM

Location: Holiday Inn Hurstborne 1325 S Hurstborne Pkwy

Mockingbird Valley Soccer Club would like to invite all current high school aged players and parents to attend this college recruiting seminar, hosted by Jonathan Velotta (Club Director) and Ted Nichols (co-owner of MVSC). The seminar will include a presentation on the following items:

  • The College Recruiting Process Finding the Right School
  • How to Gain Exposure
  • When to Start the Process
  • What Material to Send to Coaches
  • Role of the Parent and the Player
  • College Recruiting Service Companies

Monday, December 10

Saturday, June 14
"Better by the Dozen"
Better by the Dozen
This picture was published in the June 13, C-J Neighborhoods section.   Click on the link above for the accompanying article.

Saturday, June 9
What does it take to be a Champion?
Click the link above to find out.

Thanks to Judy Hoke @ ...

Monday, April 23
100th Victory!!!!
Larry - 100th
Coach Larry and the girls achieved an important milestone this past weekend during MRL Premier play with their 4 – 2 victory over the Cleveland Internationals. This was the 100th victory this group has recorded since the team was formed four and half years ago in the fall of 2002, their U-11 season.   The first win was August 31, 2002 at the Dayco Tournament in Dayton, OH. Unfortunately this victim will forever remain anonymous as I have the scores of the three games played but have been unable to find the team names.

Probably their most meaningful victory to date was their 1-0 win against LFC Premier in the 2006 Kentucky State Cup championship game.    Some other exciting victories that I can recall:

* A 4-3 win against Javanon (sorry Maddie and Christina) where they came back from two goal deficits twice and won in the last seconds on header goal by Jordan.
* Also from 2006 State Cup; the 4-0 semi-final victory over Northern Kentucky, although everyone should remember the game was much closer than the score indicates.

Other notable victories include twelve against regionally ranked teams: 2-1 over Brentwood Beat (R3-38) at the 2003 United Cup; 1-0 versus Citadel (R2-49) at the 2003 Veterans Invitational; 4-1 against the Lady Kicks (R3-50) at the 2004 Brentwood Adidas Invitational; 2-1 over Lakota (R2-52) at 2004 Dayco (Mead) , Dynamo (R2-32) 1-0 in semis at Louisville Cup 2005; 2-1 Classics Hammer (R2-16) Murray Cup 2005;   3-1 Blast (R2-54), Javanon Cup 2006, 3-2 Lakota, 1-0 Dynamo again in spring 2006 MRL; 3-0 Richmond Mystic (R1-28), 3-1 Clinton Rage (R3-29) and lastly Dynamo again earlier today 2-1 in MRL play.

Three victories lead to tournament championships, Murray Cup U12 Gold Division, Memorial Day, 2004; the Bluegrass Invitational Tournament spring 2006 and the KY State championship also in spring 2006.

Here’s a recap of the season records:






8 - 8 - 4   

10 -10 - 3   

18 -18 - 7   



14 - 5 - 8   

14 - 3 - 7   

28 - 8 -15   



14 - 8 - 6   

15 - 6 - 2   

29 -14 - 8   



6 -10 - 5   

13 - 7 - 2   

19 -17 - 7   



2 - 2 - 2   




Congratulations girls and Coach Larry ---

Looking forward to the 200th win … get to work girls!

100th - Team

Sunday, November 11
"Gold or Yellow?"
When the girls wear their other than white jerseys are they wearing gold or yellow?   Ever since ...

Thursday, June 8
Kudos to the Defense!
I recently scanned back through the tournament write ups I've done this spring and noticed that I've been focused ...

Secret Plan Revealed
Secret Weapon
For those of you who have been wondering why Larry is only carrying sixteen girls this year especially with Emma not playing this Fall and now with Breanna hurt. The mystery has been solved as you can see our two new guest players who will be joining most of the team's games this fall ... at least when there's not a conflict with the U.S. Women's National team schedule. They look a little older than U-14 but kids seem to grow up faster these days. I just hope that Lilly kid doesn't take any p/t from my daughter!

Seriously, thanks to Jay and Stephanie Hodge who provided this photo which was taken at the U of L Women's Soccer Kick Off dinner last month. The "guest players" are Kate Markgraff (left) and Kristine Lilly (right), captain of the U.S. National team.

Sunday, February 26
Scoring Recap - Fall 2005 Season
The girls scored 31 goals in 21 games this past fall season. Click to see the details by player.

They ...

Monday, July 17
Scoring Recap - Spring 2006 Season
The girls scored 46 goals in 22 games in the Spring 2006 season. Click to see the details by player.

They ...

Saturday, July 5
Scoring Recap U15 Year
The girls scored 9 goals in 6 games in the Fall and 37 goals in 22 games in the Spring for a total of 46 goals ...

Friday, October 17
Ask the Ref

Friday, October 31
Practice Gear Requirements
This fall the club has implemented new practice gear requirements. The yellow t-shirt you received at tryouts will serve as your practice t-shirt. Players are to wear the yellow shirt with black shorts and black socks to each practice. If you would like more yellow shirts, they can be purchased at the club for $7 each. To save yourself a trip, just let me know how many and what size and I'll bring them to training. We may expand to different colors of shorts and socks since most of you will have white or green for example, but for now, please wear yellow-black-black. If you have any questions or any issues regarding the uniforms, please contact me.

Monday, November 23
Email from Coach Larry - November 23
As I told the girls this weekend we will be off this week for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I would like to the girls to get in 2 runs this week.  One run will be a 20 min run---Run for 1 min 30 sec accelerate to a sprint for 30 Sec repeat ten times and the 20 min run will be over.  The second run will be a 3 mile run. Run at 2 miles hard (send me the time in an email by Friday) and finish out the third mile--still running not walking.  We will practice this weekend Sat from 12-2 and Sunday from 2:30-4:30 both @ Kennedy.  We will be doing some fitness at both practices this weekend. See you this weekend and please send the emails by Friday.

Monday, September 27
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