mvp's : Welcome

Welcome To The MVP Club Website!

welcome we have been waiting a long time to get a website, but it's here now please venture into every spot and be sure to check-up for updates, games, practices, and events. thank you for reading this message and now go look at this awsome website!

Your child should have a MVP Team Sign Up Sheet and the magazines for the fall. If you are confused about what the magazines are for, they are for our fundraiser and on this website you can buy or renew a huge variety of magazines like ones for kids, or money, cooking, home and decor, sports, cars and so many more! So I must have the sign up sheet back by friay the 30th the last day of september., and the magazines back by October 16. And be sure to check out our CALENDER so you know when and where our practice and games are. We are also trying to reach a goal of $200 dollars to be able to have our team equpment. We ask that if your child plays that paticular sport that we use their equpment until further notice.

Here is the story of how this started. Okay so, Virgil Minnick came up with the MVP Club at school. Then about a year later I (Kendall Saulsby) came up with having sports. Ever sense then e have been trying to find a place to manage and make a website. We are both to kids trying to manage this by ourselves our parents giving us some support and so far it has been a succsess. I would really like to thank Virgil for coming up with such a great club.