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Tuesday, November 10


Please visit our new website at  www.menifeevalleylittleleague.org

Monday, June 2

Challenger Baseball is for children ages 4 to 22, who have special needs and just want to play a sport where they can just be kids and enjoy themselves for an afternoon of Americas favorite pastime... BASEBALL!!! 

MVLL is proud to say we do not charge anything for your player to get out there and join our team.  We supply the uniform from the hat all the way down to the socks..... All they need is a glove and a smile!!!  (and we also have some gloves to use as well if need be)

This is our 3rd year of Challenger Baseball, after not having it for about 10 years....  a couple of board members saw a need and a passion for this division and pursued it, and are still going strong......

If you or someone you know might be interested in playing Challenger Baseball, please contact amy.frahn@yahoo.com

We would LOVE to have you!!!