Multisports Orange County (CA): News: Travel Race Suggestions for MSOC Athletes

Tuesday, August 26
Travel Race Suggestions for MSOC Athletes

What to wear on the plane 

Team Apparel - Show your team colors at all functions.  Please bring 1-2 MSOC shirts and wear them at pre and post-race functions and before and after the race. 


Compression Socks - These will help keep swelling down and you legs fresh for the race.  

Race tips  

1. Try and keep your routines as close as you can to what you are used to at home. If you do a specific warm-up or have some daily rituals, do them. The less changes you have to ask your body to handle the better. 

2. Plan on the day after traveling to the race to have a very easy day, so you can recover from traveling. So many athletes get sick two days before a race because their immune system is overloaded from travel and excitement. Eat more fruit race week to boost your immune system and keep your other systems regular. 

3. Stay hydrated by drinking water on the plane. If you don't have to get up and go to the bathroom on the plane a few times you are not drinking enough.  

4. By the time you arrive at the race all your training is finished. You only need to familiarize yourself with the course, transition areas, and keep your legs feeling good with easy workouts interspersed with short quick speed bursts.  

5. Avoid walking around to much the last two days before the race. We always want to see this and rush here and there but try your best to keep this to a minimum. NO blisters or walk weary legs now. 

6. Keep race sharp by avoiding long slow workouts. Instead complete shorter speedier repeats - 90 seconds or less in your rides and runs.  

7. Last point - It is always better to begin a race slightly under-trained that over-trained. You can mess up an entire season of hard work by doing too much the last seven days before your race. 

Michael Collins
Head Coach
Multisports Orange County