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Mike Demonstrates Pose
Coach Mike demonstating Pose

Pose Level 4 Certified Running Coach Michael Collins offers Pose Running Technique ( ) Clinics for  CrossFit athletes.

If you would like to schedule him to visit your CrossFit location contact him via email with possible dates.

Details of the Running Clinic:
This workshop was created to assist athletes who are frustrated by nagging injuries and looking to run faster, enjoy running more, and stay injury free. This workshop is appropriate for ALL levels of runner from novice to highly competitive. If you have a minor or serious injury that affects your running then you need to be there!  The objective of the workshop is to introduce participants to ways to eliminate injuries, improve balance, strength, flexibility and coordination which will allow for proper running mechanics.

Clinic Program Includes:

  • Video analysis of running (Before and after instruction)
  • Dealing with current injuries (How to get healthy faster and return to training).
  • Running technique instruction (Teaching the details of Pose Method® of Running).
  • Strength and flexibility training for injury resistance and maintaining correct form.
Here are some of the CrossFit locations he has worked at:
CrossFit Newport Beach, CA
CrossFit Los Angeles
Brand X - Ramona, CA
CrossFit San Diego 
CrossFit Atlanta
CrossFit South County - Aliso Viejo
CrossFit by Overload - Murrietta, CA 
Front Range CrossFit - Denver, CO 
Military Stations:
Camp Pendleton Marine Base
Navy Seal Center - Coronado, CA 

Mike Running