Here are some quotes from athletes who are in the Multisports OC program, have attended a camp or clinic, or taken a technique lesson.


As a massage therapist and an occasional triathlete/runner, I've taken Michael Collins' Pose classes and recommended them to MANY of my clients who complain of pain after running. I can't fix a problem if someone keeps re-injuring themselves because of a flawed gait. His program is comprehensive, and gives VERY individualized attention. You see videos of yourself, before and after. The progress is obvious to the eye, and to the body, when it doesn't hurt any more!!

Kathy Flippin, NCTMB


"I have to say a HUGE thank you to my swim coach Michael Collins for all the help he's given me on the swim. He came to Cabo to support several of the Nova Masters swimmers also and swam with us yesterday and gave us great tips. I had his voice in my mind throughout the swim and it helped me keep my form. I wanted him to be proud of my time and it was such a joy to see him at the swim finish!! He was also incredibly helpful to me on the run course and encouraged me to keep widening the gap with the Brazilian who was trying to chase me down. I look forward to continued improvement on my swim between now and Kona. THANKS MIKE, YOU ARE THE BEST SWIM COACH ON THE PLANET!!!"

Sherry R.
(1st place 50-54F IM Los Cabos 2014)


The race went well today. Travis placed 6th overall and 1st in the 1 - 18 male age group with his time of 1:22.40, 6:18 average pace. It was a 4 minute PR for him, and the 1:22 time moved him into the sub-elite category for this race, so it was a good day. Thanks for your help with his form and strategy.



Just a quick note to tell you that I was truly amazed by the difference in recovery time on the hills that I ran today. I felt like the downhill was getting stronger and easier to keep my strides compact, light and quick underneath me. Thank you so much for all that you have taught me so far. I look forward to learning and growing much more with my running!



Thanks a lot for the quick session last Friday. It definitely helped out quite a bit, especially with perception and really pointed out what I need to work on.. I hope to meet up again sometime soon for some more coaching help. Thanks,



"Michael Collins has been both coaching and racing longer than nearly anyone in the sport. Few have combined experience with elite professional racing, nearly two decades of coaching, and extensive writing as has Collins. When Michael was in peak condition, he could battle it out with the top professionals in the world. He was strong in all three events and knowledgeable about technique, training principles and competitive strategy. Few will forget the day he amassed a massive lead out of the water at the Huntington Beach triathlon by gauging the direction of the rip tide and starting 200 meters down the beach from the other pros! I highly recommend his Multisports Orange County program"

Brad Kearns, former U.S. National Champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete


I just wanted to thank you for choosing a perfect race for my first triathlon yesterday. It was local and one of the team events. I had so much fun. Everyone in Multisport helped and supported me for this race. I really appreciate it. My swim was a lot better than I expected, T1 was not too bad. The rubber band trick worked well. :) The bike ride was OK. I did not fall, so that was good. My shoes fell when I put my feet out from the shoes, so I had to stop and get my right shoe. That was bummer. Run was great. I passed so many athletes and I could finish strong.

Thank you as always for your support and coaching!

- Mari
(12th out of 39 in 40-44 in her 1st race ever)


Hey.. I just wanted to say thanks for such a great summer. I don't know that I thought I would have done 6 triathlons, 3 aquathlons and a swim meet, where I had never even dove off a block before, in just the short amount of time I was here in Orange County! I can't believe that I learned to swim in the ocean (or a pool), rode a bike with clips and met such a great group of people!

I am so grateful to have been a part of both NOVA and Multisports OC and to have been able to work out with not only great athletes, but awesome people...

Thanks for making my summer such a fun one...



I was sitting around thinking about what I am doing, why, where I was, and where I am now, and just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the help you have given me over the past year.

Its amazing that I have come from basically an overweight couch potato, to completing a 1/2 Ironman in about 10 months. Before this all started I didn't know what clipless pedals were or aero bars, I would have thought Lace Locks were something for a virgin bride, and bricks were building materials.

I remember Mike telling me to run with a 90+ turnover, I seriously thought you were kidding. I didn't think that was possible. Now I see I run 90+ consistently. My legs have changed, and the muscles work differently.

I am amazed that I am able to push myself for 6+ hours, and I was able to really push myself for the Desert Tri for 2.5 hours.

Working with customers all day I know it most of the time all I hear are complaints. So I wanted to say thank you. What you have helped me achieve I could not have done on my own.

Bill B.


Thanks for being there today. I was definitely more motivated. I can already visualize so many things to work on but having you guys as coaches is what really made my first race a good one.

Thanks much!



You have done an absolute A+ job coaching me since january '05. I feel like I am as prepared both mentally and physically as I can be. Nothing more you could have done as my coach.   I am in perfect condition to do my best race. If I don't do an "impressive" time, it won't be your fault or anyone elses unless I do something really bone headed (which still is possible!).

Jeff "Bones" Brown

(Note: Jeff, 44, successfully completed the 2005 Ironman Florida in 10:15, in his first season of doing triathlons.)


Thank you for helping me train for the Ralph's 1/2 ironman. I started the race with a comfortable 29 min swim, then followed that with a 2:49 bike (which felt very good), but fell apart in the run with a 2:00 hr run. I was initially very disapointed because I felt so good going into the run, but 1 mile into it and I had major stomach problems. I wound up running to each aid station where I would immediately go to the porta pottie (sometimes waiting in line UUURGH). But, I finished despite the problems in 5:29 and am happy to not have given up.

I very much appreciate the work that you put into the program enabling us to perform at our best (within our time restraints). The hill repeats worked and I felt very strong throughout the ride.




Just wanted to say thanks for the great lesson a few weeks ago. Since I broke my collarbone 3 months ago I hadn't been swimming much but after the lesson I went from the 1:50 lane (long course) back down to my 1:35 lane in two days with my new stroke!

Thank you!!!



I just wanted to let you know that the swimming class has been great. I think the combination of classroom videos and in-pool drills and coaching have been VERY beneficial. The locker room chatter that I've heard from some of the other participants echoes my sentiments.




Thank you so much for the highlights and the strengthening program. I don't think I've ever had such complete coaching.



I wanted to thank you again for that running lesson. My running feels so much better and smoother now. I know I mentioned it already, but at last year's Desert Triathlon I ran 9:01/mi. At the California Half, I ran 9:50/mi. And then, after one lesson and 2-weeks of practicing and drills, I ran 7:41/mi at this year's Desert -- all that including walking through all 6 aid stations, running in and out of the finish area on the 1st lap, and stopping to check on a lady who fell. The sky's the limit!



I am an IRONMAN!! Thanks for all your help in the past six months. I may not have trained harder, but I definately trained smarter!! I finished in 13:41. The swim was 1:09, which is better than my previous best at a half ironman doubled. As recently as IMCA I did a 38 on the swim. I just kept an even, steady pace, not too hard, not too eary and worked my way through the packs. I felt strong the entire ride (and comfortable). I fueled well. I may have "overhydrated" (I peed SIX times on the bike...getting old sucks), did 6:42 on the bike (but my computer said the stops hurt my time). I felt really good off the bike onto the run (used my tempo trainer). At the end of the race I felt FABULOUS. Everyone else looked like they were going to die, but I felt great. The biggest surprise of all was my recovery. I felt strong all week, never did have a time where I felt like I had just done an IM.

Thanks again for all your help. I know my performance was better for it.



Thanks Michael!! I'm looking forward to being a regular at the Tuesday workouts. I've never enjoyed quite the humor at a track workout as I do with that group! More importantly, I appreciate the learning about technique and the warm-up and stretching exercises that other running groups do not place enough (if any) importance on.



Looking back on the year, I was really pleased with the progress I made in Triathlon and you helped me tremendously. You are a walking Tri-encyclopedia, and you transfer that knowledge very well. I think your patience with people (especially in the pool is great---I couldn’t do it!).

You really helped me learn to swim (somewhat!), my transitions are very fast because of your instruction, and you have me believing that I can accomplish a lot more in this interesting sport.



I just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the help you provided me and my swimming. I came into this group swimming like a fish. Some of my teammates asked me how many years I’d been swimming! I gave you so much credit – you’re ears should have been burning.

I miss your coaching – the group here is so big, its hard for the coaches to give attention like you did. I remember almost everything you taught me though.

Stacy K


Here's what a few people have said after being fit on their bike for triathlons:

"I did my bike fitting with Mike at Edge. Really cool still pics and video of you riding compared to triathlete greats. The best hour investment you can make into improving your riding." - Leon Laub

"I had Mike fit me on my bike...It made a BIG differnce. It is WELL worth it to have someone with his knowledge get you set up correctly. I averaged almost 21 mph in my ironman in Florida." - Larry Davidson