Multisports Orange County (CA): Events & Clinic Info: YOUTH & JUNIOR TRAINING, RACING & CAMPS

Jack L on bike
Jack L. nearing T2

Multisports Orange County offers technique instruction, training programs, coaching, and clinics, for developing younger athletes ages 8-18 in addition to adults. The emphasis is on teaching the skills of sport (swimming, cycling, and running, & transitions) BEFORE emphasizing the training aspect. Lessons and Practices have an empahsis on learning, safety, and fun. Many of our group practices allow adults and their children to train together - which is a great positive bonding experience to have with your children.

Contact Coach Collins to set up an initial technique evaluation and goals review. From there  a plan can be established for the long term development of the athlete.

Here are two outstanding articles by Brad Kearns, owner of that descibes many of our beliefs in fitness and training for kids:

ARTICLE: Pure Motivation and Natural Potential for Kids

ARTICLE: Promoting Children's Fitness