Mulberry Dixie Youth: FAQs

Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions


Who is allowed to play Dixie Youth Baseball and Softball?

Any child, regardless of skill level, from the ages of 4-15for boys.  Boys must be at least 4 years old and no older than 15 years old before April 30, 2013.  Girls ages 4-18 may play.  Girls must be at least 4 years old and no older than 18 by December 31, 2012.

We have several divisions, which are based on age, ranging from Tee-Ball all the up way to Dixie Boys Baseball and Belles softball.

We have enjoyed some recent success in the past couple of seasons with 4 teams making it all the way to the state level and 1 team making it all the way to the Dixie Youth World Series!

Why have your player play at Mulberry Dixie Youth?

There are several reasons that many choose to play at Mulberry Dixie Youth.

Because we offer both softball and baseball, families with both boys and girls can enjoy watching their players compete at one facility. Many parents with multiple players can easily go from game to game by simply walking to the other fields instead of driving to multiple locations and worrying about missing any of the action.

Since Mulberry Dixie Youth is a smaller league the oportunity for your child to partcipate is greater than that of other leagues. We try our very best to keep team rosters minimal, usually no more than 12 player to a team, in order to ensure that every player gets their fair share of playing time.

Dixie Youth Baseball and Softball strives to be safe. All players are required to wear necessary protective equipment, to include facemasks on batting helmets. The playing rules are also designed to keep the players' and coaches' safety in mind.

What is the cost to play Dixie Youth Baseball and Softball?

We cost much less than most other leagues in the area to play ball in our league. The registration fee to play is $60 per player, a discount will be given to families registering multiple children and/or bringing a new player to the league with you to signups.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers administrative, insurance, and affiliation fees as well as the cost of the uniform shirt and cap and end of year trophies. 

The parent of the player is required to purchase pants, belt, and socks (as well as any other equipment you feel may be necessary) Player only needs to have their own glove to participate. The league provides the team manager with batting helmets and catchers gear.

When does the season begin?

After registration is closed try-outs will be held. Don't worry, every child that signs up to play will be placed on a team via a coaches draft.

Practices will start the week after try-outs. There will be 2 practices per week.

After practice season comes to an end, the regular season begins, usually early to mid-march. There will be two games played per team each week. We play during the week, except for Wednesday nights.

The regular season runs through the end of May. At the conclusion of the regular season there are League Championship Tournaments(if necessary), City All-Stars, and from there, the best of the best are chosen to play on the District All-Star Team which participates in tournaments against teams from other leagues.

Are your coaches certified?

Yes. All Managers, coaches, and anyone who is in the dugout or on the field must be certified through the National Youth Sports Coaching Association and must submit to a background check.

Are the games umpired?

Yes. All games at all levels are officiated by umpires that have been certified through Dixie Youth Baseball and Softball.

How can I get involved?

There are several opportunities to be involved in league activities. We are always looking for volunteers ranging from coaches, team moms, concessions, to board members.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Just click on the Board link in the top menu. There you will find phone numbers and e-mail addresses for all active board members and they will be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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How are teams chosen?

What happens next?

Tryouts. For those that are unfamiliar with the tryout process, your questions will be answered here.

How do tryouts work?

Every player in every division is required to tryout. Tryout dates, places, and times are listed below, as well on the websites calendar. Tryouts are separated by division. Team managers will be on hand with a roster of currently registered players. Each player will be evaluated in different catergories to include; fielding, throwing, hitting, running, and for divisions that have player pitchers, pitching. Each player will be given a score in each category which will determine where each manager will rank them for the draft.

What happens if I don't tryout or miss the tryout?

Every player will be placed on a team regardless of their performance at the tryout or if they missed the tryout. In order to prevent "stacking" of teams, those that did not tryout will not be on the draft board, but have their names be put into a hat to be drawn once all "draft eligible" players are taken.

How does the draft work?

The draft works similar to a fantasy football draft, to use an example. All the managers will at the beginning of the draft draw numbers for draft position. After the first round of the draft is complete, the order is shuffled each round by a predetermined draft schedule. The individual managers will pick one player per round based on the data that they collected from the tryouts. Once all "draft eligible" players have been picked, the players that did not tryout will then be drawn from a hat. The manager is able to retain their own child for their team, if they have one, and may retain two coaches and their players. The rest of the team is done by draft. This had been proven to be the fairest way to pick teams in order to keep the league competitive.

When will I find out what team my player is on?

Managers will have their rosters immediatly and should call their players to inform them of what team they are on that day. If you do not here from a coach by Sunday evening, just click the BOARD link at the top menu and you may contact a board member. We will be more than happy to find out the information for you. When will we find out when practices are? The manager will be given their practice schedule at the end of the draft and will let you know when the first practice starts at the time they contact you to inform you what team your player has been chosen for.

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