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Saturday, August 11

RAINOUTS - Managers/Coaches that are visiting another field need to contact the opposing Manager for rainout information. If you are playing at Mt Tabor, please call our rainout line at 503-256-4071 for updated information.



As we start into our 2012 Fall Season , we look forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as new leagues joining us for the Fall Season. Fall Ball is all about continuation of skill building and fun. Fall is a more laid back program with games only on Sunday's. Some coaches choose to practice while others put in extra time before games to keep your family commitment to one day a week. Hope you can join us for the Fall!



If you are playing with a particular coach, please make sure to let us know so we can place you with them.

NO REFUNDS on Registration

***Our league is run completely by volunteers. No one receives any salary or monetary benefit from working in the league. Due to this we need lots of help to run Mt Tabor successfully! If you would like to Coach, be a team parent, work in the snack shack, etc we would welcome your help!  Please fill out the 2012 Volunteer Form and return to Summar via email if you didn't fill one out for Mt Tabor in regular season ***

If you have any questions, please email Summar at or call at 503-206-9138. 

Our Season RAINOUT LINE - 503-256-4071

Handout: Registration Form 2012

Friday, March 23
Mt Tabor/Montavilla Merge

To the Families and Players of Mt Tabor Little League
It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we announce plans to move forward with a merger between Mt Tabor and Montavilla Little League to be completed in the 2013 season.
Over the past few months, our boards have reviewed ways in which we can improve our league in the face of many challenges – player attrition due to other sports like lacrosse, soccer, competing leagues, and increased fees to permit Park and School fields, and a struggling economy. For many years, the current boundaries haven’t aligned with elementary and middle school boundaries creating added strain for families whose players would like to play with their classmates.
With these considerations in mind, each league plans to select and create a committee to work cohesively, pool resources, and work towards a mutually beneficial conclusion: merge our leagues so that we can build one united league and work together to build the best brand of baseball and softball for our neighborhood, schools, and community in Southeast Portland. This will also remove the restraint that several of our players have faced by allowing our families that attend the same schools and live in the same neighborhoods to play together.
As many of you know, Mt Tabor and Montavilla both have proud histories and strong traditions, and with this merger we plan to build on these traditions. Each league could continue to stand on its own, however together we can be so much more. We now can come together as one cohesive league to enjoy the benefits and camaraderie of pooled financial resources, create more competitive teams, remove residency limitations, build a larger pool of volunteers, have a bigger base for community sponsors, provide more economical fields for permitting practice/games through Parks, and enable us to have the best possible league in which our children can participate.
This merger cannot happen overnight and we have a lot of work ahead of us but we are excited for the outcome for our players and community. For the 2012 season, both leagues will be governed by their existing boards and support their families with their financial base, however we will be combining our teams at all levels of play in both baseball and softball. This combination begins our transition to one league. This combination allows classmates in school to finally play on each other’s team, allows a larger pool of talented coaches to work with our children and begins the positive mingling of our families and community. Our softball divisions have been experiencing this positive combination for over two years during All-Stars as our two leagues have successfully brought the girls together, practiced, and competitively played at tournament bringing home TWO District Championships that we proudly sent off to State. In the 2011 season, our combine “Triple Threat” 10-11 Softball Team consisting of players from Lents, Montavilla and Mt Tabor brought us home a State Championship. We have seen the success of combo teams and look forward to bringing them to our 2012 regular season where our players, we hope, will see the benefits of better competitive edge like our girls have seen in tournament.
The merger will obviously come with some challenges and possible road bumps but we ask that everyone work with us, together, to blend our traditions and families. Please remain patient as we move forward with this process but we also welcome your input and involvement during this exciting time. The future is very bright for our league and our kids. We have a future of some of the most economically permitted fields in the Portland area, we have great volunteers, amazing sponsors, the potential for an increase in registration with our strength as one league allowing us to continue to have a great Little League experience for your families for years to come.
Respectfully yours,
Summar Lancaster
Mt Tabor Little League President

Land O Frost
Sunday, January 9
A BIG thank you for our League Sponsor.....Land O' Frost!!!

For many years Mt Tabor has been honored and priviledged to have Land O' Frost as a League Sponsor. The assistance our league is provided by this great company helps in supplying the best uniforms and fields for our children! Coupons for Land O' Frost great tasting lunchmeats can be found at our Mt Tabor Snack Shack or follow the link provided for more offers.

Land O’Frost has sponsored over 275,000 children in youthsports leagues across the country since the program began in 2002.  Our motivation to grow this program inthe future is fueled by the energy we see in children and their familiesparticipating together in healthy, well-rounded experiences.  We would like to make a stronger effortto better communicate and be more closely involved with the leagues, theparents, and the children wearing Land O’Frost jerseys.  By inviting the leagues to post a speciallink on their own websites, we hope to build successful directcommunication.  The link will takeparents to a special page on the Land O’Frost website that is only accessibleby that link.  The information weare requesting includes name, complete mailing address, email address ifavailable, and league name.

Our intent is to offer parents more information about LandO’Frost and our youth sports mission. We will send special savings opportunities along with promotionalannouncements primarily via mail and occasionally via email.  The initial mailing will include acoupon for a free package of lunchmeat, followed by cents-off couponsthroughout the year.  Special offerswill also include a yearly gift for each child whose parent has signed up forinclusion in this program.  Thecommunications will occur at least quarterly and no more than monthly.

Land O’Frost absolutely will not share this information withany other company or party.  It issolely for our purpose of building stronger relationships directly with theleagues and parents of the children we support.

The sponsorship of youth sports programs has been a richlyrewarding experience for our company. We are grateful for the continuing opportunity to give back to deservingcommunities and to help keep children involved in positive character-buildingactivities.  We believe that at theheart of any worthwhile endeavor, in business and in life, there should begenerosity and good will.  Inkeeping with this philosophy, Land O’Frost seeks to deepen our relationshipwith leagues, parents, and children by more frequent and directcommunication.    Thankyou for the opportunity to be more involved with the families that participatein youth sports activities with your league and your assistance in this endeavor.

This is the link you can thread to the buttonwe’ve provided.

Dicks logo
Sunday, February 26
Dick's Sporting Goods Sponsorship

A special Thank You to Dick's Sporting Goods for their generous donations of team equipment and baseballs/softballs to the league this season! Not only were we provided with team donations but also a $750 gift card for use on other equipment needed to fill any gaps this season for the teams. 
Handout: 2012 Dick's Coupon

Wednesday, January 5
2012 Boundary Map

Sunday, February 26
Would you like to Sponsor a Team for the League?

Mt Tabor can always use more sponsors. We try to have a sponsor for every team. Your sponsorship can help the kids with new equipment and field updates!
Handout: 2012 Sponsorship Letter

Friday, March 2
Mt Tabor Little League