Mt Rainier Baseball Association Babe Ruth Division: Welcome

Wednesday, November 21
Have A Safe And Happy Holiday Season

Upcoming 2013 Season

Practices begin February 11th.

Coaches and volunteers are needed!!

14U Players stay tuned for information from Coach Jeff

New 14U players please send contact information that we will forward to Coach Jeff

13U Coaches are NEEDED.

Have a fun and think SUN!!! 

MRBA Babe Ruth Baseball is a division of Mount Rainier Baseball Association.  For information regarding MRBA please see that site at

MR Babe Ruth is in need of volunteers to help build a successful organization as well as a successful season.  We need a President of Babe Ruth who will sit on the MRBA board as a vice president. 

Junior Babe Ruth Baseball (Ages 13 - 15)
In this MRBA highest competitive division, players have the strongest skills at their position. They have probably chosen baseball as one of their top 2 favorite sports. They continue refining their fundamental skills by working closely with coaches and trainers. They know and understand advanced game strategy. A player at this level will have the desire to play 2 or 3 games per week and Tournaments on some weekends. The game is played under Official Baseball Rules on a 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet. Players are allowed to lead off, stealing is allowed and dropped 3rd strike is played. Regulation games consist of seven innings. The Babe Ruth Division was designed to address a void from the younger Cal Ripken majors and other opportunities in local communities. This division will allow pre-formed teams within the league and player evaluations will be used to complete or form new teams. Two umpires from a professional umpire association will officiate all MRBA league games. There are several post-season opportunities in this division.

    *All players who desire to play at this level and do not have a team, must attend the Babe Ruth try outs.

 The MRBA boundary is:

If you live within these school district boundaries, you are eligible to play in the

Babe Ruth 13 - 15 divisions of MRBA:

Enumclaw  - White River  - Carbonado  - Dieringer  - Auburn  - Tahoma

If you live in the Sumner School District, you MUST live within the Bonney Lake High School Catchment Area to be eligible.  If you live in the Sumner High School Catchment Area, please contact the Puyallup Cal Ripken league.  Their website link can be found in the MRBA Links page.



The field conditions are updated around 3:30pm on the weekdays

and 2 hours before the first game on the weekends.


(Sunrise, Southwood, Montgomery, MacFarland, EHS Practice Fields)


This line will be updated by 4pm on the weekdays

and 1 1/2 hours before game time on the weekends.