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Mt. Rainier Baseball Association - Cal Ripken League:FAQ's

Mt. Rainier Baseball Association - Cal Ripken League

Who determines whether the fields are unplayable?
Enumclaw Parks makes the determination.  MRBA has no input on the playability of the fields.

Who is responsible for rescheduling games?
Our scheduler is responsible for rescheduling league games.  When make-up games need to be scheduled our scheduler contacts Enumclaw Parks for a list of available fields and dates.  The list is often short due to the high demand for fields in our area. The scheduler then uses this list to arrange make-up games for teams that had their game cancelled.  If no parks fields are available teams may have to play make-up games at the Sunrise or Southwood Elementary School fields.

Please remember that the scheduler does not have control over the weather or availability of fields and they cannot force a coach to play a make-up game.

Is there a better way to hold player tryouts at the beginning of the season?
Because of the time of year that tryouts are held, it's difficult to have an outdoor session.  There are really no available professional, indoor facilities close by to conduct the tryouts.  The best we can offer at the moment is the EMS gym.  We are constantly re-evaluating the process to improve it.

How are all-star coaches chosen?
The Board does not select all-star coaches.  All-star coaches are nominated by coaches in their division.  If there is more than one nominee per team, a vote is taken among the coaches in that division to select the coach. 

Why can't we get the hanging flower baskets delivered for Mother's Day?
This is simply because we are a small account.  The grower has generously set aside a portion of their flower basket sales to help non-profit organizations like MRBA fundraise.  We are thankful and appreciate their allowing us to participate in this program.  As a sound business practice, the grower has to fill their large commercial account orders first for Mother's Day. 

Why do we have to fundraise?
The money from fundraising is almost half the revenue MRBA earns each season.  We could not operate without it.  The money we earn in our fundraising programs helps keep our registration fees low.  In past seasons we have held multiple fundraisers.  Now we are holding just one fundraiser per season - the flower basket fundraiser.

Those members that don't want to participate in the fundraiser can pay a buyout fee to MRBA.  The fee is set by the Board during the budget process each fall.

It seems like the registration fees keep going up every year. Why?
Unfortunately costs to operate our baseball program go up every year. The Board sets the budget for the upcoming season in the fall.  The registration fees are set at that time based on the anticipated operating costs for next season.  Both the budget and registration fees are voted on and approved by the Board.  Every effort is made to keep those fees as low as possible and raise them only if it's absolutely necessary. 

Are there any limits on how many pitches a player can make in a game?
Yes.  Our major and minor divisions have pitch count rules to protect the health and safety of our players.

Why are games only played in Enumclaw?
We have tried in the past to schedule games in Bonney Lake, but for some reason they haven't let us. For the last few seasons we have been able to schedule games with Puyallup Cal Ripken. 

Will MRBA ever offer girl's fastpitch?
Probably not.  We would need a full board of fastpitch minded people to take on that task.  If that happens, we would look at the possibility.


Mt. Rainier Baseball Association - Cal Ripken League

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