Mt. Rainier Baseball Association - Cal Ripken League: Safety

Safety Rules And Guidelines

Safety First

Safety is the No. 1 priority of Mt. Rainier Baseball Association.  Everyone is expected to follow the safety guidlines throughout the season.  Report unsafe activities to Board members.  Our goal is to have a fun and safe season for everyone to enjoy.

Heads Up

Batted or thrown balls can leave the playing field at any time.  Spectators should be alert at all times.  Keep your eye on the ball when attending practices and games. 

General Guidelines

  • No practices or games should be held when weather or field conditions are not good, especially when lighting conditions are poor.
  • Equipment should be inspected regularly.  Damaged equipment should be removed and replaced immediately. 
  • During practices sessions and games, all coaches and players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.
  • All male players must wear a protective cup (except T-ball players).
  • All players must wear non-metal cleats.  Metal cleats are not allowed.
  • Wood bats are not allowed.
  • If any bat cannot be clearly identified for its make and model to determine the barrel composition, it shall be removed from the game.
  • Slap/slug/slash/fake bunts are not allowed.
  • Head first sliding when advancing on a base is not allowed.
  • Managers/coaches must teach their pitchers to protect themselves from line drives.
  • Rookie Division pitchers are required to wear a batting helmet.
  • Pitching machines must be in good working order and operated only by adults.
  • Rookie Division pitchers must stay behind the muzzle of the pitching machine until the ball is pitched.
  • Rookie Division managers/coaches must teach players how to play catcher before they play in that position.
  • Batting helmets must be NOCSAE approved, in good condition, and fit properly to protect the player's forehead.
  • Batters at the plate and on-deck must wear batting helmets.
  • Managers/coaches need to select an on-deck area that is safe.
  • Managers/coaches need to remind the on-deck batter to watch the batter at the plate at all times.
  • Bat boys/girls must wear a batting helmet and stay in the dugout between batters.  Make sure play has ended before they leave the dugout.
  • Players must stay in the dugout and out of the entrance if they are not batting or on-deck.
  • Catchers must wear a catcher's helmet (with face mask and throat guard), chest protector, and shin guards.
  • Anyone warming up a pitcher at any location  must wear a catcher's mask. A throat protector is considered part of the catcher's mask. This applies between innings and in bull pen practice.
  • If a player has lost consciousness or suffered facial trauma (including the throat) call 911.
  • If a manager, coach, or umpire asks an unruly bystander to leave the fields and they don't, call 911.
  • If a manaager, coach, or umpire feels they are in physical danger from a bystander, parent, etc., call 911.
  • Managers/coaches will have a first-aid  kit with ice packs with them at all times.
  • Players cannot wear jewelry during games.  Medical alert and religious bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry and may be worn.
  • The use of all alcohol and tobacco products at all league activities (special events, practices, games, tournaments) is prohibited. These products include smokeless tobacco, E-cigarettes, vapors, and all related alcohol products.