Ms. Pakmen 1997: Welcome

Have Fun! Work Hard! Focus! Improve! Succeed!

I want to welcome everyone to the Ms. Pakmen 1997 Rep Volleyball Team!

 We are all looking forward to a fantastic and successful year.  This is our team.  As your coaches we are steering you in the right direction and it is up to you to take us there.  

 Our goal is to have fun.  This is achieved by working hard and focusing in games and in practice.  If this occurs, then you will improve and succeed and HAVE FUN.

 We believe that you have made the decision to join a rep volleyball team because the above goal makes sense to you.  Your parents are supporting you with a lot of time, money and energy.  Take advantage of your opportunity. 

 This year will be different than last year.  It will be more difficult and challenging.  This is a good thing.  Challenges help bring out the best in all of us.

Please remember to check our website and your emails regularly.  Many times we need a very quick reply from everyone in order to make things work.  Please help your parents keep up the communication a team needs.

 We are very excited about the upcoming year.  We hope you all are as well.