Mt. Seymour Little League: Forms: Criminal Records Check (updated for 2014)

Criminal Records Check (updated for 2014)

Get your 2014 Criminal Records Check (CRC) NOW

Mount Seymour Little League coaching is second to none because so many parents volunteer on the field and in the dugout with the kids.

Anyone who plans to have contact with a MSLL player must first complete an RCMP Criminal Records Check (CRC). It must have been processed by the RCMP and the original in the hands of Safety Officer, Bruce Davis.

Simply having completed the CRC and handed it in does NOT count. Having a processed CRC at home does NOT count. If Bruce doesn't have your approved CRC in his possession, you are not allowed on the field with players…either during a game or practice.

In the past we've had numerous delays and applicants have had greater-than-necessary inconvenience simply because they didn't follow instructions. This is time-consuming for applicants, our safety officer and the RCMP. So please read the instructions carefully.

NEW FOR 2014

The new 2014 covering letter that you must take to the RCMP, along with your completed CRC form, now states that you are also authorizing the RCMP to include a "vulnerable sector check" (VS). It involves the RCMP investigating whether a person has had a pardon for a sexual offense.

This is a check that is required because you will be directly involved with 'vulnerable persons', i.e. children.


We are allowing TWO YEARS on the CRC now, so if you sent your CRC to Bruce Davis last year, you do not need to do it again this year.


  1. Download the 2-page CRC form and the 2014 covering letter. After completing all 3 pages, take them to the RCMP office on 14th Avenue between Lonsdale and St. Georges, North Vancouver. If you're a North Vancouver resident, this is the only RCMP office you can deal with re: your CRC. If you live elsewhere, you need to go to the RCMP office in that jurisdiction.
  2. Take 2 pieces of valid ID with you: a valid BC driver's license, birth certificate, citizenship card, Nexus pass, student or work visa (not a VISA credit card), BCID card, permanent resident card, firearms acquisition certificate, a passport. Without two of them, you will not be allowed to submit your application. NOTE: SIN numbers and Care Cards are not acceptable.


The RCMP will mail your processed CRC to you. Either hand-deliver or mail the original to Bruce Davis: 2280 Berkley Ave, North Vancouver, V7H 1Z7. AGAIN, it must be the original, not a scan or photocopy. (We've said this time and again but people still present him with copies.)

** It's easy, but DO IT NOW**

With the VC requirement, processing takes at least 2 weeks. And if your name or your birth date are the same as a criminal's, additional checks will be made. This happens with approximately 40% of applicants, so don't sweat it. It just means you'll need to re-visit the RCMP office to get fingerprinted. Don't put it off! Apply as soon as you decide that you wish to coach or be a manager assistant or helper . Field crews are not included.


CRCs are a requirement in order to protect children, protect the reputation of MSLL and to protect coaches and others from unwarranted suspicions. Getting a CRC is for everyone's protection and benefit…and it's mandatory.


Contact Safety Officer Bruce Davis at:


Thank you for reading the above carefully and then following all the steps. And thank you to the RCMP for once again conducting our Criminal Records Checks at no cost to MSLL.