Mt. Seymour Little League: Coaches

All coaches, assistant coaches and anyone else who plans to have contact with a MSLL player must complete an RCMP Criminal Records Check (CRC). Click here for more details on how to get your CRC.

MSLL Division Rules

Division Rules Document Last Updated
Rally Caps Rally Caps Rules Mar 2013
Rookie Junior Rookie Junior Rules Mar 2013
Rookie Senior Rookie Senior Rules Mar 2013
AA AA Rules Mar 2013
AAA AAA Rules Mar 2013
Majors Majors Rules Mar 2013
Tiebreaker (AA/AAA/Majors) Tiebreak Rule Mar 2012

Call Up Process

Teams in AA, AAA and Majors may "call up" a player if they are short of their regular players. Teams in these 3 divisions may call up players from the division directly below them.

Click here for the MSLL Call Up process document.

Batting Cage

The batting cage in Myrtle Park may be booked by teams in AA and higher divisions. To book the batting cage please contact Wayne Veale at 604-987-5016 or

MSLL Bat Rules

MSLL allows Little League International Approved Composite Bats in the following divisions: Majors, Juniors, Seniors, and Bigs. A list of these approved bats can be found by following the link below. Composite bats will NOT be allowed in AAA, AA, Rookies, and Rally Cap. MSLL will provide composite bats only for post season play.

Check out this link before you buy your child a bat:

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