Mt. Seymour Little League: Parents

If it weren't for volunteers, there would be no Mount Seymour Little League. The league has no paid staff, volunteer executive members work all year round to ensure that there will be a next season. One member handles our many equipment needs, another keeps the diamonds in game shape, another works to ensure player safety, and the list goes on.

Team coaches and managers put in untold hours running practices, planning for games, and striving to give each of their players a positive experience. Coordinators spend time helping things run smoothly for the teams within their division.

In addition to all the time they give to baseball, our volunteers have jobs and family responsibilities just like you. They're not looking for thanks, but they are looking for help. So when you're called upon, please step up to the plate and give what time and energy you can. Or contact your child's coach or the executive and offer your services before being asked.

Thank you for joining ensure that Mount Seymour Little League is very best it can be.

Volunteer Task Information
Coach/Assistant Coach Check out the Coaches page for more coaching resources
Team Manager Team Manager reference guide
Concession All teams will be assigned 2-6 shifts in the concession. Click here for more information and schedule.
Field Prep Check out this guide for important information about field prep.
Score Keeping Full Tutorial, Cheat Sheet, Rookie Senior Scoresheet
Pitch Counting Check out the pitch counting guide.

Division Guides for Parents

Little league divisions have some overlap of age groups to allow players to progress at their own pace. Starting from the AA division assessments are used to place players in either AA, AAA or Majors. If you have any questions about which division your player should play in, or regarding player assessments please contact the MSLL player agent ([]).

Division Recommended Age Group Document Link
Rally Caps Pre-K and Kindergarten Rally Caps Guide
Rookie Junior Grade 1 Coming soon
Rookie Senior Grade 2 Coming soon
AA Grade 3/4/5 AA Guide
AAA Grade 4/5/6 Coming soon
Majors Grade 6/7 Coming soon
Juniors Grade 7/8/9 Coming soon
Seniors Grade 9/10/11 Coming soon
Bigs Grade 11/12+ Coming soon

MSLL Bat Rules

MSLL allows Little League International Approved Composite Bats in the following divisions: Majors, Juniors, Seniors, and Bigs. A list of these approved bats can be found by following the link below. Composite bats will NOT be allowed in AAA, AA, Rookies, and Rally Cap. MSLL will provide composite bats only for post season play.

Check out this link before you buy your child a bat:

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