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Saturday, March 16
2013 Bat Rules

Little League has issued new rules about bats for the 2013 season.

For 2013, MSLL will allow Little League International Approved Composite Bats in the following divisions: Majors, Juniors, Seniors, and Bigs. A list of these approved bats can be found by following the link below. Composite bats will NOT be allowed in AAA, AA, Rookies, and Rally Cap. MSLL will provide composite bats only for post season play.

Check out this link before you buy your child a bat:

Tuesday, September 27
Mount Seymour League Boundaries

Thursday, October 13
Baseball Training
For information about local opportunities to improve baseball skills, including baseball camps, check out:

Park Locations

Change in Bat Rules
Little League has issued new rules about bats for the 2012 season.

For 2012, MSLL will again keep to a “no composite bat” rule in all MSLL games for the safety of our players. Composite bats will be provided to Post Season teams for those teams selected to play against other leagues in Post Season games (District Championships, Provincials, etc). If you have any questions about any equipment such as bats, please contact the MSLL Equipment Manager Dan Biro. 

Check out this link before you buy your child a bat:

Mount Seymour Little League REFUND Policy

Mount Seymour Little League Privacy Policy


How to Do FIELD PREP Properly
Proper field preparation is quick and simple if you consistently practice a few basic things. A well prepared and maintained field makes for safer play and more consistent fields for our kids to play on. read more

Welcome to Rally Caps at Mount Seymour
MSLL introduced Rally Caps in 2008 as a way to better teach new players the game of baseball, as well as to improve on our coaching techniques. It proved successful and we have continued to use a variation of the program originally developed by Baseball Canada. read more

Volunteers Step Up to the Plate
If it weren't for volunteers, there would be no Mount Seymour Little League.

Because there is no paid staff, volunteer Board members work all year round to ensure that there will be a next season. One member handles our many equipment needs, another keeps the diamonds in game shape, another works to ensure player safety, and the list goes on.

Coaches and managers put in untold hours running practices, planning for games, and striving to give each of their players a positive experience. Coordinators spend long hours helping things run smoothly for the teams within their division. Then there's the Concession Booth staff that works 4-hour shifts several evening per week plus longer on weekends.

In addition to all the time they give to baseball, our volunteers have jobs and family responsibilities just like you. They're not looking for thanks, but they are looking for help.

So when you're called upon, please step up to the plate and give what time and energy you can. Or contact your child's coach or the Board and offer your services before being asked.

Thank you for joining us…to ensure that Mount Seymour Little League is very best it can be.

$10 Clinic Rebate
This year Mt. Seymour Little League is once again offering a $10 rebate to any players registered with Mt. Seymour who enroll in a player development clinic with one of our authorized service providers. The service providers that we recognize are:
  • The Dugout (
  • The Bullpen (
Limit: one $10 rebate per player, per season.

To receive your rebate, submit a copy of your receipt to the league Treasurer:
Lori Ireland P.O. Box 30053
North Vancouver, BC V7H 2Y8

Also check with her if you're wanting to apply your rebate to a clinic or service provider that is not on the above list, as there might not be a rebate with the one you're considering.
You can email Lori at:
Or phone her at: 604 929-0870

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Making the Leap to AA
As you’ll soon discover, there’s a big difference between Rookie 8 and AA. In addition to the different rules, there are some different realities. read more


Welcome to Rookie Senior
Get ready to enter an exciting new division: Rookie Senior
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Sports to Reduce Taxes
Want to know more about the new Children's Fitness Tax Credit? Visit So that you may claim your MSLL registration fee(s), we'll be mailing you a receipt shortly.


Which Child Plays In Which Division?
If you’re wondering why your child was placed into a certain division, here’s some information that should help. read more