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Mount Seymour Little League is offering Fall Skills Training at Inside Performance

Training will be 8 weeks of 1.5 hour sessions at the IP facility. Each session will consist of a 30 minute warm-up with MSLL coaches, followed by 1 hour of skills work with 2 of the IP coaches. This is an excellent opportunity to work on key baseball skills during the off-season. There will be two groups based on player age.


Monday, January 6
Get your 2014 Criminal Records Check (CRC) NOW

If you're planning to help or coach the kids, you must complete an RCMP Criminal Records Check (CRC). There are TWO ways to get your CRC:

1) Complete the CRC pdf under Forms and take it to the RCMP office on 14th St between Lonsdale and St. Georges. Note that there's a 2-page form and a covering letter that must be taken. You will also require two pieces of government-issued ID. These may include a BC driver's license, birth certificate, citizenship card, Nexus pass, student or work visa (not a VISA credit card), BCID card, permanent resident card, firearms acquisition certificate, or a passport.

2) Online at This may cost $50 but will last for 10 years. Use Access Code LWUELZ7WVG

NEW for 2014: For those who had the CRC last year (2013), We are allowing TWO YEARS on the CRC now. If you sent your CRC to Bruce Davis last year, you do not need to do it again this year.

Please get your CRC submitted ASAP.

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