MSC Stallions 98: Tryouts

Thursday, May 1

Every team out there seems to include an obligatory statement about how, unlike all those other teams, this team is truly different and focus on fun, "development" and the individual technical skills, teamwork and fitness necessary to play soccer at elite level through high school and beyond. We hope this is really true for each and every team that says similar things on their website. You've seen games and heard isn't always true.

To find out it if is true for the Stallions 98, you are encouraged to come and watch us play and are cordially invited to train or tryout with us. Come and see how the coaches, parents, and players really interact and behave. Talk to us and ask questions. In that with any team you are interested in and don't base your decisions on a paragraph on a website! 

The Stallions 98 are always interested in skilled players with the drive and commitment to play beyond high school. If you are interested in looking at the Stallions for 2015 and beyond please contact team manager Michael Howson at