MSC Stallions: Welcome

Monday, June 1
Welcome to the Stallions

The MSC Stallions is Montgomery Soccer Club's premiere soccer team for girls born in 1999 or younger. (U18 for the 2016-2017 year). The Stallions play in USYS Region 1 Champions League and various local and regional showcase tournaments.


Friday, May 6
Seeking high school juniors and seniors born in 1999 to join a top Maryland team!

Seeking high school juniors and seniors born in 1999 to join a top Maryland team! 


The Stallions are always interested in skilled players with the talent, drive, attitude and commitment to play elite level soccer now with an eye towards playing beyond high school. As a team and individually, the players put a lot of effort into being high-level athletes and exceptional people.

 The Stallions play a showcase-oriented schedule and is a good fit for players who want a highly competitive environment, opportunities to play beyond High School, and to be surrounded by likeminded girls. For more information, see our 2016-2017 Planning page. Fees are expected to be around $1,400 (exclusive of uniforms and travel) depending on the final roster size.

The Stallions will be a 1999/U18 team for the 2016-2017 seasonal year. 

To attend a training session, please email team administrator Michael Howson at

Please include 

  • player name,
  • player and parent contact information,
  • date of birth 
(In line with the USYS mandate that the age-group move to calendar year for the 2016-2017 season, the Stallions 98 will be playing U18 (1999 birth year or younger) for the 2016-2017 season.
  • current club/team
  • high school
  • any other useful information

In addition, players or parents may also contact Coach Gus Delgado directly at

Please contact team administrator Michael Howson at with any and all questions.

Tuesday, May 31
Solid end to the season at Columbia Invitational

The Stallions had a succesful end to their 2015-2016 campaign at the SAC Columbia Memorial Day Invitational tournament. Inviting three guests to help with a depleted back-line, the Stallions game up two quick goals in the first game on Saturday before settling in and putting on a show of high quality soccer. Although the Stallions wouldn't cede another goal in the tournament they were only able to claw back one on Saturday in the 2-1 loss. Sunday was a rain soaked match-up thanks to Tropical Storm Bonnie but the Stallions convincingly beat the eventual-champs 2-0. On Monday, the Stallions couldn't find the back of the net in another quick-passing display settilng for a scoreless draw and third place.



Wednesday, April 6
Tough State Cup game marks first 2016 loss for the Stallions

The Stallions 2016 State Cup campaign fizzled in 1-0 loss to MUFC. In a game that saw several friends, school mates, and former teammates faceoff against one another, it was MUFC that was able to capitalize on a high shot midway through the second half. The Stallions made a furious push to pull even but missed just wide several times while surviving a number of corners on the other side.

Sunday, March 20
Baltimore Mania - Unbeaten in snow-shortened tournament

The Stallions opened with a 1-1 draw and then a 2-0 win on Saturday in the snow. The field condition were less than ideal which lowered the quality of play in front of the college coaches but hopefully enough to impress here and there.

With the continued snowfall and wet conditions, Sunday games for the showcases were canceled. Although the Stallions stood atop the table after Day 1, they didn't get a chance to play for an outright championship again.

The Stallions next turn their attention to Maryland State Cup and the remainder of Region 1 Champions League play.


Thursday, February 11
PWSI Tournament Canceled

PWSI decided to cancel the President's Day Showcase due to weather.

The MSC Stallions are hoping for warmer temperatures in Greensboro next weekend at the Carolina College Showcase!