MSC Panthers: Move of the Week

Friday, April 27
Please watch for week of April 30th: Part 1

Friday, April 27
Please watch for Week fo April 30th: Part 2

Wednesday, April 25

Please have the girls watch this video for Wednesday's practice.



Friday, April 13
For Week of April 16th:

Friday, April 13
Also for Week of April 16th

Thursday, April 5
Week of April 8th
Please have the girls do the following from the video, through approx. 6:18 in the video 
1.Base move
2. Base move progression
3. Pull back/open up -like the V cut but bigger
4. Pull back behind the leg
5. The T test
6. Pull bakc and collect
7. Redondo

Tuesday, March 27
Spring Break Move
Pull back behind leg

Thursday, March 22
For the week of March 25th:
Practice Step-on; Double Step-On; Push Pull.  Other moves are optional.

Wednesday, March 14
Move for Week of 3/19

Sunday, March 4
Week of March 4th
Drag Push; Reverse Drag Push; Drag Scissors

Friday, February 24
Week of Feb. 27th: Scissors
Be prepared to demonstrate at practice

Wednesday, February 22
Move of the week for week of February 27th
Be preapred to demonstrate this move at training!

Sunday, February 19
Coach James' Move of the Week
Please have yout daughter watch this and be prepared to demonstrate the move at practice.