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Tuesday, December 17
What comes to mind when you see the word DEDICATED? One definition defines it this way: "devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity". What would happen if there were 18 members of a roster who were devoted to winning the State Soccer Championship. Having such a single-minded loyalty to both this purpose and to each other that every thing they did was for that purpose. They studied tactics fully understanding their position. They conducted self analysis, fully understanding their strengths and weaknesses. They studied each other, knowing what the other person was thinking and where they were going on the field before the play occurred. They devoted themselves to perfecting their craft. Learning to do things with a Soccer Ball that they had only seen pro atheletes do. That brings up another question?? What makes a professional athelete a professional? Could it be as simple as being devoted to improving your skills? I believe it is that simple! I believe that if a team of like-minded players were fully devoted to this one purpose, a State Championship could be an easy goal to achieve. After all, just a few Disciples turned the world upside down! Like those fishermen, tax collectors and other unlikely team mates, we to can accomplish great things! Faith and Obedience are pretty powerful words! The Difference is Discipline! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 4
ABHS Eagles Winter Training

ABHS Eagles Varsity boys and girls winter training has begun!  The first two practices I have conducted (which have been primarily boys in attendance) were designed to assess the needs of the team.  We will continue to run similar sessions next week as all players join in now that the official announcements have been made.   I have begun a list of the the techincal needs identified thus-far and will be working to develop practice plans to help meet those needs!  With the inclement weather upon us, we are cancelling this Thursdays training session.  With only one week remaining next week before we break for the Christmas/New Years holidays.  You will find much useful information within this web site and over the break, I will be posting individual skills you can work on with a ball indoors (and out).  I use this web site to manage my training for my teams in Maumelle and this will be easiest for me to also post all ABHS info here, so you will always find the latest training session info posted on this main page.  I look forward to the opportunity to invest in your development!

God Bless!  Coach Schnaitman

Tuesday, November 5

Monday, 4 November 2013 was the first day that Maumelle Soccer implemented its C.O.R.E. Fitness program.

C.O.R.E. Fitness is designed specifically for soccer atheletes and focuses on Speed, Agility and Core Body Strength. 

C.O.R.E. Fitness is offerred to all U11 - U14 age players. 

COST:  FREE  (Well...  Maybe a little sweat)

Date:  Each Monday  (Calendar is posted!)

Time:  7pm - 8:15pm

Uniform:  Dress with appropriate Fitness attire for either indoor or outdoor activity based on the location.  Wear tennis shoes if we are inside. Wear cleats if we are outside. (no shinguards required)  

BRING:  Soccer Ball, Water Bottle and a Great Attitude!

Location:  We have both an indoor and an outdoor location and the calendar will be updated to reflect which location our training will be held each Monday.

Outdoor Location:  Maumelle Soccer Complex Field 2

Indoor Location:   Cedar Heights Baptist Church Gym; 14510 Cedar Heights Rd North Little Rock 72118  Cedar Heights Baptist Church is 2.5 miles from the Maumelle Soccer Complex (From Rolling Oaks Dr, turn left on Maumelle Blvd and travel 2.3 miles crossing over I-40 at Morgan Maumelle and Cedar Heights Baptist Church is on the left)

Parents are invited to join in so come on out and get fit!

Friday, September 6
Fusion, As our season is set into motion, it is good to reflect on our past! Individually, you each have begun this journey of making the transition to the big field. Many things are new, however, foundational things will never change. Individual skills will ALWAYS be the foundation of every tactical concept you are taught. Passing and Receiving are critical skills and you MUST work harder than ever on perfecting your individual skills! On offense, space on the big field is your friend. You must use every inch of the field to your advantage. On defense, space is your enemy. You must become compact (Fused Together) and and work as a team to deny your opponent space, especially in the critical defensive third of the field! Above all else, you must show solidarity on the field! Allow NOTHING to penetrate your friendship! You must BATTLE for each other on every play! You must NEVER quit! Your Team is counting on you! The Difference Is Discipline! Go Fusion!

Thursday, August 22
The Schedule is Posted
Fusion, Training has begun and the schedule is posted. Now is the time for us each to commit to both mental and physical preparation! Your team is counting on you! Mental preparation begins before you set foot on the soccer field. You may ask what is mental preparation? I am glad you asked! 1. Mental preparation means completing your homework before soccer practice. 2. Mental preparation means having your soccer gear always clean and packed. (This will reduce stress as you head out the door to practice and games and allow you to arrive focused and ready to play) 3. Mental preparation means visualizing yourself making great passes, making great moves in games and scoring goals! I believe you can do it! Physical preparation also begins before you set foot on the soccer field! 1. Physical preparation begins by eating right and getting plenty of rest. 2. Physical preparation means drinking plenty of water every day and always arriving to practices and games hydrated. 3. Physical preparation requires your very best effort in every activity. This means working hard in everything you participate in. Sprinting hard to move to space (whether the ball is passed to you or not)... Pushing yourselves when you are tired. Motivating your team to push themselves when you see them not giving their best effort. It is working the hardest when noone is watching! Lets set great goals, work hard for each other and leave the results up to God! See you on the pitch!

Saturday, June 8
Invitations are out!

Invitations are out for 16 players and I cannot wait to begin our preparation this summer!  Summer time is also a time to take vacation and recharge the batteries after a busy school year and year of athletics!  I pray you each have a great vacation, wherever you go! (Just keep them players exercising)  :)

Once I have a response back, then all those who accept the invitation will be added on our web site!

Scrimmage set for Thursday for new players and parents to meet!  Signing banquet will be scheduled once we have the official roster submitted to the State!

Have a Great Week All!

Coach Barry 

Friday, May 24
Maumelle Fusion U13 Girls 2013-2014 Classic Try Outs!

Maumelle Fusion U13 Girls will be holding Classic tryouts for the 2013 - 2014 season on:

Saturday, June 1st 9:30am - 11:00am

Thursday, June 6th 6:30pm - 8:00pm

To allow for a complete assessment, players should attend both sessions.

First 45 minutes will evaluate individual skills and speed. 

Second 45 minutes will measure a players ability in game situations.

Please notify any players/parents who may be interested in this opportunity.

Go Fusion!

Barry M Schnaitman

Friday, May 24
Fusion's first Classic Season closes out with success!

The Maumelle Soccer Club Fusion accomplished something awesome during the 2012-2013 season.  It took a completely recreational team and made the transition to Classic taking 2nd and 3rd place in very competitive tournaments!  How was this accomplished?  It was nothing more than hard work and dedication to focus on individual soccer skills rather than tactics.  In the United States, US Soccer's number 1 problem is the neglect of individual skills and neglect of the mental aspect of the game.  So, what makes the U.S. still competitive on the world stage?  It is our coaching on fitness, mental toughness and tactics.  But....  What if we were to alter our coaching?  What if we took the time to get individual player skills up to speed while increasing a players knowledge of the game itself, then shift gears toward tactics, thus having a complete soccer player?  It sounds great!  However, the problem is that we as a society do not like to lose!  So, the bigger stronger and faster kids are recruited and taught tactics and run themselves to death with one goal...  Win!  Don't get me wrong...  There is nothing wrong with coaching a team to have a desire to win.  Is that not the point?  However, there is a mental aspect of soccer that requires skill to make the game so much more than just running, placing a body on someone and kicking a ball.  It is the use of skill that is greatly enhanced by using the mind!  Being creative!  Allowing the game to be the teacher!  And yes, even allowing failure to teach players the importance of refining their skills, but more importantly, using their mind to make better decisions.

2012-2013 was filled with plenty of exciting matches, but 8v8 simply has limitations of both space and time, so those bigger, faster and stronger players can constantly apply pressure throughout a game and limit the opportunities that a smart team that passes well has...  However, welcome to 11v11.  A whole new world of soccer.  Increased field size will require increased fitness!  It will allow more time in certain areas of the field.  However, in the critical areas of the field (in front of the goals), that space is greatly tightened and so the lessons of 3v3, 6v6 and 8v8 must be both remembered and enhanced.  Quick passing, Wall passes and overlapping runs are all still skills greatly needed, however, ghost runners on the wings and playing the ball all the way back to our own keeper will each have their place and purpose as well. 

So, at this critical time of transition, each player must ask themselves if they want to commit to learning?  They must ask themselves if they want to commit to increased fitness training?  They must ask themselves if they want to commit to extra time each week enhancing their individual skills ON THEIR OWN?  Are you ready?

So, at this time of the year we look back.  We MUST remember the mistakes we made and the lessons we learned!  We MUST remember the success we shared together!  The many moments of greatness displayed as we came together and played as a team!  Excellent Job ladies on the 2012-2013 season!  

At this time we also look forward!  2013-2014 is right around the corner!  Try Outs are coming soon!  The individual commitment level required will increase!  Are you ready?  Lets do this!  Go Fusion! 

Saturday, May 18
Presidents Cup Day 1

Fusion, Illusion, Confusion, What?

It was a great day for the Maumelle Fusion.  With a 5-2 Win over ASC, then a 3-2 Win over NW Arkansas.....  And if that was not enough....  I was even more blessed as one of the players I used to coach from U12 -U18 (Haley) came to Burns Park to meet this new generation of young soccer players and meet with them and say hi to me!  Haley was (and is) a special player.  Playing forward for me for a number of years, then was an all conference defender for NLR High School and was recruited by College of the Ozarks as a defender, but is back at the forward position and started her entire freshmen year!  It was great having her and what she shared with our ladies about never quitting and playing every minute for each other played out on the field and those exact things led to our second win over a tough NW Arkansas team.  Thanks Haley and Great Job Fusion!

Now, lets get after two wins tomorrow!

Go Fusion! 

Thursday, May 2
Presidents Cup

After a tough spring season playing Gold Bracket teams in the 8v8 State League Jamboree and 5 11v11 games against U13-U14 teams, the Fusion are setting our sites on the Presidents Cup!  This end of season tournament will mark a clear end of the 8v8 games on smaller fields and the official beginning of playing 11v11 on a full size field with a size 5 ball.  I am excited about the coming transition, yet, we are not yet done with all we had set out to accomplish this Spring!  So, lets train hard these next few weeks and finish well!

Go Fusion! 

Sunday, April 7
Soccer is a Physical Sport!

Fusion, after our cancellations, I was glad to get one match in on Saturday..  Soccer is a physical sport and as our ladies increase in age, it is going to get very physical.  Saturday's game demonstrated that.  Our overall game play with passes, short support and overlapping runs have greatly improved.  This was definitely apparent at the beginning of the game as we were playing keep away and moving the ball at will.  We had over 5 great goal scoring opportunities, with 3 right in fromt of the net and eithier kicked the ball over or wide of the goal (and their keeper made some good saves).  Our overall defense looked good, but we were getting to many people out wide and left some large openings in the center of the field.  

Positive take aways:  Short Support; Passing; Communication

Areas that need improvement:  Finishing; Shoulder Tackle and Block Tackle & Compact Defense using Pressure/Cover

Tuesday night, we have an 11v11 match!  See you on the pitch! 

Wednesday, April 3
9 Games Remain

With rain-outs and only 6 State League Games all scheduled as double headers, the Spring season has been off to a slow start with only 3 games played in the first 10 weeks!  However, the Fusion are getting ready to kick it into high gear with 9 games coming fast and furious!  (4 League Games and 5 friendlies)  Then, we have the Presidents Cup on May 18th and 19th.

So, pack up those chairs and coolers and let the games begin!


Monday, March 4

The Fusion kicked off their Spring 2013 season defeating a U14 team from Mountain Home by a score of 3-2.  In the Fusions' first ever 11v11 match, it took a little while for our ladies to settle into a good rythym of playing on the big field.  Mountain Home's all star ODP player was quick to show her speed and skill with the ball as she had a break-away right up the middle of our defense resulting in a 1v1 situation against the keeper and she placed a perfect shot in the corner of the net.  Fusion did not let that phase them as we have been down in games before.  Within two minutes, we had a breakaway and scored the equalizer!  Every minute of the game had great offense and great defense.  With about 10 minutes to go, we held our 3-2 lead after numerous attempts to penetrate our defense!  It was an awesome game to watch and it was great having our ladies back on the pitch!  Our ladies are really playing well together.  Playing time was difficult to manage last fall. (15 players playing 8v8)  I will be making a conscious effort to ensure all our players are playing 1/2 the game for our 8v8 games this spring.  I know the 8v8 games are our actual league games, but I am more focused on the 11v11 games and preparing for next fall!

Great Job Ladies!

Monday, October 29
Planning for Scholarships

Parents and players,

I have placed the below information together as it is never to early to start thinking about college and the scholarship opportunities that are available!

Placing together a resume and a recruiting video are very important as a player competes for scholarship monies.  Happy Reading!

Promoting Yourself in a Competitive Soccer World

A One-Stop Guide to Soccer Scholarships

Saturday, October 27
Fall 2012 Season is a Success!

With the final score of Fusion vs NW Arkansas 3-3, this tie solidifies the Fusion Fall 2012 record at 4 Wins, 3 Losses and 1 Tie in State League play.  Not bad for our first Classic season!  Adding the Texarkana games and the Wolf River Classic Tournament, our Fusion Ladies completed their fall season with 8 Wins, 5 Losses and a Tie.

As the holidays approach, most families (like my own) are looking forward to slowing the family schedule down and taking some much needed time off!  However, soccer will not completely stop for those who wish to work on their skills!  The winter months have many soccer opportunities, such as the Olympic Development Program, which will be kicking off in December!  Fusion will also offer periodic skills sessions for our ladies and will also offer an occasional scrimmage.

Great Fall season ladies!  I am proud to be your coach!

Barry M Schnaitman

Tuesday, October 23
Fusion take 2nd place in the Wolf River Classic

In just 12 weeks after forming as a Classic Team, the Maumelle Fusion All Stars entered their first Classic Tournament with a 4-3 State League Record and the knowledge that we can compete with any team!  However, our ladies did more than just compete!

On the soccer field, our ladies were undefeated!  From whistle to whistle, our ladies accomplished a 1-0 Win, a 2-2 tie, a 2-0 Win in the Semi-Finals and a 1-1 tie in the Championship!  It was only the technical skill aspect of the game that caused us to fall short.  This shortcoming was due to coaching as we never prepared our ladies for Penalty Kicks.  Keeper training has also not worked on defending PK's.  It is a technical aspect of the game that we shall never forget to prepare for in the future!  

We dominated every area of the field in every game.  We had more shots on goal in every game because our forwards and midfield were hustling to win every ball and shooting as opportunities opened!  We had more time of possession due to quicker transition from defense to offense and offense to defense!  We allowed very few shots on our goal due to our strong defensive presence and midfield support.  Our keeper only allowed three goals! (The Least goals allowed by all teams in our bracket in the tournament)

Though we were short one player on Saturday and two on Sunday, there is no doubt that every single player contributed to our success this weekend.

Team Success was:

1.  The SUPPORT they had for each other, to include AnaGrace, who could not attend, but was on the Maumelle Soccer field Saturday asking how Her Team was doing!

2.  The deepening of friendships through the shared experience of facing adversity and finding success TOGETHER!

3.  The CONFIDENCE gained as each successful play occurred!

4.  The TRUST established between teammates as players covered for each other on every play.

5.  A NEVER QUIT ATTITUDE was developed, as displayed by players who made a mistake ALWAYS using immediate chase to hustle back into a defensive position.

6.  The TRUST players learned to have in their coaches as we made substitutions based on the opponents speed and skill.

7.  The TEAM FIRST attitude displayed as players allowed their teammates to carry the weight if they were injured!

8.  Most important, our ladies realized THEY ARE the championship caliber players that we see in them and they now BELIEVE!


Sunday, October 14
One State League Game Remains

Hey all you Fusion Fans, we had our toughest weekend of play and remained strong battling right until the final whistle!   With one win and one loss, we now are 4 wins and 3 losses for the season with one State League game remaining!  I am really proud of our ladies for all they have accomplished thusfar during our first Classic Season! 

With our longest Saturday of the season, our ladies played every minute like the champions they are!  Beginning our Saturday with a 9:30am start at our rival Bryant, this was a win that was desired by all!  As expected, this was the most physical game of the season!  Hip checks, shoulder checks and even elbows flying, yet our ladies held their composure and played just as physical without reacting to the fouls.

Though we began the game very flat, our defense remained strong and was able to repel a number of runs they made against us!  The core of that defense against Bryant was Gabie, Savannah and Nyah and Ellie B filling in at defender during the end of the game.  Our midfield and forward positions were solid across the board with Ellie B, McKenzie, Claire, Brooklyn, Ellie C, Anna, AnaGrace, Chloe F, Bella, Chloe S, and filling the center of the field was Logan with an outstanding game!

As a team, we woke up at about 22 minutes into the first half and really began controlling the center of the field.  From that point on, we held the ball on the offensive end of the field for much of the remainder of the game.  Great job ladies! 

Notable plays were Logan and Brooklyn making a beautiful overlapping run in the middle third of the field during the second half.  Wall passes between Chloe S and Anna S and penetrating runs and shots from Anna S and Chloe F.  We also had solid performances from Anna and Ellie C in the goal.  Awesome job Keepers!

Our lone goal came from a quick decision from Savannah on a free kick above the 18.  Savannah's quick thinking  allowed her to get the ball placed down quickly and the shot off before the defense could get set!  Great job Savannah and GREAT job to all our ladies for an outstanding effort!

FORT SMITH began with an unexpected arrival on an 11v11 size field.  This created big challenges as there was far to much space to cover for the number of players on the field.  However, we adapted and settled in for a battle!  With the game at (either 0 - 0 or 1 - 0) at half, we were right in the fight and again, just like Bryant, we battled until the final whistle.  Unfortunately, their goals were all on break aways!  We had repelled their ladies all day while remaining in a 2 3 2 formation and our shape was good.  Though we had some nice shots on the goal and displayed good passing and had some break aways, the shots simply were wide, or off the crossbar and their keepers made some nice saves for them.

Though playing on this field has some definite disadvantages due to the size and speed of their team, it also showed more clearly some passing problems we are having and we also identified that we need to work on transition from offense to defense and back to offense!  All in all, a great fitness challenge and was great learning experience for all as we prepare for Memphis!

Well Done Ladies!

Wednesday, October 3
Fusion Update

Hey Fusion Fans,

What a GREAT first Classic Season we are having!  With a record of 3-2, ...

Tuesday, July 31
FUSION 2012/2013

Fusion fans,

The 2012/2013 season has arrived and we are ready to get back on the pitch!  Ensure your player has plenty of water and hydrates before every practice.  See you on the Pitch!

Fusion Coachig Staff 

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