MSC Fusion All Stars: Welcome

Fusion Team 2013-2014



Tuesday, December 17

What comes to mind when you see the word DEDICATED? One definition defines it this way: "devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity". What would happen if there were 18 members of a roster who were devoted to winning the State Soccer Championship. Having such a single-minded loyalty to both this purpose and to each other that every thing they did was for that purpose. They studied tactics fully understanding their position. They conducted self analysis, fully understanding their strengths and weaknesses. They studied each other, knowing what the other person was thinking and where they were going on the field before the play occurred. They devoted themselves to perfecting their craft. Learning to do things with a Soccer Ball that they had only seen pro atheletes do. That brings up another question?? What makes a professional athelete a professional? Could it be as simple as being devoted to improving your skills? I believe it is that simple! I believe that if a team of like-minded players were fully devoted to this one purpose, a State Championship could be an easy goal to achieve. After all, just a few Disciples turned the world upside down! Like those fishermen, tax collectors and other unlikely team mates, we to can accomplish great things! Faith and Obedience are pretty powerful words! The Difference is Discipline! Merry Christmas!

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